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billybu69 writes:
Morrissey has been quick to support Johnny Marr in comdenation of David Camerons appreciation of The Smiths.A statement on true to he not only slates Camerons history of support foe the hunt but attacks the Queen "signing" off on the killing of Canadian Brown Bears for Guards hats. Brian Ferry also comes under fire as Morrissey states he did not realise he was also an avid hunter.
Link also posted by joe frady in the forums (original post):

Message from Morrissey -
4 December 2010

I would like to, if I may, offer support to Johnny Marr who has spoken out to the media this week against David Cameron. To those who have expressed concern over Johnny's words in view of the fact that David Cameron has pledged immense allegiance to the music of the Smiths, I would like to try to explain why I think Johnny is right not to be flattered...
Update: 12/09 15:19 GMT:
2-J sends the link:

David Cameron goaded over The Smiths at Prime Minister's Questions -
Labour MP challenges PM over Morrissey and Johnny Marr
Whalley Range sends the link:

Cameron turns PMQs into Pop Idol with debate over The Smiths - The Daily Mail
Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by saw76 in the forums (original post):

Stop moaning, Morrissey: of course the PM is a fan - The First Post
Joern writes:
Very good article about the TTY-Rant from Morrissey Against David Cameron in the German newspaper "Die Welt". Headline would be translated with "A Shot Fired Against The Prime Minister"
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goinghome writes:
Samuel Preston, singer with band Ordinary Boys, has posted a blog giving praise for Morrissey being Morrissey:

  - Friday, 3 December 2010
Morrissey: A public unapology
Teenagers are rarely subtle in the ways they emulate their heroes. This is never more apparent than when casting a glaze along the queue at a Morrissey gig. My teenage Morrissey impression lasted up until my band (named after a Morrissey song) started releasing (Smiths-a-like) records. Having dropped my unnecessary Christian name to be more like Steven Patrick and growing a proud quiff people began to notice my obsession and it was deemed as totally inappropriate behaviour for the singer in a band. I stuffed contact lenses in my eyes and demolished my quiff, flattening my fringe over my forehead. If there is an irony to be found in being uncomfortable with having to avoid copy-catting the world most notorious misfit then I see it only now. Now, when my hair is at it’s dizzying highest. Yet now, when my career is writing pop songs.

Morrissey has a lyrical style that speaks so directly to the listener that he becomes a kind of surrogate father figure. At once both laugh-out-loud funny and crushingly sad. Of course you already know this, and as I race through phases and trends in music (which is something I swore I would never do) I know that I can always return home to Morrissey. Morrissey I love you and I don’t care who knows it!!
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Grant Showbiz remembers The Smiths - johnny marr plays guitar


Grant Showbiz, former producer and sound recorder for The Smiths, met with Jose Maldanado and April Richardson in the studios of Indie 103.1 for a conversation about his time with The Smiths for the radio show Breakfast With The Smiths: The World Of Morrissey. Showbiz talked about the early days traveling with The Smiths, the influence of the song ‘Meat Is Murder’, the brillance of The Queen Is Dead, the addition of Craig Gannon, the recording of Strangeways, Here We Come and Rough Trade, the end of The Smiths and the possibility of a reunion.
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An anonymous person writes:
The music website Pitchfork's 2010 Readers' Poll includes a section for "Favorite Song from the Pitchfork '90s List." Morrissey's "Now My Heart is Full" was listed at #118 on the "Top 200 Tracks of the 1990s" list that Pitchfork compiled earlier this year, and is therefore eligible in the poll.
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