Morrissey in-store signing
Virgin Megastore, Los Angeles
Oct. 16, 2000

Photos by David T. ([email protected])
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PA160200 [55k]

PA160206 [161k]

PA160207 [163k]

PA170218 [159k]

PA170222 [153k]

PA170237 [151k]

PA170243 [153k]

PA170319 [159k]

PA170344 [151k]

PA170390 [153k]

PA170412 [160k]

PA170491 [150k]

PA170493 [155k]

PA170500 [162k]

PA170504 [155k]

PA170520 [157k]

PA170537 [158k]

PA170552 [153k]

PA170557 [155k]

PA170561 [159k]

PA170599 [159k]

PA170620 [154k]

PA170623 [158k]

PA170628 [166k]

PA170629 [146k]

PA170645 [157k]

PA170662 [156k]

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Morrissey signing at Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles, Oct. 16 | Morrissey-solo