posted by davidt on Wednesday January 06 2010, @03:00PM
Some Totally Random Moz Fan writes:
In case you missed it on TTY:

Statement from Morrissey
6 January 2010

Statement from Morrissey:

Following consultation with my lawyers, I wish it to be known that I have terminated with immediate effect my association with Front Line Management (Irving Azoff, Andy Gould and Lil Gary), who no longer have any rights to issue any statements on my behalf. I would also like to stress that I have no association with accountants appointed by Front Line, namely London & Co.
posted by davidt on Wednesday January 06 2010, @03:00PM
Max Crowley writes:
A campaign has launched to make The Smiths - How Soon Is Now No1 on Feb 11th in the UK to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the launch of Meat Is Murder. It picked up almost 1000 members in the first hour and Mike Joyce has also joined and commented on the group.

The Smiths for No1 February 2010 Meat Is Murder 25th Anniversary.

Mike Joyce - "And why the hell not....It turned me vegetarian 25 years ago as well as my three children"
Stan writes:
Following the example of Rage Against The Machine scoring a symbolic Christmas UK #1 last month, a Facebook Group has been set up to get How Soon Is Now to the top of the UK charts for the week starting the 7th of February to mark the 25th anniversary of Meat Is Murder.

The group is growing rapidly and it looks like this could genuinely happen. You can only imagine how much this would please Senor Morrissey and annoy everybody else.

Please join and show your support here:
An anonymous person writes:
Let's get MORRISSEY to NUMBER 1 in the UK CHARTS on Sunday 7 March 2010 (date change) with 'EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY'.

Join our Facebook group
Why Morrissey's 'Everyday Is Like Sunday'?

1. Just because it's possible.
2. To see Morrissey back in the charts, and even better: to give the man his first well-deserved Number 1-hit ever.
3. Basically it could have been any Morrissey song, but 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' fits to the time of the year, and, oh irony, the charts are broadcasted Sunday's at BBC Radio 1.

Be careful, this only works if we all start downloading the track from Sunday 28 February on, til Saturday 6 March 23.59 hrs.

You can find the song on iTunes (£0.99), Amazon (£0.89), etc.

This group is created by a sincere Morrissey fan. In no way we like to see this page as a protest against the UK Charts. It's more the other way: RAGE showed us we can ALL influence the charts, so why not simply do it?

Morrissey fans of the UK - unite and take over the UK CHARTS. MORRISSEY FOR NUMBER 1.

Only UK downloads are eligible.
posted by davidt on Wednesday January 06 2010, @03:00PM
goinghome writes:
A blogsite called 'Selvedge Yard' has uploaded a collection of photographs portraying the hard underbelly of Californian society. Lines from lyrics by Morrissey are scattered between the montage at intervals.

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