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Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Informative and interesting posts will be moderated up and highlighted. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.
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Vauxhall95 writes:

Thought this might be of interest to all the non-U.K. Morrissey fans who want the new B-sides without ordering them from overseas. Attack Records is offering dowqnloads of the B-Sides for sale. The prices are reasonable, and they are offering other Attack artist's music for sale as well:

Attack download shop

01 Let Me Kiss You

£1.49 (3 Track Download Package)
02 Dont Make Fun Of Daddys Voice
03 Friday Mourning
04 I Am 2 People

It appears downloads are available for PC, Mac, and Unix users.

Viva Morrissey!

An anonymous person walso rites:

Attack Records has launched a new website which allows purchase of MP3 downloads.

This is quite unique, as none of the major labels offer unprotected mp3 formats. Price is quite high at 99p per track, but there's no restrictions on the files like there are with other services.

Available on the site is Morrissey's new single, "Let Me Kiss You" + 3 B-sides, Nancy Sinatra's version of LMKY, Remma's "Worry Young", Jobriath's "A Good Fight" and "Born That Way" by James Maker and Noko 440.
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racer writes:

after cleaning out the duplicates and the rubbish, there were about 1600 names on the DVD petition. I sent these in to Sanctuary a few weeks ago, and received the following email from Jed Weitzman this morning:

  Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:31:36 -0700
  From: Jed Weitzman
  To: roger shannon
  Subject: RE: response to petition

  Hello Roger -

  There is no need to petition to have the show come out.
  Be patient. It will in due time.


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Torr sends the link:

How Soon Is Now? (The Songs of the Smiths) - Rykodisc catalog

The Smiths and Morrissey’s impact on the world of Emo and Punk Rock is huge. The Smiths defied rockist conventions, while creating new classic guitar riffs and exploring the sensitive side of human nature with tongue in cheek. The Smiths & Morrissey set the stage for young bands to forge exciting new pathways in rock music.

With Morrissey’s return to the spotlight, a critical reassessment of The Smiths and their influence has occurred and on How Soon Is Now?, a new generation of bands tackle some of their greatest songs with love and respect.

Track listing:
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sirgordonzola writes:

On you can pre-order "I Have Forgiven Jesus" for 13th Dec release.

No details except a £4.99 price tag, on CDS and 7", do they think we are stupid?

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Belligerent Ghoul sends the link to the official site news item:

New Halloween Show Information

October 22, 2004 If you have bought a ticket for the Universal Ampitheatre shows in Los Angeles (Nov 11/12), you can bring that ticket to the Inland Invasion make up show on Halloween for free admission. As previously announced on KROQ, all tickets from the original Inland Invasion will be honored as well. Come out for an early Halloween show - it's going to be a blast! Hope to see you then and again at Universal Ampitheatre.
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An anonymous person writes:

Buenos Aires and Chile shows are confirmed at
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Torr writes:

You'll notice there are about 3 factual errors in this article.

Viva Morrissey

Singer's appeal among young Latinos gives his career a boost

05:48 PM CDT on Wednesday, October 20, 2004

By TERESA GUBBINS / The Dallas Morning News
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dazzak writes:

Colin Hay, formerly of Men At Work, has mentioned Morrissey in an Irish publication Hot Press. In a short Q&A with Colin the following question is posed:

Q: Last record you bought or blagged'.
A: Morrissey's You Are The Quarry. I think He's a laugh, I find the new album very funny among other things'.

I hope he means witty.
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Sister Poet writes:

Rather funny interview on The Danforth Review website with Moz-Solo's favourite Morrissey biographer Mark Simpson:

TDR Interview: Mark Simpson


British Vogue called him the Gay Anti-Christ, and in his new book, Saint Morrissey, Mark Simpson attempts to canonize British singer Morrissey. Simpson, the man who introduced the world to the word ‘Metrosexual’, has probed deep into the unknown world of the male imagery that Morrissey uses. From boxers to butchers, Morrissey has had a fascination with masculine iconography from the day Hand in Glove appeared in record stores, be-splashed with a nude male bum for a cover. For more information on Mark Simpson, visit his website at
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immar_elowahh sends:

Accountants can be fanatics too
CBC News Viewpoint | Oct. 22, 2004
Mona Venkateswaran is a Chartered Accountant from Toronto, who oversees the finances for She has been a huge Morrissey fan for several years, and continues to follow his music with great fervor and admiration. Her favourite Morrissey lyrics (of the moment) are: "I’m balancing life's riches, against the ditches and the flat greys in between ..."
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