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*** KCXX-Meta ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> hi there!

<Rank> hi kc
<KCXX-Meta> yes, Morrissey is here!
<KCXX-Meta> whew
<trouble> hi, meta, who picked out that playlist?
<Bassole> ok.
<view> yeah!
<Rank> woohooooo
<view> it early...
<Bassole> So. What are we supposed to ask?
<trouble> MOZ MOZ MOZ
<view> why aren't more moz songs being played?
<view> they get so little air time as it is...
<Bassole> What are you listening to view?
<KCXX-Meta> he played lots
<view> bass, nothing at the moment...
<KCXX-Meta> I may have to come and go. There are
<view> lots? ok...
<KCXX-Meta> as you can imagine several fanatical fans here at the station as well
<Bassole> oh...:(
<trouble> why aren't I there? I was snubbed.
<KCXX-Meta> if you come up with questions, I will forward them to the studio, so I'll BRB, k?
view> bass, why :(?
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<despair> Well, there's the obvious question: What are you plans for the immediate future? Any new singles/albums/tours?
<Bassole> I'm a little sleepy. Passed my bedtime.
<view> questions, who has questions? ask a question!!
<view> haverford?
<Sunny> I've a question - Who is your favourite fan?
<Scott> I'm thinking....give me a few moments...does anyone know if these will be answered here?
<trouble> I'm calling, it's ringing, no answer!!!! :(
<view> bass, yawn, get some coffe and ask a question...
<trouble> ASK MOZ THIS: Can you tell your little fanz on the Panic list to stop obsessing
<Bassole> Yes. I don't know what to ask. Maybe asking nothing at all would be best.
<despair> What good is a Morrissey fan who doesn't obsess? Isn't that what it's all about?
<view> scott-don't think so...maybe at the station?
*** GilAway is now known as Gil
<theself> i think i am going to take some kind of drug to make my feelings rational
<Sunny> We might get the answers when we get the cassette
<Gil> hmmmmmmmmm...
<Rank> what cassette?
<Scott> despair? not the despair from orlando?
<view> bass, why saty up and ask nothing?
<Sunny> The tape of the show
<view> there's a tape of the show?
<despair> No, the despair from Chico.
<Rank> how do you get the tape?
<Scott> oh well.....
<Bassole> MorrisseySolo Web site might have audio. Should have transcript.
<Sunny> We could ask him whether he prefers half-hearted or committed fans
<view> or no fans at all...
<Rank> thanks basshole
<Bassole> Good question sunny. Ask it.
<Scott> is there actually someone here from the station to monitor this, or are we just going to end up talking amongst ourselves?
<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: Everyone always asks what his favourite song is, but I'd like to know which song out of his repetoire is the *most meaningful* to him? Which song strikes the biggest emotional chord?
<theself> just dont ask him what his sexuality is
<view> station person will be right back...
<Scott> gotcha...
<Gil> people, ask some INTERESTING questions.
<Rank> i want to know if morrissey likes back to the future
<Suedehead> There's another Morrissey fan in Orlando?
<view> rank-good question, i was wondering too...
*** Signoff: trouble (Timeout)
<Scott> I'd like to know if Morrissey has heard Johnny's work on the new Marion album, and what he thinks of it
<Sunny> I wonder if he's still in touch with Phranc
<Bassole> He doesn't like Natalie Merchant does he? I missed exactly why.
<view> i think i am lank today
<Scott> Natalie did a soul-less cover of everyday is like sunday
<Bassole> Oh.
<view> bass--natalie merchant?!
<view> i think natalie has no soul...
<Bassole> She's not Sandie Shaw is she.
<view> no
<despair> I want to know why he is insisting on releasing the live version of "Jack the Ripper" on the new compilation, when it's already been released on two albums previously? Why not the rarely heard studio version?
<view> sandie shaw's got soul
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<Sunny> Perhaps because he likes committed fans who root out that stuff, despair
<view> i want to know if he's doing anything new
<KCXX-Meta> all right, I'm back
<Rank> i also want to know if morrissey got along with elcka
<trouble> My question is why don't you people answer the phone?
<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: Everyone always asks what his favourite song is, but I'd like to know which song out of his repetoire is the *most meaningful* to him? Which song strikes the biggest emotional chord?
<KCXX-Meta> so far, he wanted some tea with milk and sugar
<trouble> I want to know if Moz wants to own a record label.
<Gil> earl grey tea, meta?
<trouble> Ask Moz why he insists on eating dairy when it is cow rape? Thanks.
<Gil> vegans rule.
<trouble> vegans ROOL!
<Gil> vegan hardcore.
<KCXX-Meta> many of your questions are those which people have submitted
<Gil> hmmmmmm...
