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The Earliest Ever Smiths Gig Review!

I was looking on the Manchester Music Archive website for a bit of research I've been doing, and came across this review by a local fanzine of The Smiths 2nd ever gig at The Manhattan Sound, the 1st gig with Andy playing.

The 1st paragraph tends to describe the club, the 2nd the gig and is quite hilarious!

The Smiths press article Manhattan Sound - 1983 - Manchester District Music Archive

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Je Suis Julie writes:
Of course they should rank higher, but it's good to see some recognition

Something Is Squeezing My Skull #93 - Pitchfork "Top 100 Tracks of 2009":

"After Morrissey's onstage collapse and subsequent pegging by a drink-hurling fan, Years of Refusal's muscular, defiant opener, with its worries about the star's health, feels like its most striking accomplishment. For such an aggressively upbeat glam-rock tune, the theme is melodramatically bleak-- and, to British pop fans, probably doubly familiar: Modern life is loveless. Worth it just to hear Moz list meds and then breathlessly repeat, "Don't give me anymore," at the song's conclusion. Oh, Mother, he can feel the soil falling over his head. --Marc Hogan"

"MORRISSEY GETS ALL NSFW WITH IT" -Pitchfork "Year in News 2009 - January":

"For the inside sleeve to the "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" 7", Morrissey and his band decided to disrobe and stick records over their private areas. We're still not sure how those records are staying in place..."

"HEAVEN KNOWS MORRISSEY'S MISERABLE NOW" - Pitchfork "Year in News 2009 - October":

"Woe is Morrissey. The Pope of Mope is having a particularly stressful autumn. On October 24, he collapsed onstage mid-song at a performance in Swindon, England and was rushed to the hospital. He was discharged the next day, but canceled his next gig. At his first show back after the scare, he joked, "The doctor said I shouldn't smile. I told him, 'I don't'." Then, on November 7, a performance in Liverpool was cut short when an audience member threw a drink at Morrissey's head, prompting him to abruptly leave the stage. Obviously the culprit wasn't aware of the man's fragile emotional state."
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Kewpie sends the link to the post in the forums by Maurice E (via Morrissey reddit):

The top 100 polls are common enough but I've not heard a top 1,000 poll before. Not a huge Xfm fan but it's interesting stuff.

...They're into the 400's now. Between 500 and 1,000 there was a smattering of Smiths and Moz - about three or four of each, but they've been Morrissey's very best (Suedehead, Playboys, More you ignore) and just average Smiths songs, so get the impression there'll be a lot more Smiths than Moz in the rest of the chart. Everyday is like Sunday will obviously be in there, and presumably First of the Gang & Irish Blood. Not sure about any others. Marr's doing well with his Cribs, Modest Mouse and Electronic stuff all appearing in the top 1,000 to date.

Xfm's Top 1,000 Songs Of All Time
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maynardmorrissey writes:
"You Are The Quarry" is the 61st best album of the decade according to the Austrian radio station
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bailiffwithbadbreath writes:
This is a feature by the Guardian from May 08 but it doesn't look like it was ever linked from this site. Morrissey's 'madstock' performance is ranked at number 4. "Morrissey: Madstock, 1992 Draped in the Union Jack, Moz plays 'National Front Disco' against a huge backdrop of two skinheads. And so the trouble begins..."

There's a video of a gold lame-clad Moz singing NF Disco for the frinkers!

The 10: Most Memorable Festival Performances - The Guardian music blog
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Kewpie sends the link (via Morrissey reddit), originally posted by PashernatePoet in the forums (original post):

William E. Jones, Is it Really So Strange - Nottingham Contemporary

Is it Really So Strange, 2004, 80 minutes
28 Dec 2009 - 10 Jan 2010

A feature-length documentary on the young Southern Californian Latinos who idolise Morrissey and his former band The Smiths. The film makes revealing links between the second generation immigrant experience in Los Angeles and Morrissey’s Irish Catholic upbringing in Manchester.
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