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Kewpie sends the link(via Morrissey reddit):

Morrissey: 'Damien Hirst's head should be kept in a bag' -

karenmorrissey also writes:
We all know how passionate Morrissey is about being a vegetarian and now being against "the use of animals in art.

Damien Hirst who is one of those individuals that includes animals in his art and doesn't portray them in a well manner.

heres the full story :
Morrissey Calls for Damien Hirst's Head in a Bag - Spinner
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karenmorrissey writes:
According to Morrissey, the human mind is limited when it comes to sex...

Linder, a Manchester born artist has different thoughts about this and claims that she was born in a different society where men were had a different mentality than what Morrissey referred to.

Full article :
Morrissey: 'The mind is limited sexually' - Digital Spy
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Renee writes:
Hey Moz fans! Check out this article I wrote on the legacy of Moz and The Smiths!

It features interviews from "Breakfast with The Smiths" host Jose Maldonado, singer/songwriter Pete Yorn, and Janice Whaley of The Smiths Project!
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De Winter writes:
15th March "Sally Forth" comic strip features a dialogue in which the aforementioned talks to her younger sister over the phone and says: "Hello? Jackie? What's wrong? I know you're sad, sis... "No, Jackie. Now's not the time to breakout your Smiths CDs".

Here's the link to the strip.

Drawn by Craig Macintosh and written by Francesco Marciuliano, 'Sally Forth' is a realistic/humourous strip that has been appearing in US newspapers since 1982, telling the everyday life of a typical American family: Sally is a working mom, dividing her attention between the job (a middle management position with a corporation) and her family (husband Ted and 10-year-old daughter Hilary). The strip is printed daily by 700 american newspapers.
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jake writes:
Moz is listed on a local Arizona news website as one of 12 Irish Hunks! Enjoy!

Irish hunks - Metromix Phoenix
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Club Viva Hate writes:
March 26,2010 Club Viva Hate brings to you all the way from the UK DOLL & THE KICKS along with special guest LOUDER THAN BOMB (Tribute to Morrissey & The Smiths).

Dj Lestat Spinning all your favorit 80's,Dark Wave,New Wave and more all being dance by Vernie Munster

Free Parking

Doors open at 9:30
$15 Cover

Pre-Sale Ticket at Club Viva Hate's Myspace Page.

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