<Scott> Question for Morrissey: Have you had the chance to read the Uncut Magazine article which portrays you as a control freak. Do you have any response?
<trouble> VEGAN POWER
<view> oh.......boy.....
<KCXX-Meta> we will ask about Uncut if there is time, it has been submitted
<Bassole> To what view?
<theself> i want to know if morrissey likes tori amos
<view> bass--it all...
<trouble> My friend Jax wants to know if Moz remembers meeting her in New Orleans and talking to her onstage in Atlanta ('92) Jax = Susan Jackson
<Bassole> Yes.
<despair> Question For Morrissey: What are his plans for the near future?
<Scott> i also would really like to know morrissey's opinions of johnny marr's production on the new marion album
<Gil> i've got a question: has morrissey heard the hardcore punk tribute to the smiths called "the world still won't listen" and if so, his comments...
<trouble> Jax wants Moz to know that we were the first 2 cool people on stage in Atlanta ('97)
<KCXX-Meta> everyone tell me where they are from??
<Suedehead> Florida
<Rank> New Jersey
<trouble> San Diego, CA, USA
<view> NY
<Sunny> Dublin
<Bassole> Florida
<despair> Chico, CA
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<trouble> Ask Moz if he would like to hang out in San de gringo
<Scott> Philadelphia, via Portland, OR, and originally from Toronto
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<theself> apartment 3
*** singalong is now known as ^^--^^
<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: Of all of the self-professed Morrissey-inspired bands out there in recent years, which band does he feel the greatest affinity with and why?
<view> is moz planning to release a live album and/or video or his recent tour?? ask that...
<theself> desire!
<KCXX-Meta> wow, well thanX for joining in... I wish we had our audio streaming up... damn.
<despair> Question For Morrissey: Does he ever go on the internet? "Wide To Receive" would seem to suggest this...
<trouble> Moz, why do you like the Smoking Popes? Aren't they too shallow for you?
*** spacesuit ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<theself> leeky!
<trouble> hi space!
<spacesuit> tracy!
<spacesuit> thrill!
<spacesuit> maggified!
<trouble> shhh, I'm in disguise :P
<spacesuit> roger!
<despair> No, you're not...
<Sunny> Will the B-sides to the single from My Early Burglary years be new tracks?
<spacesuit> ooh sorry
<^^--^^> hello
<AnneGwish> leeky!
<spacesuit> batty!
<spacesuit> :D
<Gil> of course not, rosemary.
<Rank> maggie!
<^^--^^> hi leeky
<trouble> I want to know why when I call no one answers and then it's busy
<Sunny> !
<AnneGwish> franca!
<Scott> And a statement for Morrissey - Thanks so much for (a) Choosing the brilliant Elcka to open the north american leg of your tour, and (b) thanks for signing my gold Sunny 7"
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<theself> magaria
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Will this interview be transcribed for your web site? Some of us are a little far out of your listening range. :)
<spacesuit> like me
<Gil> elcka wasn't that good.
<AnneGwish> tracy!
<view> i'm loosing my sanity, a little...
<spacesuit> i didnt like elcka at all
<trouble> Message for Moz: Please tell your Panic fanz to stop obsessing over thrill racer (someone who does NOT subscribe to their little forum.)
<view> elcka rocked!!!
<UrbaNomad> evening all
<spacesuit> i was glad when they were done
<Scott> elcka are probably the best new band out of the UK! (except for ballroom, perhaps)
<KCXX-Meta> about calling, we answer calls all the time while we work. If we have to concentrate on work, we can't answer non-stop
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<Gil> scott, don't be absurd.
<UrbaNomad> say, does x103.9 have some kind of Real Audio broadcast? I cant really get the station well in LE
<KCXX-Meta> but we get alot of calls and take as many as possible
<cut_here> !signup
<view> clutter, clutter, clutter...
<trouble> man, it's hard to get through.
<trouble> I mean, womyn, it's hard to get through
<Gil> haha
<KCXX-Meta> tonight you mean, or all the time (to get through?)
<trouble> right now, this second
<KCXX-Meta> well think about it
<Gil> meta, so did you get all of our questions?
<trouble> I think I deserve priority, that's what I think!
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<KCXX-Meta> as I said many have been submitted that you asked
<Peter> Hi
<UrbaNomad> KCXX: is x1039 on real audio?
<Gil> i don't think my question was submitted by anyone else.
<Peter> Whoa so many people in here
<trouble> Ask Moz why he doesn't use SOY milk instead of bovine lactation. If he cares about animal exploitation at all.
<Gil> rice milk!
<^^--^^> this autogreet thing just floods the channel.
<trouble> Almond milk!
<Gil> rice dream, baby!
*** Peter is now known as PeterMani
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Is Morrissey actually there tonight to promote 'My Early Burglary Years' or is there another agenda?
