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Foster88 writes:
I just found an interesting read in Moz's Bona Drag reissue thread over at the Steve Hoffman forums.

According to poster Frank010 in posts #24, 28, 30, & 35 on page 2, EMI plans on releasing a remastered version of Viva Hate which is likely to get the Deluxe/2 CD treatment and is planned for release sometime next year. Other remastered and expanded editions of the solo discography are also in discussions, although there is no details at the moment.

Please note that nothing is official or confirmed as of yet, so take it for what it's worth. I do happen to agree with the poster in that these reissues are certainly long overdue!
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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by DAVIE in the forums (original post):

Quite possibly the best record shop in the world: Memories of Probe Records - Liverpool Echo


The staff list reads like a who’s who of the Liverpool music scene. As well as Geoff and Annie, there was DJ Norman "The Cat" Killon, Pete Wylie, Paul Rutherford and, famously, Pete Burns.

“I used to hate getting served by Pete Burns, who terrified the life out of me in those black contact lenses,” says former customer now turned music PR Mitch Poole. “He would ask ‘What do you want to buy that for? It’s c**p’! I once remember him refusing to sell to my mate How Soon is Now, by The Smiths, because he hated it so much.
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faffyface writes:
Finally have an excuse to by rock band:

8th Up from the bottom of the list - The Smiths – Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

Rock Band 3 songs leaked by video - Joystiq
George XXIII also writes: has an article about a video that surfaced showing unannounced tracks for the upcoming Rock Band 3 video game. Among them was Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before.

Unfortunately, the video was yanked.

Article goes on to say that it's possible none of the songs will make it into the game, but I hope this is not the case...
Update: 08/24 14:11 GMT: An anonymous person posted in the comments the confirmation:

Harmonix (developers of Rock Band) later posted a video cheekily confirming the list. See it in the background here:
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The Seeker of Good Songs sends the link / download (also posted in the forums):

Singles Going Single #140 - The Bent Backed Tulips (Dramarama) 7" (1994, Eggbert)

The short story: Bent Backed Tulips was Dramarama incognito, circa 1988.

The long story: As the legend goes, when Dramarama were set to track their third album, Stuck In Wonderamaland (featuring the brilliant should-have-been-hit "Last Cigarette") head honcho John Easdale arrived to the studio with nearly a box sets worth of material written. Problem was, their label at the time, Chameleon Records, wanted a record of a more traditional length, and ultimately, that's what they and the band's adoring fans received in the form of the aforementioned Stuck... The outtakes were not left on the cutting room floor however, at least not until 1994, when the band sanctioned the release of them under the alias, The Bent Backed Tulips ostensibly to avoid any legal wrangling with their previous labels. Released as a 20 track CD on Eggbert Records, titled Looking Through... the great "lost" Dramarama album finally made it to market, at least in the US, but that's another story.

Coinciding with the issue of Looking Through... this single was released, featuring the rip-roaring LP scorcher "Tie Me Down," and it's exclusive flipside offering a reading of Morrissey's solo chestnut, "The Last of the Famous International Playboys." It's a damn fine interpretation at that, reminding you once again why you fell in love with Moz in the first place. While the single may not be available at this point, the Looking Through... album is, directly from Eggbert Records in fact, and quite possibly through iTunes and the like.

A. Tie Me Down
B. The Last of the Famous International Playboys
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by Maurice E (via Morrissey reddit):

Angel Down We Go" covered by Courteeners

Not a huge (or even moderate) fan of the Courteeners but interesting to hear that they (or rather the singer) covered "Angel..." at their concert at the Salford Lads Club.
Good to hear bands covering the less obvious songs...
Update: 08/24 17:41 GMT:
Torr writes:
NME link which teels of how he didn’t actually cover the full Moz songs:

Courteeners' Liam Fray previews new songs at Salford Lads Club gig -
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