"Modern Rock Live" August 17 1997

by Ara

Well, here is my MRL story, although I still have trouble believing it myself...

I called in around 9:10 after jotting a quick question down. Amazingly, I got through on the first try, the operator picked up after two rings. She asked me my question, told me to condense it for the producer, and took my name, age, address and phone number.

She then put me on hold for an hour, without me knowing whether or not I was to go on air. While I was on hold, my cordless phone got interference and some guy on another cordless phone started to talk to me. I yelled at him to hang up the phone, afraid I might go on air at anytime or, worse, that I might get disconnected. Luckily, (especially for that man) I switched phones and got a clear connection again.

The operator came back on, I can’t even remember what time it was, and said I would go on after the next two callers. Finally, I was talking to Morrissey! My God, I felt like it was another person talking through me. I asked Morrissey why the interviews he gave seemed so defensive and/or evasive. Typical him, he denied that they were, but it didn’t matter to me whatsoever.

Of course, I lost much sleep last night, and could barely remember my own name this morning. I am not yet over the shock of speaking to Morrissey and I realize how very, very lucky I was to even get through. Sorry my post is so long, I just want to tell other people, other fans, who can understand the excitement that comes from speaking to the man that we all love and admire so much.

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