<trouble> Oat milk!
<^^--^^> because he likes cows.
<trouble> Westoy roolz!!!
<Scott> Question for Morrissey: Who is your favourite Spice Girl, and if you were to become the newest member, what would you call yourself?
<^^--^^> he wants to drink their milk.
<spacesuit> right, he's fond of cows
<Suedehead> Batty :)
<trouble> Westsoy I mean
<Gil> vitasoy!
<AnneGwish> :o
<Gil> morrissey is no vitasoy boy.
<trouble> Ask Moz if he watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Melrose Place
<PeterMani> Ask Morrissey what he thinks about car racing
<view> has the interview started yet?
<trouble> Ask Moz about his Hollywood house. Can I come over?
<AnneGwish> :o
<view> ...silence...
<Gil> it's showtime, people.
<trouble> Ask Moz if he saw Scream 2 and if he loved it.
<PeterMani> Ask Morrissey what he thinks about the lovely town of Riverside
<trouble> Riverside is a pit
<Gil> a hole
<^^--^^> ask morrissey when he is going to find a decent song writer partner.
<AnneGwish> americans. sheesh
<spacesuit> hahah
<AnneGwish> hehehe
<PeterMani> hey anne ur probably american too
<trouble> Ask Moz if he will finance my album since the melody maker gave it a good review. Hee hee.
<AnneGwish> but of course. i'm ashamed
<trouble> Ask Moz who picked out that play list
<Scott> will thrill ever stop talking about her album?
<spacesuit> thrill has an album?
<trouble> I only asked one question about it
*** BoyRacer- ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> should I tell of what he's talking about?
<trouble> Ask Moz if he will start his own record label and if I can be his protoge?
<AnneGwish> hi pete
<trouble> YES!!!!!
<KCXX-Meta> so many are from here but many are not able to listen
<Sunny> yes
<view> yes, please tell
<theself> this radio station is playing jazz
<KCXX-Meta> early retirement
<BoyRacer-> Hi
<theself> "your lobve dont resist me"
<KCXX-Meta> I don't think so, it's not possible
<KCXX-Meta> I'd like to play as long as I can.
<KCXX-Meta> played Bridges in Claremont
<view> early retirement?
<Scott> Question for Morrissey: If you were a cigarette, who would you want to smoke you?
<KCXX-Meta> this is repetitious for all who are listening though?!
<theself> jazz feels good for tonight
<trouble> dumb question! does he remember me touching him at the Claremont show?
<^^--^^> ask morrissey if he ever heard about the SHAM movement ?
<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: Does he see any progress being made in the pop arena? Does he see any innovation? What are his feelings on music at the turn of this century?
<^^--^^> yes, trouble, he dreams with you and cant wait till you touch him again
<theself> meta could youanswer any of these questions?
<KCXX-Meta> nobody loves us...
<AnneGwish> question for morrissey: what ever happened to the tract of Rainforest that was named for you? (from 91x in san diego)
<view> many are not listening, many can not...most actually...i think...
<Gil> question: what does morrissey think about straight-edgers?
<trouble> Tell Moz to look at my review in the July 19th Melody Maker (I named him as my major inspiration.)
<Gil> ???
<^^--^^> tell morrissey that he must tour southern hemisphere
<Bassole> Yes. I concur with view.
<Scott> that's two mentions.
<trouble> Ask Moz if I can visit his Hollywood house
<view> bassole---thank you.
<PeterMani> I want to know what is the meaning of that one photo of Moz and that bride on Boz's page
<Gil> what's the lowdown, meta?
*** KrayolaKd ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<theself> this radio station is playing jazz
<trouble> who picked that playlist?
<theself> wo mercy mercy me
<theself> wow things aint what they used to be my my
<Sunny> I remember that day in Bournemouth
<trouble> Ask Moz why he is so evasive. HAR!
<view> what exactly is the meaning of these idiotic questions?
<KCXX-Meta> I took some questions in
<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: Is he aware of the debacle that occurred after one of his tour personnel allegedly stole a number of letters that were meant for Morrissey, called the letters' authors and conned them into believing they had won a trip to Chicago to meet him? How did this happen and was the culprit ever discovered?
<trouble> Ask Moz about his love life.
*** Skee ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Sunny> good question suedehead
<KCXX-Meta> if anyone else who's listening wants to translate for the losers out of state... I mean
<KCXX-Meta> the wonderful people who have joined in!! feel free, I can't keep up
*** Lotte ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Rank> good question adam....i was part of that!
<Scott> yes, can someone let us know the gist of what's going on?
<PeterMani> Out of state losers!
<AnneGwish> is someone taping this?
<trouble> suedehead: my pal knows who it is, he worked on the tour.
<AnneGwish> i want one.
