posted by davidt on Sunday May 03 2009, @12:00PM
Maurice E posted in the forums:

uh-oh, it's official. he's missed the top 40 - Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart.
remember how p***ed off he was when 'The Youngest' missed the top 10 back in 2006? imagine how he feels now?

it's the first single to miss the top 40 since the Maladjusted era. timing couldn't be much worse as he's just about to embark on the UK tour.
looks like Southpaw's missed the top 40 in the album chart too...
Update: 05/03 23:06 GMT: Info from a post in the forums by justme - "Something Is Squeezing My Skull" entered at #46, Southpaw Grammar at #63.
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