August 9, 1998, Sunday

Submitted by Jason G.:

It’s nigh impossible to believe Morrissey will be guest DJ tonight on KCXX’s "Sunday Night Music Meeting." But they swear it’s true.

The station also asks that fans not come to the building (something other stations have encouraged in the past). Morrissey, if he’s really there, won’t be anywhere accessible. And, to be quite honest, the station’s not exactly in a good area - I’m told a neighboring building (not-affectionately known as "the crack house next door") was featured in one of those live-action police shows.

Once I told a passenger to lock her car doors and, as if I needed to prove my point, within seconds we were driving though the middle of what they call "police activity. " Stay home, tape it (9-11 p.m.) and use it to torture your friends and Morrissey’s Internet cliques.