<AnneGwish> :\
<view> META--ask if there will be a live album/video from the recent tour
<Skee> can u get the station in L.A.?
<Suedehead> Roger: Are you awake?
<Skee> or just in San bern. ?
<BoyRacer-> Who?
<UrbaNomad> Im not out of state... I just can barely hear the station, because lake elsinore isnt that close to the station
<trouble> Ask Moz if he knows that some sucker fanz went to Fairmount yesterday to meet him.
<spacesuit> i'm in san jose, i cant hear the broadcast
<trouble> I can't get it in san de gringo, the Planet blocks it.
<^^--^^> i'm in brasil.
<UrbaNomad> oh well... I cant hear it. Night all
<Scott> i guess an obvious question is : Why San Bernadino?
<PeterMani> See ya urbanomad
<trouble> Ask Moz about his computer.
<KCXX-Meta> view are you listening?
<KrayolaKd> Meta- Please ask him why some of the real "rarities" were not to be included on MEBY
*** ^Suede ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> where from?
<PeterMani> San Bernardino cause he and I know its the best side
<trouble> Ask when there will be a new video compilation.
<view> META--no, i don't get the station from where i am...
<Skee> peter: u in san bernardino?
<trouble> Is it true there is a video for Seasick? Ask Moz!
*** X1039Bot has left channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> oh, because I believe some of your questions were already answered
<PeterMani> Skee: Im from Riverside but im away at college
<theself> i am listening to motown
<trouble> holy s! Why am I missing the whole thing?
<Sunny> Tell us the answers
<view> meta--and what was the answer?
*** Suedehead has left channel #x1039
<Rank> i agree with sunny!
<trouble> spit 'em out!
<Bassole> Meta. Gist of what's going on please.
<Skee> are there any fans at the station?
*** ^Suede is now known as Suedehead
<KCXX-Meta> have you all been to his show
<KCXX-Meta> song
<Gil> what show?
<trouble> Ask Moz what he thinks of FANZINES--MOZ fanzines that is.
<Bassole> ok..
<theself> but it was just my imaginaton
<theself> runnin away with me
<Lotte> I saw him last year in Petaluma & San Francisco
<Sunny> I have...
<AnneGwish> ohh *sigh&
<Sunny> seen him live
<PeterMani> I saw him in SF too.
<Scott> yes, we have all been to his shows - i went to six on the last tour...
<trouble> Ask Moz if he remembers the first 2 cool people on stage in Atlanta '97
<Skee> saw him in L.A.
<Gil> good for you, scott.
<Skee> when he got mobbed :)
<view> mets--i went to some concerts here, yes...
<PeterMani> I got like 5 bootlegs or so from the kind Mel of Riverside
<KCXX-Meta> tons of fans at the station
<trouble> I knocked Mel off her highhorse, thank you very much.
<KrayolaKd> Meta- define "tons"
<PeterMani> Ah i see! :)
<Lotte> so what is Mozzer doing in LA?
<Gil> who's morrissey's bodyguard?
<Sunny> How far have the fans come?
<theself> just my imagination
<theself> runnin away with me
<Skee> does he live in LA?!?!
<theself> oooh
<Scott> What are Morrissey's views on bootlegging concerts?
<theself> just my imagination
<KCXX-Meta> tracks from new moz swallow around my neck
despair> Question: Is Morrissey planning on moving to L.A.?
<KCXX-Meta> song
<theself> oh i dont like this song
<Gil> morrissey lives in el lay.
<KCXX-Meta> likes so cal alot
<KCXX-Meta> people are nice here
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<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: Is he aware of the debacle that occurred after one of his tour personnel allegedly stole letters thrown on stage for Morrissey and called the letters' authors, telling them they had won a trip to meet Morrissey in Chica go? Was the culprit ever discovered? How could that happen?
<trouble> I'M nice
<KCXX-Meta> likes autumn most
<PeterMani> What does he think about the Rice Burners of Southern California??
<KrayolaKd> Meta- "Swallow On My Neck"
*** Mode change "+o X1039Bot" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot_admin
<KCXX-Meta> not necessarily sunny, summer
<trouble> Ask Moz if he likes Mulholland Drive
*** Mode change "+nt-mi" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
<PeterMani> U know? The boyz that drive the little rice rocket cars??
<KCXX-Meta> why take so long to perform smiths songs
<KCXX-Meta> began as solo performer
<AnneGwish> question for morrissey: what ever happened to the tract of Rainforest that was named for you? (from 91x in san diego)
<KCXX-Meta> fans would accuse him of latching on to the smiths
<KCXX-Meta> love old songs
<trouble> I remember the guy who one that thing, Paul.
<trouble> tell Moz I love him. Ask if he loves me.
<Scott> he does, jill....
