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Uncleskinny writes:
Great find by user Ripper (original thread in the forums, additional info)...

There is some unseen footage of Moz and the lads in this.

Update: 03/08 14:31 GMT: The original vimeo link has been made private but the video is available on other sharing sites.

Update: 03/10 16:55 GMT: jeff992 writes:
This is Evergreen Cemetery in Boyle Heights (Los Angeles). Was there this morning visiting family members grave sites and took some pictures of parts that were in the video.

I'm not sure if any of the statues are the exact ones in the video or not. But you'll see the El Pino tree that someone mentioned in the forum. It's at around 1:26 of the video in the background. Also the row of tall thin trees. And the wall of murals that the guys in the video are standing next to a few times. In the video, it looks like you can see some Japanese headstones and there are many Japanese buried at Evergreen.

Click thumbnails to enlarge:

YouTube link from musicalcat:

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Lillyber writes:
While there's nothing wrong with a Morrissey solo hits comp, that is never going to give you the whole story. The Quietus explains it's non-hit single choices.

Morrissey: Maudlin Treats From Beyond The Hits - The Quietus
Luke Turner also writes:
Hullo Morrissey Solo,

hope you're well. We've just put up a piece where many of our writers look at and get enthusiastic about the best music from the great man that wasn't a single or a hit. We thought you might like it. We also thought it'd be fun to get a debate going as to what your users think...
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An anonymous person writes:
As of 2/28/10 Years Of Refusal has sold 77,410 copies in the U.S. according to Soundscan. 4,538 of those were vinyl and 19,753 were digital.

In March 2008 we found out these other sales #s.
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Dickie Felton, author of "The Day I Met Morrissey" writes:
The Day I Met Boz Boorer...

So there I was clearing out my loft and I stumble upon photos from 1999 when we met Boz and Alain ahead of Morrissey's gig at Liverpool Royal court. What a lovely pair, total gents. We talked more football than music and discussed the issues of the moment which appeared in that night's Liverpool ECHO newspaper.

Read a full account on Dickie's new blog:


"The Day I Met Morrissey" in Piccadilly Records "Top Ten Reads"

Legendary independent Manchester record store Piccadilly Records puts "The Day I Met Morrissey" in its top ten of the greatest music books.
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Torr sends the link:

The Courteeners Humbled at Morrissey Supports - Spinner
Posted on Mar 5th 2010

As they prepare to hit the UK for a major tour in support of their second album, 'Falcon', the Courteeners' singer Liam Fray (pictured centre) and drummer Michael Campbell (right) have spoken exclusively to Spinner about their gigs supporting Morrissey in the US last year.

The former Smiths singer is a huge idol of the Courteeners and the experience apparently proved to be a humbling experience for the band known for their confident swagger.

"To have somebody that you hold in such high regard and say nice things about your band is a really nice, humbling feeling," Fray said.

"And for us to go to America with him is kinda good because America is a notoriously difficult place to get anybody listening to you," explained the singer.

The band spoke to Spinner as they filmed a live session for AOL UK, which can be seen here.

"Y'know, they love him over there and for him to say, 'These are good' and say nice things is a buzz," he continued.

"But to go on tour with him .. .for us to share his vegetarian food with him and his catering with him, it's good."

Drummer Michael Campbell added: "He was a normal gentleman who was really complimentary to us and really humble. And he bought his own beer to the dressing room!"
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Yorick writes:
HBO’s Ricky Gervais Show (an animated version of his podcast) that aired Friday night featured a segment with an astronaut who sits in his rocket ship wallowing in loneliness and listening to Morrissey. (Please, Please, Please... was previously used in one of the episodes of RG’s HBO shows ...I suspect he’s a fan.)
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