Morrissey - "Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer"
NME, Sept. 17, 1983

transcribed by Dominic Sidell

The Man Who Came To Dinner - 1942
A Taste Of Honey - 1961
Christmas In Connecticut - 1945
The Killing of Sister George - 1968
A Kind Of Loving - 1962
Hobson's Choice - 1954
Mr. Skeffington - 1944
Bringing Up Baby - 1938
The Member Of The Wedding - 1952
The World, The Flesh And The Devil - 1959

Oscar Wilde
Sandie Shaw
Hillaire Belloc
Shelagh Delaney
Beatrice Arthur
Pauline Kael
Clifton Webb
Dorothy Parker
Ronald Searle
Viv Nicholson

"Stop Before You Start" - Sandie Shaw
"The Right One Is Left" - Cilla Black
"Heart" - Rita Pavone
"Insult To Injury" - Timi Yuro
"Paper Boy" - The Marvelettes
"How Does That Grab Ya Darlin'?" - Nana Sinatra
"Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy" - The Tams
"Johnny, Remember Me" - John Leyton
"I'll Never Quite Get Over You" - Billy Fury
"I Want A Boy For My Birthday" - The Cookies

Complete Works - Oscar Wilde
Popcorn Venus - Marjorie Rosen
From Reverence To Rape - Molly Haskell
Beyond Belief - Emlyn Williams
The Lion In Love - Shelagh Delaney
Against Our Will - Susan Brownmiller
The Angel Inside Went Sour - Esther Rothman
Men's Liberation - Jack Nichols
The Murderer's Who Who - Gaute & Odell
The Handbook of Non-Sexist Writing - Miller & Swift