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Maladjustedx sends the link:

Diary 05

Lyn's diary: January 17th

Check out two new photos @

Belligerent Ghoul sends the links:

Boz Boorer January 2005 news update includes link:

Boz Boorer interview at WriteWords
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Ned writes:

At least so I guess -- I have a friend who worked at Bomp for many years and discovered this shortly after the label boss Greg Shaw passed away in October and they were going through the archives... I can only assume it was sent sometime in the seventies but perhaps it was early eighties, though the address on the letter could help in clearing that up.

As you can see, it's brief and about David Johansen of the New York Dolls -- and it has one hell of a PS!

Click to enlarge

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Photographer Stephen Wright saw the donation drive for tsunami relief and has offered to donate a limited edition print for auction.

The auction is now on eBay, item 3776890599, ending Jan. 25:

12" x 16" Salford Lads print to highest bidder
one of 100 edition worldwide

free shipping
I have the smaller 6" x 9" version - the quality of Stephen's photos is superb.

Donation drive update: in two days I've collected $1275.00 from 27 contributors. I'll post a total at the end of January. Many thanks to those who have donated, I recognize many from those who donated to the last drive a few years ago.

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ElBoydelz writes:

The excellent had shown our hero more love:

Morrissey: "No One Can Hold a Candle to You"
genre: indie pop

Do you love You Are The Quarry? OK, but do you love it enough to buy its accompanying singles, the gatefold-case version with additional DVD footage, and the super Deluxe Edition Quarry in comic-book-embossed silver featuring nine B-sides and live DVD footage you'd already bought? Get ready to bend over again because "I Have Forgiven Jesus" has now been released as a two-part CD single, and that irascible Moz had the gall to put a worthy and engaging track on each.

"No One Can Hold a Candle to You" is the clear winner from this fresh batch of rarities. The song opens with a buoyant guitar line that sounds more like a Johnny Marr jangle than the work of a polished studio hand, and its chorus is crammed with flourishes of piano and strings big enough to support lyrics like "No one can hold a candle to you, when it comes down to virtue and truth." This track is all chorus-- three of them, in fact, with only one verse to speak of. Maybe that's why it's a B-side. Still, because of the immediate pull of the tune, it took me several listens to notice its repetitive composition and when, at the song's close, Morrissey reaches those high notes that evaded him even on Quarry, it feels complete. This is the second time in the past year Morrissey has surprised me and demanded my attention-- and my goddamned cash. [Jason Crock]
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lg writes:

King to its Queen, Smiths' last takes crown for mope - Chicago Maroon

January 14, 2005 in Voices
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BlueGirl writes:

Morrissey was mentioned a couple of times in an interview of Dear Leader's guitarist Aaron Perrino in Monday's Gothamist blog. Dear Leader is a Boston-based band made up of members of the former band Sheila Divine. Those of you who caught Morrissey on the 2000 Oye Esteban! tour on the East Coast may remember Sheila Divine as the superb support act for Morrissey at the Boston Avalon shows, Portland's State Theater, DC's 9:30 Club shows and NY's Beacon Theater.

Here are the Morrissey-relevant bits:

Q:What is your favorite/least favorite memory involving New York?
A:My favorite memory was my old band The Sheila Divine opening for Morrissey at the Beacon Theater. To get to play in a historic venue with one of your favorite childhood idols was incredible. Even better was that despite the Mozs explicit request that no meat products could be in the building, they sold hotdogs in the lobby.

Q:Who would be in your ultimate music supergroup, your all-star Olympic team of rock?
Guitar-Will Sergeant (Echo and The Bunnymen)
Guitar-Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)
Bass-Kim Deal (The Pixies)
Drums-Paul Buckley (Dear Leader)

The full interview can be found here.

Dear Leader Official Website (with sound samples, tour dates, etc.):
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Jeff writes:

I just got back from the Colin Meloy (of the Decemberists) show at the Hotel Cafe in LA. He played Sister I'm a Poet and Jack The Ripper. He asked if Morrissey was in the audience. He said it was a dream since high school to do an album of Morrissey songs but he was afraid it was too self-indulgent. After Jack The Ripper, he mentioned that it was a b-side to Certain People I Know and that's it's also on Beethoven Was Deaf and that the version that he just played was a combination of the two versions. I liked his Jack The Ripper version better that his Sister I'm a Poet. Both were pretty well received by the crowd.
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Quarry writes:

The First Night of Quarry, The New Morrissey/Smiths Night in London will be This Saturday January 22nd.

It will be at the Extra Time Bar very close to the Barbican Tube.

It will be on from 9pm until 2am.

Advance Tickets have been selling well and when capacity is reached no admission will be possible. There are 50-60 tickets remaining.

Advance Tickets are available from the web site at a cost of £5.00 and will be available until 12 noon on Friday 21st January.

Entry, if not sold out, on the night will be £6.00

The venue have asked for an age limit of over 21s. Under 21s arriving on the night without prior arrangement are likely to be turned away by the venue security.

There will be two floors of music by Morrissey and The Smiths and lots of visuals playing on the many screens on both floors.

For the moment Quarry will run every three months and the Second one will be on Saturday April 16th at the same venue. However on that night we hope to take three floors and on the third floor the tribute band The Smyths will be playing. Tickets for that night will go on sale from Monday January 31st.

Full details of the first night can be found on the Quarry web site and that will be updated with details of the second night by Monday 31st January.
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