<^^--^^> ask why he doesnt tour southern hemisphere countries
<PeterMani> Hrm
<Suedehead> Question for Morrissey: What does he see as the most pressing world issue today? (The environment, animal slaughter/slavery, bigotry...etc.)
<trouble> thanks scott, how do you know?
<view> tell moz we all love him, and i'm sure he loves us back, right?
<Scott> mel told me
<trouble> mel wouldn't know.
<AnneGwish> does he love his fans? really?
<KCXX-Meta> wants to see places from an airplane as he flies to New Zealand
<Bassole> He loves us view
<trouble> ask Moz if I can come to NZ w/ him.
*** solange ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Sunny> He's not scared of flying anymore?
<AnneGwish> ann! =)
<spacesuit> hi solange!
<solange> hey
<view> bassole--i'm sure...
<solange> heh
<KrayolaKd> Meta- When can we expect any "new" material after MEBY?
<Lotte> I don't care if he doesn't love his fans - I LOVE him!
<solange> sohow's the party going
<PeterMani> Hrmm
<theself> maggy catch my loving attention
<trouble> Ask Moz if I can come to his house in Lost Angeles.
<solange> is he answering questions?
<AnneGwish> tracy =)
<spacesuit> ask MOz if he's a fan on New Zealand indie pop bands like the clean and the bats
<spacesuit> hehe
<theself> do you like motown?
*** _|scott|_ ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
*** Mode change "+o _|scott|_" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
<Rank> is the real time audio going to be working before the interview is over?
<trouble> tell Moz that the Wellington Animal Activists are Moz fanz.
<view> meta--what is moz doing these days?
*** Signoff: _|scott|_ (Leaving)
<trouble> ask Moz about his next LP.
<Gil> ...
<view> too much...can't follow...
<trouble> ask Moz what label he's going to next or if he'll start his own
<KCXX-Meta> trouble where are you?
<Scott> that's what we all want to know about....any working titles of new songs?
<trouble> San Diego
<KrayolaKd> Meta- Ask him where the lads are and what they are currently doing.
<view> META--ask morrissey what is insiration fro lyrics are
<AnneGwish> hehe san diego
<despair> Question: Does Morrissey have any thoughts of retirement?
<PeterMani> This is the most people i've seen in here, ever
<KCXX-Meta> already answered that, scroll up
<trouble> Ask Moz if he'll be my mentor and I'll be his protege (like on the episode of Seinfeld.)
<Gil> hahaha.
<trouble> hee hee
<Gil> hmmmmmmm...
<Rank> meta to whom are you speaking?
<trouble> tell Moz I'm madly in love w/ him because I am mad.
<view> META--tell Morrissey that he can not retire bacause we wold all be crushed beyond recongnition...
<Gil> ask morrissey if he realizes that his contact lens solutions are tested on animals.
<Lotte> 1,11 Mozzer! What news of new albulm and tour?
<KrayolaKd> Meta- Ask him to speak louder so those of us that don't get the station can still hear him!
<Scott> Ask Morrissey if he actually LIKES wank, or if he was just being nice to pose for a photo with them....
<solange> Meta: ask him if he plans on a future collaboration w/ another artist, like he did with siouxsie
<trouble> Ask Moz if Trouble Loves Me was written about me
<PeterMani> Ask Morrissey what kind of car he likes to drive? And what does he think about Rice burners?
<theself> satisfy the neeed in meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
* theself dances
<cut_here> Question: what did He think about the august issue of "uncut" magazine
<trouble> Ask Moz if I can go to a concert in LA w/ him next time.
<KCXX-Meta> despair asked about retirement, I answered that already
<Gil> is morrissey uncut?
<spacesuit> ask morrissey his personal opinion about each and every one of us
<KCXX-Meta> lotte, where are you?
*** Skee has left channel #x1039
<Rank> yah leeky
<trouble> good one space
<theself> oh this song is cool
<Gil> meta, ask morrissey if he feels that circumcision is child abuse.
<PeterMani> Ask Morrissey what he thinks about Wrestling? Who is his favorite wrestler?!
<trouble> lotte you came prepared
<Scott> very nice, lotte.
<Lotte> oh yes
<^^--^^> Hulg Hogan
<^^--^^> Hulk even
<spacesuit> ask morrissey what he thinks about the plight of the orangutans in Sumatra
*** Signoff: Suedehead (Timeout)
<KCXX-Meta> cut here, that question has been submitted ... where are you from?
<trouble> Ask Moz what he thinks of the dogs in Taiwan or the cows in America
<cut_here> Meta-chico ca
<theself> my cousin had a crush on hunk holgan
<KrayolaKd> Meta- ask Morrissey if he thinks we're all wasting our time here
*** Signoff: Rank (Leaving)
<Bassole> Alien ships are attacking SF! Lotte evacuate now!
