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First posted by Stoned in the Bona Drag reissue thread in the forums, with a larger version now on as posted by Uncleskinny:

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News/link posted in the forums by lainey/Sheridan Whiteside:

Jo O Keefe -
24 August 2010

It is with great sadness and regret that the death of Jo O Keefe has been announced this week. Jo's onscreen contribution to The Smiths South Bank Show documentary (1987) was greatly appreciated by The Smiths, and Jo's years of vocational loyalty towards The Smiths will never be forgotten by Morrissey. Jo went on to write for the British television programs EastEnders and Coronation Street. It is understood that Jo, who was 41, has died from an asthma attack.
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by goinghome (via Morrissey reddit):

Titbit for DigiNerds re. Moz Mixing

"After re-forming in 2009, Irish rock band The Cranberries have embarked on a 2010 European Summer Tour. Their audio arsenal centres round a DiGiCo SD8 digital mixing console, manned by Oliver Waring at the monitor position.

"I've been using DiGiCo consoles for a number of years," says Waring. "I started out teching with a D5 when I was looking after Dave Guerin, monitor engineer for Morrissey. Then I inherited the monitor position and looked after Morrissey for a couple of years on the D5, later upgrading to an SD7..."

The Cranberries tour with DiGiCo's SD8 - LSI Online
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goinghome writes:
"36 - Quite possibly the foremost pioneer of the indie music genre, Morrissey spent most of the ’80s drafting morose and beautiful songs as frontman for The Smiths. After the dynamic between Smiths members grew contentious, the Englishman went solo in 1987. In 2004, he released a comeback album, You are the Quarry, which sold better than any of his previous solo efforts, or any prior Smiths album. He is moody and he is controversial, but Morrissey arouses fierce loyalty amongst his legion of fans. – Ellen Barnes"

Numbers 30 to 40 are here with links to the rest:’s Top 50 Frontmen (and Frontwomen) of All Time – 40-31
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DJ Ceremony NYC writes:
The first Wednesday of every month at Black & White.

Facebook invite.

From "Black Cloud" to "Bigmouth Strikes Again"...
..."Ganglord" to "Girlfriend In A Coma"...
..."Hand In Glove" to "Honey, You Know Where To Find Me" & everything in between.

Join scores of other sweet & tender hooligans as DJ Ceremony presents a reverent Smiths & Morrissey tribute set including rarities, b-sides, current releases, and classics (+Britpop, Factory & Manchester).

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 — 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Venue: Black & White — 86 East 10th Street (btw. 3rd & 4th Avenues)
New York City

Dress: Brigitte Bardot, Alexandra Bastedo, Truman Capote, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Nico, Edie Sedgwick, Sandy Shaw, The Silver Factory, Paul Weller, Oscar Wilde, Natalie Wood.

"Don't forget the songs that saved your life"

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Peter_Melis writes:
DJ Peter and Petrolclub present a Morrissey / The Smiths event, Sept. 4th 2010 in Antwerp!

Organizers Petrolclub present "Expo, dicht bij Elsschot" from 30/5/2010 - 31/12/2010 in the city of Antwerp, it's all about famous writer Willem Elsschot.
7 months of exhibitions, lectures, literary walks, theatre and music around the theme of Willem Elsschot. ...But on September 4th, it will be all about Morrissey (and The Smiths) !

Live On Stage:

11:00pm - 11:40pm TOO TANGLED (B)
00:00 - 00:45am VERONICA FALLS (UK)
01:15am - 02:30am THE SMITHS INDEED (UK)

DJ Peter, tune all your lovely Morrissey/Smiths - indie records!

Gigolos In Retirement, play all your favourite Britpop/indie,

Katia (Rock Ahoy) Vlerinck

@ Joly Joker (summerclub)
Rijnkaai 14
2000 Antwerpen ('t Eilandje)

Doors open: 10pm

Entrance: 6 Euro (before 11pm)
12 Euro (after 11pm)

Tickets available:

more info, call +32 0 486976736 (Peter)

Hotels nearby and routemap: (Dutch)
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