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L'Estrange writes:

In the new look November edition of Q magazine there is an article on Morrissey. It reads:
So his response to last month's 15th Anniversary questionnaire arrived late. Oh well, it was just too witty to pass over...
(UPDATE: Oct. 12 - also from L'Estrange: the article was accompanied with a photo (dated September 2001) of Morrissey lying across a level crossing, wearing a West Ham Boys Club T Shirt. Also he looked more in trim than during Oye Esteban.) Photo added Oct. 16.

walter zanca sends the full transcription:
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Mark Appleby writes:

Morrissey 'cried' when he saw album cover - posted on
"Morrissey says he cried when he saw the cover of his former band's latest compilation album.

The Very Best Of The Smiths was released by WEA Records, without input from the singer.

He says the sleeve artwork was "horrific."

Morrissey told Q magazine: "I've never been involved in any post-Rough Trade UK release.

"It's so distressing when people attribute those awful WEA sleeves to me. This latest one must be the nail: horrific sleeve, title misspelt on artwork, wrong publishing information. I cried.

"Remarkably, no-one at Warner Music was sacked! I believe it reached number 31? Too high, if you ask me."

Morrissey is due to release a new solo album in the next few months."

Story filed: 15:06 Thursday 11th October 2001
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Lancaster writes:

From the BBC Radio 1 site, an interview with Noel Gallagher (it was broadcast on the 3rd this month):
Q: So you think the snap-decision makers are too proud to go back and say 'C'mon, lets forget the arguments and get on with it.'

A: I can't speak for the people in the groups but I would imagine that maybe the Smiths, the Verve and the Stone Roses are thinking What If? I think The Smiths would have been the biggest band ever, ever, ever if they had stuck together another six months. As I think the Verve would have been, The Stone Roses would have been, if they had got past those hurdles. But people in bands aren't the most easy-going of people. There's all politics going on behind the scenes...
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Rogelio writes:

On October 7th Mexican-American performer El Vez from Los Angeles did a show in Salt Lake City. El Vez can be best described as an Elvis interpreter (not necessarily an impersonator) with tons of energy. He performs Elvis songs changing lyrics and beats where he sees fit, often employing a strong Chicano ethic. Check out his website for more info.

I was quite taken by many similarities between he and our fair Morrissey. Most obvious was the boxing. The entire show has a boxing oriented theme, it is called Boxing With God. There was also the obvious fascination with Elvis and James Dean. There was also many costume changes during the show and several times El Vez came out looking like Moz, quif and all, during the Bona Drag era.

After the show I was able to chat with El Vez and we talked for a while about Moz. He told me he had become a big fan of Moz since he opened some shows for him back in the early 90's. I am not sure which tour or show, perhaps some of you will remeber seeing El Vez. He also said that he had heard a short new song of Morrissey's when he was in the studio in LA before he started his current tour. He said the song was "a bit Mexican-American" which certainly fits in with current new Moz material rumors. El Vez also said that following the conclusion of his current tour he would return to LA to start a short tour with the Sweet and Tender Hooligans. Sounds like it will be amazing . We shall see.
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Neil G. writes:

Thought it might interest people on the board that Johnny Marr's 'solo' single entered the UK chart today at #85 over 30 places lower than Morrissey's worst ever position. So this poor performance could challenge the future of the Healers project and, who knows, maybe prompt JM into re-collaborating with former songwriting partners!
posted by davidt on Thursday October 11 2001, @09:15AM
ladymoz writes:

This what I found at on Trembling Blue Stars, an incredible band:

October runner-up band is TREMBLING BLUE STARS, on the occasion of their new album Alive to Every Smile, available from your friends at Sub Pop, October 23. Directly from the press material: Here’s a quote from Bob Wratten – unrepentant south London romantic, former lead-singer with the increasingly legendary Field Mice, and for the last few years guiding spirit behind TBS – "it’s so difficult knowing how to get smoothly from the Jam to The Aphex Twin." He said it in reference to how best to segue two tracks on the new record, and it nicely sums up the band as well. But the Trembling Blue Stars actually do it very well, and also they make me rather morose – but in a nicely cathartic way – like Morrissey.
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