<solange> Meta: ask him if he plans on a future collaboration w/ another artist, like he did with siouxsie
<trouble> Ask Moz if we are computer geek loozers
<KCXX-Meta> question is how do you feel about big hispanic aud in so cal?
<theself> i can answer for him trouble.
<Lotte> they have been here for years Basshole!
<KCXX-Meta> feel really good about it
*** Suedehead ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<trouble> Ask Moz if he's wide to receive
<KCXX-Meta> love mexico and spain
<AnneGwish> q for morrissey: who are your favourite poets?
<PeterMani> Ask what about the asian fans?!
<PeterMani> What about us!?
<KCXX-Meta> which song best describes your life?
*** voodooska ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<^^--^^> does he loves brasil too ?
<Scott> can morrissey actually SEE the screen, or is he sequested in a room eighteen buildings away, META?
<KCXX-Meta> very difficult, panic
<KCXX-Meta> for me, everything else
<KrayolaKd> who are some of the better new bands he's come across recently?
<voodooska> Is Morrissey still on
<theself> i like to think i am dancing so beautifully people are watching me outside the window
<Sunny> Did he become disillusioned with Ireland?
<view> META--ask him what he thinks of his fans
<KCXX-Meta> panic hang the DJ??
<KCXX-Meta> ha ha
<trouble> Ask Moz if he likes the eels, why or why not?
<PeterMani> What is that?
<solange> Meta: ask him if he plans on a future collaboration w/ another artist, like he did with siouxsie
<Gil> looks like some burning man deal.
<PeterMani> Thats not cool! :)
<Scott> Ask Morrissey, if he could be so kind, to log in and type a message to us after the interview is complete
<trouble> Ask Moz if he'll be in LA for awhile
<KCXX-Meta> I like swimming
<Sunny> Does he touch type or use two fingers?
<view> scott, i like that one--meta--read scott's!!
<trouble> ASk Moz if I can go swimming w/ him. I got a new bikini, hee hee.
<PeterMani> Ask Morrissey why his backdrops suggest homosexuality!?
<Gil> stupid question, peter.
<^^--^^> because he is gay ?
<AnneGwish> dumb.
<PeterMani> Thats not stupid
<Gil> it sure is.
<PeterMani> No its not
<trouble> ask Moz about his love life and to be gender specific.
<Gil> hmmmmmm...
<spacesuit> ask Moz why he's neglecting his fans in the southern hemisphere? why wont he tour the south america?
<view> i had a good question, i forgot...
<KCXX-Meta> I will certainly try
<voodooska> Meta Ask Morrisey if he will be writing anymore books
<theself> all the straight people say it is dumb
<^^--^^> yeah !
<KCXX-Meta> there are many people here banging on all of our windows
<KrayolaKd> Ask him if he prefers driving on the left or right side of the road
<PeterMani> hehe
<^^--^^> why he wont tour south america ?
<KCXX-Meta> and knocking over everything outside
<^^--^^> why he wont tour south america ?
<^^--^^> why he wont tour south america ?
<^^--^^> why he wont tour south america ?
<AnneGwish> poor morrissey. who *cares* about his sexual orientation.:{
<solange> haha batty
<trouble> Ask Moz if I can proofread his autobiography? thanks.
<KCXX-Meta> I don't know what he will be able to do after the interview
<^^--^^> why he wont tour the southern hemisphere ?
<^^--^^> why he wont tour the southern hemisphere ?
<^^--^^> why he wont tour the southern hemisphere ?
<^^--^^> why he wont tour the southern hemisphere ?
<Scott> enough already
<^^--^^> there you go.
<Gil> stop flooding the channel.
<Suedehead> batty: calm down
<spacesuit> its not like you're asking any good questions
<PeterMani> Have moz answer battys question....
<KCXX-Meta> he talked earlier about trying to get his license
<trouble> Ask Moz about his favorite TV show in American (tell him not to say the news)
*** Skee ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<^^--^^> I am very calm
<view> Meta--i thought he had a lisence...
<solange> i thought he liekd 'friends'
<trouble> Ask Moz to recommend a good movie.
<Skee> he does
<AnneGwish> batty is always calm
<voodooska> Meta: Will Morrissey ever tour with London Suede
<KCXX-Meta> boy racer are you in the IE?
<trouble> Ask Moz if he really likes Friends or if he knows it sux.
<solange> meta: please ask him if he is going to release a duet w/ anyone anytime soon
<PeterMani> IE?
<Skee> is there going to be an internet broadcast of the interview?
<BoyRacer-> IE?
<KCXX-Meta> solange, your question has been submitted
<trouble> tell Moz if he needs a wifey-poo I'm here.
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Have any of my questions been submitted?
