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Kewpie sends the link to the book (via Morrissey reddit), originally referenced by SEMISORRY in the forums (original post):

Morrissey: Fandom, Representations and Identities - Intellect Books
Edited by Eoin Devereux and Aileen Dillane and Martin Power

Known for his outspoken and often controversial views on class, ethnicity and sexuality, Morrissey has remained an anti-establishment figure who continues to provoke argument, debate and devotion amongst critics and his many fans. Focusing exclusively on Morrissey’s solo career, the collected essays in this important book make for a rich reading of Morrissey and his highly influential creative output. Working across a range of academic disciplines and approaches (including musicology; ethnography; sociology and cultural studies) these essays seek to make sense of the many complexities of this global icon.

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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by everydayslikesunday (via Morrissey reddit):

Re: Strange/unexpected Moz references?

In this months TopGear magazine, there is a 3 page interview with Mike Joyce. It's a advert for Harmon Kardon, but he talks about being in The Smiths and is quite polite about Morrissey. Nothing ground breaking, but it's good to see The Smiths recognised for their brilliance.

Apparently there is a video of the interview at
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BME writes:
The British Music Experience is hosting an exclusive and intimate evening with photographer and author Paul Slattery (The Smiths: The Early Years). It's part of a larger season focusing on Visual Identity in music More info can be found here:
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An anonymous person writes:
A readers' poll conducted by the blog "Slicing Up Eyeballs" ranked the Bona Drag redux the fourth best reissue of the year.
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senoritahollywood writes:
Q:"What's with the Morrissey?" A:"... Why Not?"

Worth a listen !

Girl in a Coma - Latino USA
Maria sits down with the three musicians that make up Girl in a Coma to talk about their influences and their growing-up in Texas.
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jeremy writes:
The sexual ambiguity of pop artist Diamond Rings is compared to Morrissey's in an AOL interview (12/29/10):

Diamond Rings Doesn't Need to Label Himself Gay or Straight - Spinner


When he's onstage performing as Diamond Rings, the one-man synth-pop project he started two years ago, John O'Regan wears biker jackets, leggings, lipstick and basketball shoes. The Canadian singer draws on a rich tradition of androgynous musicians, and while his look recalls David Bowie, Boy George and maybe even Grace Jones, he often comes across in interviews more like Morrissey, skirting questions about sexuality.

If Morrissey's coyness on the subject reflects his private nature -- surprising, perhaps, given his songwriting -- and desire to preserve a degree of mystery, O'Regan can relate. At the same time, he says his refusal to self-identify as gay or straight is more the product of uncertainty and not feeling like he has to pick a side.
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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by Dan133269 in the forums (original post):

A return to Craggy Island - Irish Times


During this particular visit, my mother and sister were probably in the kitchen “making the tea”, so Uncle Paddy and myself were alone watching television. He was about 70 years old and spoke fluent Latin and Irish. I was working in Hot Press at the time and going through a heavy Smiths phase.
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