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The January 2011 Record Collector with the Smiths on the cover is out now, details in the forum thread started by ALLIE WALLS:

Smiths Article in Record Collector Jan 2011
Scan from Uncleskinny:

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davdavon writes:
Peter Hook was interviewed by Einav Schiff for Israeli news portal Walla! and shared his thoughts on Morrissey.

Link to original interview (in Hebrew) -

My rough translation of the Morrissey-related parts:

ES: There were other musicians in Manchester that weren't part of your scene, that you didn't really like. Morrissey, for example.

PH: Morrissey is just a very difficult person. Being in a band is a very competitive thing and you always fight for your place against a rival band. And as New Order, the Smiths were our biggest rivals. I do admire his talent and you must be stupid to think that he's not a great musician, but he's simply a jerk and he says that I'm a jerk, so we're in agreement.

ES: What do you think that he thought about Ian Curtis?

PH: Ian inspired him, I'm sure of that. Rob Gretton, may he rest in peace, told me that Morrissey was jealous of Ian.

ES: For his talent?

PH: No. Morrissey was jealous of Ian because he didn't have the guts to kill himself like Ian did.
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FatGayVegan writes:
Boz Boorer performed in London (Dec. 28) and threw in a couple of Morrissey songs for good measure.

The evening was billed as Boz Boorer's Xmas Party and took place at the Alliance public house in North London. Boz played a few short sets with his special guests and delighted hardcore Moz fans with two covers.

The Morrissey songs he performed were Jack the Ripper and Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself. These were done simply and beautifully with just Boz on guitar and vocals.
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This Charming Ben writes:
Morrissey's love of the New York Dolls was the subject of a small story on Gibson's website and their email newsletter:

This Day in Music Spotlight: Morrissey Loves the New York Dolls - Gibson
DECEMBER 27, 1975
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Brutalful writes:
Thought I would metion that on the season finale of PSYCH on USA, One of the main clues in the case is that the bad guy stole "Meat is Murder" from Sean's vinyl collection, and "The Headmaster Ritual" is the clue that leads them to know the bad guy is a teacher. - Later in the episode. "The Headmaster Ritual" is played.

This show actually allways mentions The Smiths as they are Sean's favorite band. Not sure if its ever been noted here. probably.
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15minuteswithyou writes:
Sandie Shaw was on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on Sunday 26th December. People in the UK can 'listen again' for the next 7 days here.

A bit disappointing really - didn't pick any Smiths tracks and made virtually no reference to Moz and the Smiths, just a short reference to Johnny Marr.
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