<solange> thanks
*** Signoff: Lost (Leaving)
<despair> Ask Morrissey when he last spoke to Johnny Marr.
<KrayolaKd> Yeah! Thought he had the license already. Does that mean he's driving illegally in the My Love Life video?
<AnneGwish> why can
*** fw ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<AnneGwish> 't morrissey just come online?
<trouble> Ask Moz what show he's gonna see next in LA and where should I meet him?
<voodooska> yes he was driving illegally
*** Mode change "+o fw" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
<Skee> haha
*** Signoff: BoyRacer- (using sirc version 2.101+n0thing-v2.1.pl+ssfe)
<trouble> Ask moz what car he has now.
<KrayolaKd> Thanks voodoo
<spacesuit> ask moz if he ever gets tired of having to deal with fanatics who wont leave him alone
*** PeterMani is now known as BoyRacer-
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Is Morrissey choosing the questions he wishes to answer or are they just being asked randomly?
<Sunny> If IE means Ireland then I'm here!
<theself> i am going to go get a glass of water
<^^--^^> lol leeky
<view> META--which show fro the N American tour did he like the most...
<trouble> I heard he chose on Modern Rock Live
<KCXX-Meta> he is choosing most, but a few he is not
<trouble> Tell Moz that Jax wants to invite him to her wedding in Houston. Will he be able to make it?
<voodooska> Meta:will Morrisey be coming out with any new videos
<KrayolaKd> I can't picture him down at the DMV waiting in line to take his driving test
<trouble> Is there really a video for Seasick, Yet Still Docked?
<Sunny> Which show in his solo career has he most enjoyed, (Astoria maybe?)?
<spacesuit> hey, if he wants to drive he'll have to wait in line like the rest of us!
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<AnneGwish> astorga.
<AnneGwish> hehe
<spacesuit> and no sending personal assistants to hold his place in line
<^^--^^> hehe mags
<trouble> Moz drives. He waits at the valet for his car.
<Maladjusted> Hell0......
<theself> !buy everyone fish
* X1039Bot gives everyone a fish, "Compliments of theself!"
<Maladjusted> trouble, I love you
<trouble> Ask moz if he needs me to work for him.
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: If there were one message or piece of advice he could offer to his fans, what would it be?
<trouble> thanks mala!
<voodooska> thank you theself
<Oscar_W> Does anyone know if we gonna get answers to our questions?...
<trouble> wait I can't be on the payroll, scratch that
<theself> you are welcome
*** I ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<view> META--what is the best gift he ever recieved from a fan?
<AnneGwish> i was wondering that myself, oscar.
<KCXX-Meta> record Ramonda?
<Maladjusted> Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen.......
<KrayolaKd> Is Burrelss going to provide transcripts for $10 after the interview like they do on Oprah?
<trouble> mala, I will, who are you?
<voodooska> So does any one have any good Morrisey stories to tell
<theself> oh i dont like this song
<^^--^^> ask morrissey if he likes bats
<solange> haha batty
<^^--^^> :P
<cut_here> kcxx meta-what does he think about "monica-gate" and how it has affected the presidency, and the media
<trouble> Ask Moz if he's gonna watch 120 minutes tonight, har!
<theself> once twice three times a lady bla bla bla i hate these dedication love songs
<Gil> what about "morrissey-gate"?
<spacesuit> ask morrissey if he'll ever run for elected office
<BoyRacer-> KCXX-Meta: ASk Morrissey what kind of car does The Boy Racer really race?
<theself> they seem to last forever
<AnneGwish> that was a stupid question. who CARES about monica gate. jesus.
<Gil> haha...
<Gil> really.
<solange> heh
<voodooska> Meta: ask Morrissey if sunny is about the evils of drugs
<theself> ooh good song!
<I> Has Moz mentioned anything really astounding yet?
<view> META--where does morrissey get his ideas fro lyrics?
<KrayolaKd> Has he ever considered Cryogenics so he can see how pathetic society has become in the year____.?
<solange> i was a white house intern before
<solange> heh
<theself> mr postman song
<theself> time to dance
<trouble> Ask Moz if he's still friends w/ Deb
<BoyRacer-> Ask Morrissey when is the next time he is gonna come up to Northern California?
<spacesuit> ask Moz if he's still friends with michael stipe
<I> Ask Moz how he felt about the Uncut article...
<trouble> Ask Moz if he got mad at Jo Slee for making psychoanylitic assumptions about him in the press.
<Gil> ask morrissey why steve sanchez has such emotional problems.
<BoyRacer-> Ask Morrissey what he thinks about Propecia or Rogaine.
<view> ask moz if he his still friends with anyone at all...
<AnneGwish> that's evil
<Scott> Ask Morrissey what ever happened to "Striptease with a Difference"
<trouble> steve sanchez works for tori amos. Sanchez = evil.
