posted by davidt on Friday December 31 2010, @10:00AM
jacquilove writes:
I have just viewed- via TRUE TO YOU, a really beautiful photograph of Morrissey as a child with his sissie Jacqueline. A really "Manchester" pic, they look so forced to pose but happy with each other?

Photograph of Morrissey and his sister Jacqueline -

Morrissey aged 5, and his sister Jacqueline aged 6, at Albert Square in Old Trafford, Manchester, 1965.

posted by davidt on Friday December 31 2010, @10:00AM
Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by Librarian On Fire (via Morrissey reddit):

Morrissey likes the album cover of the Manics album

I'm not too sure if this has been posted or not. In Q January 2011 there is a little brief quote from Nicky Wire discussing the photograph of Tim Roth used on the album cover on the band's 2010 release "Postcards From A Young Man", Nicky says "I head that Morrissey likes the cover". Where did Nicky hear that from? Good album too.

Link to album cover posted by CrystalGeezer in the thread.
Related item:
posted by davidt on Friday December 31 2010, @10:00AM
dirteerephlex writes:
French singer Benjamin Biolay mentioned Morrissey in a TV broadcast on channel France 4. Questionned on song "La superbe" for which he recieved an award, Benjamin Biolay said he used chords to sound as they do "on Morrissey's records". The award he got was given by la Sacem which is the organisation that deals with copyrights for artists in France.
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