Morrissey-solo FAQ

Last updated: Apr. 18, 2008

Based on the Slashdot FAQ. See an even more detailed technical FAQ here.

Why are there multiple logins on the site?

Different parts of the site use different software and they all have different login systems. This causes a lot of confusion and unfortunately a single login solution is not currently available. The login systems are:

Who does this?

As of this writing and as it's been since the site started up in 1997, many people have helped contribute in its building, but there has been only one person behind it all -- me, David Tseng (davidt). Check out the About page to read about the history of the site.

When is Morrissey coming to [your town]? Where can I find lyrics, pictures, etc? What is Morrissey's X?

Before asking me any questions please check these resources.

When is Morrissey's next album coming out? What record label is he on?

Morrissey is currently on Decca and Lost Highway in the US. Years of Refusal will be out mid-February 2009.

What is Morrissey's contact address?

Try CAA.

Is this the official site?

No. The official site is here:

How can I pay for / contribute to Morrissey-solo?

Morrissey-solo is supported by ads and affiliate programs which cover the costs of running the site. Anything left over I save up for future upgrades / services which will keep the site running stable and fast.

Direct purchases made to these affiliates through the links below and around the site contribute a small percentage to supporting the site: There are also subscriptions available to disable ads and see news stories a little early. The best way to contribute to the site is to make intelligent contributions in the form of posting stories, contributing intelligent comments as often as possible, and in general morally supporting me and the site. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate those who have done exactly that in the past and continue to do so. Every little bit counts.

What hardware/code is powering the show?

Morrissey-solo's hardware is a dual Pentium Xeon 3.2GHz RAID system with 6GB RAM running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. It is currently co-located with MM Colo at One Wilshire (info) in downtown Los Angeles.

Starting in June 2000, the main code that the site uses is the database-driven Open Source Slashcode. It's the same code which powers and the more I work with the code, the more I am amazed by it and the whole Open Source / Free Software movement in general. It uses a combination of MySQL and Perl, running with the Apache webserver and mod_perl. The creator behind the Slash code is Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda but there are several others contributing to it now. Thanks to them for all of their hard work, it has been a big influence on this site, directly and indirectly.

I have a cool item that Morrissey-solo should post, what do I do?

Check out the contrib form. If you fill out that form, it gets formatted nicely and shipped off to the submissions box for evaluation, editing, deleting, and possibly even posting. If you have images to send with your story, or if you really prefer to email the story, that's fine, use the [email protected] address. Graphics for use in different areas of the site are welcome also.

Why didn't you post my story?

There is usually a reason - the story or topic may have already been mentioned before, someone else beat you to it or made a more detailed submission, I might be holding it to post later, or I just overlooked it. If you really feel it's important, send it again. I get a lot of submissions and appreciate the effort - so don't take it personally if I don't get to your story or if it was rejected.

Why did you post X?

I have always posted what I find interesting, or what I think might be interesting to at least a few people. The focus of the site is Morrissey, but not necessarily restricted to him alone. Sure, a lot of it could be considered trivial, but in general, if a person is willing to take the time to compose a story I am willing to take the time to post it. I've been surprised many times when interesting conversations come out of what are seemingly trivial topics.

There have been a few times in which I've made some extremely naive mistakes (usually if I've been staying up late working on some other part of the site). If you see any mistakes or what you think is an error in judgment that need to be corrected anywhere on the site, no matter how small, definitely let me know.

Can I change my Nickname?

No. I'm afraid that people would abuse the ability to change nicknames, so I simply don't allow it. No I won't make an exception because you made a typo.

If you are having problems retrieving your password, email me. Don't forget to tell me your nickname, and to send it from the account listed as your "Real Account".

How does the moderation system work? What are Thresholds and Karma?

Essentially, moderators are randomly selected from qualified users. They are given a limited number of points to sprinkle into the discussions: By either adding or subtracting points to comments. A more detailed description of this simple sounding, but actually fairly complicated process is available on the moderator guidelines page.

Thresholds are how much you are willing to read on Morrissey-solo. Anonymous posts start at 0, Logged in Users start at 1. Moderators add and remove points.

Who is Julia?

Answer by Truer Poetry.

How do I retrieve a lost password?


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