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auntie christ writes:
NPR interview with Peter Wild the editor of Please: Fiction Inspired by the Smiths.

Writing With The Smiths: Pen, Paper And Morrissey -
From Harper Perennial:

Fiction Inspired by the Smiths
Edited by Peter Wild
On sale: 3/2/2010

“There’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more.” So said rock icon Morrissey, the lead singer and face of The Smiths, one of the most beloved bands of the last 25 years and the band who has now inspired PLEASE: Fiction Inspired by the Smiths (A Harper Perennial Paperback Original).

In PLEASE, a charming man betrays friends in the name of celebrity. Love blooms by the cemetery gates. A sour rain falls on the new young Queen divine. Shoplifters of the world unite in order to tug a reluctant aardvark out of a hole. A sweet and tender hooligan swings a three-bar fire like it was a demolition ball. The death of a Miami disco dancer inspires a new TV show. And a naked birthday rendition of ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’ is seen across the globe.

Like the Smiths themselves, PLEASE is at times both dark and melancholy – but always with a hint of sweetness.

Editor Peter Wild is the co-author of Before the Rain, a short story collection from Flax Books, and the editor of The Flash, an anthology of flash fiction published by Social Disease, and Noise: Fiction inspired by Sonic Youth (Harper Perennial, Jan 2009). His journalism has appeared in publications like The Guardian, The Independent, and Time Out, and his fiction has appeared in publications like Dogmatika and 3AM Magazine. He lives and works in Manchester, England with his wife and three children.
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Sanchez writes:
There was a quick Morrissey reference on Saturday Night Live. (Jennifer Lopez was the host.)

The SNL Digital Short was all about different types of flags. One of the flags was a "Moz" flag and displayed a picture of Morrissey's head. It was nice to see SNL mentioning Moz.

The video should be posted on Hulu soon.

Video now on Hulu (link from fattyface)

An anonymous person also writes:
The only highlight of an awful, awful show was a brief Morrissey mention during a short film called "Flags Of The World." There is a reference at the beginning to a "Moz flag" with a picture of Morrissey.

Digital Short: Flags of the World -
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An anonymous person writes:
Morrissey is mentioned throughout Maker's account of the early history of his band, Raymonde.

autofellatio: raymonde -
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by Joe Frady (via Morrissey reddit):

'Uncut' Morrissey Wolverhampton concert article - April 2010
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Ricci writes:
Interview with Thomas Mars and Laurent Brancowitz from Phoenix in a recent visit to Monterrey, Mexico. Thomas Mars mentions he loves The Smiths for the lyrics. See video (Smiths mention at 2:35 minute mark)
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sobsister writes:

German radio host (einslive) and comedian Jan Böhmermann tells why "Morrissey is his classic" - only 3:56, broadcasted on dradio - corso, Feb. 23rd, 2010 - only on German, but a tranlation can be done if required?
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