posted by davidt on Tuesday October 23 2001, @09:00AM
Dan Butt writes:

Info on the "Best of" at

Rhino To Unveil Morrissey's 'Best' - Oct. 22
The collection was produced with the notoriously mercurial ex-Smiths frontman's "blessing and assistance," according to the label... The album's booklet includes lyrics for each track, a new Morrissey interview, and rare photographs.
posted by davidt on Tuesday October 23 2001, @09:00AM
Nobby Stiles writes:

Well, I've waited a long time to post one of these but, it finally happened.

Attending my day job in a Manchester department store today (Oct. 22) a familiar figure cut a dash through the menswear department, accompanied by none other than Linder Sterling. The internal phone system started buzzing and I was summoned to confirm the identity of our visitor. With a dark blue winter coat and a (surprisingly) thick black quiff, Steven Morrissey was stood in front of me. Abandoning my usual decorum I proceeded to shake uncontrollably and offered my hand shortly followed by pen and paper. Moz duly obliged for myself and a colleague before we left him to it.

There is so little you can say when he catches you out and you're limited to 30 seconds before you lose his attention with bumbling non-conversation. I've never been so nervous in anyone's presence in my life. I'm so glad I finally had the pleasure, all too brief though!!
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An anonymous person sends the link:


Neil Finn: he will have his way

...The album, titled 'Neil Finn - 7 Worlds Collide', will be released on CD and DVD on November 12. The album was recorded during Finn's week-long residency at St James' Theatre in April this year, where he was joined by a number of musicians to form a 'supergroup'.

The band featured Johnny Marr, Eddie Vedder and Radiohead's Phil Selway and Ed O'Brien, among others. As well as Finn's solo and Crowded House material, the record features a cover of The Smiths' 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'.
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Candy Girl writes:

One of the questions on tonight's episode of the game show "The Weakest Link" (Oct. 22) featured our Morrissey. It seems that he has appeared on many game shows. Is he that tough of a topic? Why yes! A contestant was asked, "Which band led by Morrissey recorded 'How Soon Is Now' and (another song)?" The contestant incorrectly guessed The Rolling Stones.
posted by davidt on Tuesday October 23 2001, @09:00AM
London is Dead writes:

I am a club promoter in LA and starting in November I am going to be putting on a once a month club that has DJ's playing only Smiths and Morrissey music all night. It's called "London is Dead" and the first one is going to be Tuesday, November 13 at a club called Fais Do Do in mid-city Los Angeles. I have just started promoting it and so far the response has been great.

This night will be DJ's playing Smiths and Morrissey ONLY. It is NOT an 80's dance night with a few more Smiths songs than usual. It's just for the faithful.

the official info for the club is

"London is Dead"
all Smiths/Morrissey music all night
with DJ's Julie and Jose
Tuesday, November 13th
club Fais Do Do
5257 W. Adams
Los Angeles
$5 all night
all ages

anyone who wants further info can contact me at [email protected]

Tony Perkins/U7 productions
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