posted by davidt on Saturday October 06 2001, @09:00AM
Davin Kolderup writes:

Rock's Backpages has a special feature called 'After The Smiths'. It has a piece called 'This Disarming Man: In Defense of Morrissey' (about Moz's solo career) by Djuna Parnes as well as an interview with Marr by Barney Hoskyns. It also has links to two old Moz interviews in their archives, but you have to be a (paying) member to access those.
Hurry and read these as they are already 'archived' for paying subscribers through the front page so the above links may disappear at any time.
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Chris V writes:

Rumor is that Recher Theatre in Towson (Maryland, USA) is in negotiations to host an event later this year featuring Moz. He most recently played the 9:30 club in Feb 2001 at the 9:30 Club in Wash DC.
Several people contacted Rhino about the record deal rumor. Chris LaMorte sends a response from Dr. Rhino:
The only Morrissey information I have is that we have a "Best of" collection scheduled for release in November. Here's some track information...
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Kevin writes:

I'm a graphic designer (I head up design for the Truth campaign you may have seen on TV) and I've just released "What's Fer Dinner", an anti-meat industry publication which I've dedicated to Morrissey (see photo). It's kind of an art piece, juxtaposing beef recipe cards with slaughterhouse images. The idea for the project came to me while I was watching Moz sing "Meat Is Murder" during one of his Boston shows last year. I've long been a fan and feel like this is a small way of thanking him whilst at the same time providing people with some information on what goes on in the slaughterhouse. Nothing preachy--people are left to make up their own minds, and some of it's funny. Morrissey has been given a copy--if you'd like one too, please contact me at [email protected]. "What's Fer Dinner" normally sells for $15, but Moz fans get it for $12. Be sure to let me know you heard about it at Moz-solo.
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Mimi writes:

Boz Boorer's website has been updated and relaunched, so for anyone who cares about what "The Mad Dasher" is up to, check He plays quite frequently with various bands all over Europe, so it's especially worth keeping an eye on the "dates" section which is regularly being updated. In the near future for instance he'll be playing some gigs in Ireland and there's something going on in London every other week or so. For November we're also trying to set up a few solo gigs in Germany. If you get a chance to see him you should definetely go, because with or without Morrissey, Boz always guarantees to deliver a good show.
Sweetness also writes:

Have a look at millions of Boz Boorer photos taken at the Satanic Stomp festival 2 weeks ago. Enjoy!
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Jonathan Ian Mathers writes:

I finished up a comic called "Neurotically Yours" and in the second issue some Morrissey / Smiths references came out in the writing (I was listening to him while working, as usual)

The first reference is in "The Beginners Guide To Being A Bitch-Hermit" in panel 7 (Let's make it clear that not everyone who listens to the Smiths / Morrissey is a bitch or hermit) Just so folks don't take it out of context.

The second reference is a single panel from a page in which the main character walks into a record store and is thinking to herself... pretty self explanatory.
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Emmanuel writes and sends:

The US band Brando will release an album (The Headless Horseman Is A Preacher) including a good cover of 'Death Of A Disco Dancer'. The album can be ordered via the internet in France in the middle of November at:

Scans of the sleeve (front and back)
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Shawn writes:

Honey-voiced Torquil Campbell of Stars mentions his obsession with The Smiths once again in NOW! Toronto...

The Montreal-by-way-of-New-York foursome all grew up in Toronto. Fabulously named vocalist Torquil Campbell is a Smiths-obsessed actor who does Shakespeare for fun and has appeared on Sex And The City, Law & Order and as the voice of the cartoon character Bill Badger.

"I love English pop music from the 80s and early 90s. That's the purest moment of music for me, people like the Smiths, the Bodeans, Aztec Camera and Orange Juice. I wanted to live in that world because it was where I felt beautiful. I wanted to create something of my own that would put me there, and that's what Stars became."

"Everyone has to love the Smiths," Campbell snorts. "No Smiths, no Stars."

Stars - Local swoon popsters seek solace in beauty - By Matt Galloway
posted by davidt on Saturday October 06 2001, @09:00AM
Sarah writes:

I was watching The Weakest Link the other evening and there was a question along the lines of "What band is known for the song 'I Wanna Be Sedated'"? And the guy answered "The Smiths". Not exactly a compliment to The Smiths, but a mention all the same, I suppose. Personally, I think it would have been better to actually have a question about The Smiths and have the contestant get it RIGHT!
posted by davidt on Saturday October 06 2001, @09:00AM
sadie writes:

New party in NYC...
"Past pop, post pop... and everything well dressed in between"

Smiths/Morrissey themed launch party
Homegrown DJs Brian and Ezra keep you from sitting down

@ Karma, 51 First Ave, bewteen 3rd and 4th St.
Visit and tell us what you would have us spin!

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