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Posted in the forums in a thread started by Leather Elbows, link from billybu69 (original thread):

By Morrissey
Photography Solve Sundsbo
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goinghome writes:
In an interview with AGFM!, Rob Mune of King Cheetah cherishes Morrissey's reaction to the band, and remembers Boz' generosity:

  - ...The Kingcheetah’s history sometimes feels to me like the greatest story never told…it’s always beautiful to meet musicians you admire and then to discover they love your band, that’s happened for us with some pretty famous people: Morrissey, Shane MacGowan, Graham Coxon, Ray Davies...We only stayed in one hotel during the entire tour: Morrissey’s hotel on the penultimate night where we all ended up sleeping on the floor of Morrissey guitarist Boz Boorer’s room...
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skellngtn sends the link / excerpt:
Melissa Auf der Maur: 'I hope Courtney Love finds happiness' - The Guardian

perhaps the only time in history that Morrissey and Danzig are mentioned together in the same sentence.

Is what you do feminine?
M: Definitely. Am I feminine? Yes, although I did look like a boy until I was 25. I was pretty androgynous for as long as a woman can be. Have I become more feminine? Yes. But do I prefer frontmen like Danzig and Morrissey over any woman? Yes. So I think I like androgynous, feminine forces. Ozzy Osbourne and Jimmy Page – they're witchy, feminine men
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by joe frady (via Morrissey reddit):

'The Word' April 2010 ~ Visconti interview

Lengthy talk with Tony the Pony. Asked about producing Morrissey he comes up with nothing much new, other than the understatement of the millenium ~ "Morrissey can be a bit fussy"...
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Guillaume Metayer writes:
At the French Music Awards this saturday singer Benjamin BIOLAY won best song ("La Superbe") and best album of the year prices.

He also admitted he likes Morrissey very much and was inspired by Moz song "Teachers Are Afraid Of Pupils" writing his victorious song "La Superbe".

So ?

Here an article about this "plagiarism" :

Victoire des meilleurs plagiats : Biolay vs Morrissey, La Superbe -

Translation :
"And here we are, it had to happen. We had held our tongue up to not to be blame for another time speak about Morrissey, but the Best French Song of the year, the excellent "La Superbe" of Benjamin Biolay, which we rather spoke well after its release, reminded us strangely the luxurious opening of the Moz album Southpaw Grammar and its song " The Teachers Are Afraid of The Pupils ".

As he never hid from it, Biolay loves Morrissey. Hard to believe that Biolay didn't think at that time of reusing this sample of Chostakovitch (5th symphony)this borrowing by the former singer of The Smiths made a success in 1995. In pop music we can admit that to use the same sample constitutes a plagiarism and not as in the rap or the hip-hop an unfortunate coincidence ? Yes, without hesitating when the whole structure of the melody is in both cases on the tune in question and when this sample gives its color to the song it is plagiarism. No doubt here, Benjamin Biolay had a look to Manchester and it is was a good idea."
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Scott Colothan sends the link:

The Drums To Play Morrissey Tribute Night In London - Gigwise

Seemingly big fans of The Mozfather, The Drums are set to play a DJ set at a Morrissey tribute night in London next month.

Members of the Brooklyn foursome will man the decks at Viva Moz III, which celebrates the music of Morrissey and The Smiths, at Bourne & Hollingsworth on Rothbourne Place on April 2nd.

As well as providing an insight into The Drums' record collection, Mrs Morrissey, Miss Wilde and guests will perform live while there will be a Morrissey doppelgänger competition.

Intriguingly, there will be a Morrissey shrine erected especially for the event.
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by punky (via Morrissey reddit):

Power of Dreams play there is a light...

In the middle of a stormer gig earlier this evening in Whelan's Dublin, The Power of Dreams played THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT.

Power of Dreams have reformed to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their classic album IMMIGRANTS, EMIGRANTS & ME.

Catch them in Cork, tomorrow Saturday and in Dublin again on Sunday in Whelans.
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goinghome writes:
The Smiths Amongst Top Ten Pop Duos - Land of Punt
Top Ten Duos in Popular Music - Land of Punt

...Inspired by Simon & Garfunkel’s recent announcement that they will be touring this spring (look for them to visit cities like Toronto, Montreal, and St. Paul), Land of Punt decided to chronicle the top ten duos in popular music history... Morrissey and Marr – Morrissey was The Smiths’ front man while Johnny Marr was its lead guitarist. Together they were the band’s principal songwriters. Despite releasing just four studio albums and achieving little success away from the U.K., The Smiths are easily one of the most important bands of the 1980’s. Sure, Morrissey and Marr’s hatred for one another eventually lead to the band’s demise, and still keeps them from reuniting, but it doesn’t stop their music from getting better with age.
Seminal work: The Queen Is Dead
miseryguts writes:
Janice Takes A Bow
Janice Takes A Bow - Simon Goddard blog
fnoprx writes:
Nice Moz vinyls in the background in danish TV sketch

You have to speak Danish to understand this (LOTS of sexual double entendres) - but check out the background and soundtrack!
goinghome writes:
Liam Cahill, FHM magazine blog on Morrissey's Gender-Agenda
Liam Cahill is an Irish journalist and broadcaster who, in his recent blog post, speculates on Morrissey's musical contribution to gay liberation:

"...As decades moved on the relevancy of gays and music become more potent. Wolf and Kielwasser in their book Gay People, Sex and The Media recalls how bands where propelled to the forefront of music as a direct result of their provocative gayness. From Frankie Goes to Hollywood to The Petshop Boys being provocative was very much second nature.

Wolf and kielwasser recount how The Smith’s lead singer Morrissey’s music was seen by Rolling Stone as a ‘rejection’ of the typical provocative nature of music which embraced gay themes but continued to be overtly outrageous. “I am human, and I need to be loved, just like everyone else” recites Morrissey within “How soon is now?” which details his attempts for gays to gain another step towards being accepted within mainstream.

These songs provided a base for mainstream audiences to be educated about the details of gay life. The songs also spoke volumes about the hurt in which gay people felt as appearing socially inept -this was fueled by the aids crisis of the 1980’s. This gay voice only became stronger propelled by artists such as Madonna and Kylie who used their music as a way of reaffirming that it was a new day for the gay..."

Also... a different but related recent blog entry from fhm magazine on sexual expression:

- “I would go out tonight: But I haven’t got a stitch to wear

This man said “it’s gruesome: That someone so handsome should care”

From THIS CHARMING MAN by The Smiths, written by guitarist Johnny Marr and singer/lyricist Morrissey

Where did they come from… straight men that moisturise and have lots of hair products, straight men who love clothes and the act of shopping for them, straight men with a passion for interior design and décor – straight men who are unashamed to enjoy a lifestyle previously thought of as STEREOTYPICALLY GAY...
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mozsmonster writes:
This is my new radio show beginning next Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 3.00pm Australian Eastern Summer Time. You just need speakers to listen and a phone to call in. It's going to be about my life as a woman with Cerebral Palsy, but I will also speak on musical inspiration...of course.

Poor Twisted Child Speaks on Blog Talk Radio

On that page, you can sign up to be alerted before my show goes to air. Timezone is +10 GMT plus one hour for summer.

I hope you enjoy.

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shoplifterromo writes:
No Green Beer! Dance to plenty of Morrissey/Smiths music at Club Dedo's, 204 Rio Grande, "St. Paddy's Day" party, Wednesday, March 17th from 9pm-2am. No cover. See all your OLD El Paso/Las Cruces/Juarez friends and put your arms around them as you drink and dance to Moz, The Beatles, The Pixies, The Clash, The Ramones, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and much more!

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