"Young Guns Go For It" - The Smiths
as shown on BBC2 - Jan. 22, 1999

BBC TV listing:
Friday, January 22 - BBC2

11:15pm Young Guns Go For It - The Smiths

Documentary series examining the musical icons of the 80s. This programme tells the story of Manchester's the Smiths, formed around the formidable songwriting talents of guitarist Johnny Marr and lyricist and singer Morrissey, who nurtured an often obsessive fanbase with their sensitive and introspective reaction to Thatcher's Britain. Featuring contributions from Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke

Last in series. Nicam Digital Stereo
still from Stephen Base


People interviewed in the program:

part 1 (0:00 - 10:50)
Johnny Marr, Gill Smith (The Smiths' Publicist 1984), Mike Joyce, Billy Duffy, Paul Morley (writer), Richard Boon (Rough Trade Records '83 - '91), Joe Moss (Manager, The Smiths '82 - '84), Andy Rourke

part 2 (10:50 - 19:53)
Grant Showbiz (Sound Engineer, The Smiths '83 - '87), Jo Slee (Rough Trade Records, '78 - '90), Scott Piering (Former Head of Promotions, Rough Trade Records), Geoff Travis (Managing Director, Rough Trade), Andy Rourke, Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce, Gill Smith

part 3 (19:53 - 30:00)
Johnny Marr, Joe Moss, Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke, Geoff Travis, Grant Showbiz, Scott Piering