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Stefan Krix writes (also posted in the forums):
While looking for Morrissey related news on the Bona Drag reissue, I found the following entry on the EMI Music UK and Ireland site; it seems to be that EMI plans a bundled re-release of the 1988 single "Everyday Is Like Sunday" on CD and 2-7".

Though the track is originally taken from Viva Hate but it's also on Bona Drag - so it might be intended as a single to promote the 20th Anniversary edition. Note the cat.-nos.: MM seems to be an indication for the Mayor Minor label!

The release date in the UK is the same as for the Bona Drag longplayer...

Release Date: 27/09/2010

Everyday is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster)
November The Second
Everyday is Like Sunday
Everyday is Like Sunday (TOTP 9th June 1988)

Everyday is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster)
Trash (Live At Irvine Meadows, CA, 1991)

7" Everyday is Like Sunday (2010 Remaster)
Everyday Is Like Sunday (Live At The Hollywood Bowl - 8th June 2007)
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Guillaume METAYER writes:
Just saw that on a website.

"Toi, Moi, et Morrissey" (written by French author Arnaud Huber) is a novel which poses questions to the reader on the complex relations between art in general, music and Morrissey in particular

To know more about it or/and to order the book, click here.

Here is my English translation (hope it is ok):

« "Toi, Moi, et Morrissey" is a text written with two points of view which intertwine, overlay, and come together as one at the end. The first voice is that of the narrator, in attendance at his first Morrissey concert, the Eurokéennes at Belfort-- just before the transmission of the World Cup quarter final match between France and Brazil. The second one, which speaks in the past tense, is the voice of his memory which questions the means of such a profound personal quest, emotional and musical, in order to understand how, even through as a young man he misinterpreted the overarching ideas which run through the music of Moz, he still, in short-lived sentimental encounters, finished by becoming a "fan of Morrissey."

"Toi, Moi, et Morrissey" is a novel which poses questions to the reader on the complex relations between art in general and music in particular, and how they maintain our existence, in such a way that music governs our memory and constructs our present, that the sound-track of our life can influence us at the deepest level of our subconscious.

Arnaud Huber has installed his idiosyncratic word sense and his love of music at the heart of his first book. He is 36 and lives in Lorraine. »

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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by Danny_ in the forums (original post):

Cool for 'cats: Return of the rockabilly guys -
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Less writes:
Mike Joyce sits in for Marc Riley this week on BBC 6 Music

--- Update: 08/08 14:32 GMT: Kewpie sends word the slot ended Aug. 5 (listen now links still available in the above link).
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An anonymous person writes:
I heard that Bernard Butler has said that he originally wrote the 1995 hit single "Yes" for Morrissey. Morrissey loved the song but said it was very clearly out of his vocal range and therefore passed the song on.

Bernard Butler then went on to form McAlmont and Butler and have two hit singles.

I wonder if Morrissey regrets not working with Bernard Butler...
Update: 08/08 14:26 GMT: Kewpie sends word that the source is BBC Radio 2: Record Producer as posted in this forum thread started by Uncleskinny.

post with more details by joe frady:

Excellent programme.
Did anyone else hear David McCalmont say that Butler had told him that he'd offered the song 'Yes' to three people before him ~ Morrissey, Kirtsy Macoll and Julianne Regan? They all knocked it back.
I'd never heard this before. I wonder just how close we came to the possibility of a Morrissey/Butler collaboration.
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