<spacesuit> ask moz if he's involved in organized crime of any kind
<theself> i lovetori
<Gil> ask why steve sanchez has such a fragile ego.
<theself> wait wait a minute mr postman
<trouble> Ask Moz if he approves of Craig hanging out w/ Courtnry Love
<Gil> haha 'approves'
<Gil> *nod*
<trouble> tell Moz if he needs a partner in crime (murder even) I'll be there for him
<KCXX-Meta> how is everyone listening enjoying????
<view> META--what is he reading now?
<trouble> tell Moz I'd never rat him out, not even in court
<Scott> Now that he has a production credit under his belt, ask Morrissey if he could forsee Johnny Marr producing his songs
<voodooska> i can't listen
<KrayolaKd> ask him if he'd like to buy any tapes of any of his more recent shows
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Question for Morrissey: If he had the choice, would he do it all over again? (Referring to his fame, music and position in music history.)
<solange> we would luff a pic of moz there
<trouble> Ask Moz if he'll finance my album.
<I> Someone fill in this NYC chatter about what he has said so far...
<Gil> meta, what's he wearing?
<BoyRacer-> KCXX-Meta: ASk Morrissey what he thinks about remixing songs?
And would he ever consider comming out with a remix album!? :)
<Scott> is anyone here actually within listening distance?
<KCXX-Meta> musci right now
<voodooska> nope
<view> META--why doesn't morrissey like NY?
<KCXX-Meta> Michaels bones
<KCXX-Meta> just on
<^^--^^> is morrissey aware that there is a movement called SHAM ?
<KCXX-Meta> now Our Frank
<BoyRacer-> ask our questions now since they are playing the music
<spacesuit> tell Moz "Sorrow will come in the end" is the dumbest "song" ever written
<AnneGwish> just to hear morrissey for a moment.... i would like to.....now...
<voodooska> Meta: ask Morrissey if sunny is about the evils of drugs
<AnneGwish> *sigh*
<I> Moz has mentioned that he finds NYC archtechtualy(sp?) which it is really...
*** Maladjusted has left channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> your questions have already been submitted and many answered
<view> META--what does morrissey think about art now?
<KrayolaKd> ask him if it would be considered rude if I left now
<trouble> Ask Moz why he hated the San Diego show so much ('97)
<I> I meant to add "ugly"
<voodooska> Meta Ask Morrisey if he will be writing anymore books
<KCXX-Meta> so once again, those who are listening... how do you like it???
<BoyRacer-> Meta: give Morrissey the keyboard so he can type..
<view> I--architectually what?
<despair> If only we could hear the answers...
<voodooska> Meta:will Morrisey be coming out with any new videos
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<voodooska> Meta: Will Morrissey ever tour with London Suede
<trouble> Ask Moz if he hates stage invasions now (since he hates flowers)
<I> architectually ugly.. (sorry)
<BoyRacer-> I dont think anyone can here it?
<Scott> he seems to, doesn't he?
<^^--^^> i cant hear it.
<solange> Meta: this is nice... if we got more answers to our ?s
<voodooska> Meta Ask Morrisey if he will be writing anymore books
<Gil> meta, what's his hair look like now?
<KCXX-Meta> Is anyone here within listening range??????
<KrayolaKd> if anyone here could hear it we wouldn't keep asking stuff he's supposedly answered already
<trouble> Ask Moz if he will give permission to my associates to tape shows for me from the mixing desk (they are soooo loyal!)
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Please ask Morrissey if he's ever had an encounter with a fan that disturbed him or made him fearful???
<view> I--and LA is architectually pretty?! please!!
<Lotte> 2,11 no Meta - I am in San Francisco
<BoyRacer-> My mom lives in Riverside..
<voodooska> none of us can hear it Meta
<fw> you know I am......
<^^--^^> good question adam
<trouble> Ask Moz if I scare him.
* Suedehead is in Orlando, Florida. Home of nothing.
<voodooska> I'm in Dallas
<AnneGwish> i'm in ny :\
<solange> i'm on the east coast
<solange> can't hear it in DC
<Scott> nor in PA
<^^--^^> I'm in brasil hehehehee
<KrayolaKd> ask him if he still digs Elvis
<AnneGwish> lol batty
<KCXX-Meta> ok, I will translate then
<Skee> im in L.A., but right outside of listening range
<Skee> :(
<BoyRacer-> that sucks skee :(
<trouble> Tell Moz I have a new phone # and he'll have to ask me for it.
<voodooska> you better translate
<Scott> he isn't retiring, is he META?
<Bassole> Meta: Ask Morrissey if he'd help me get out of my bedroom. I'm a bed-sit songwriter with no money. Tell him to help me rekindle some of the smoldering embers hiding under the ashes of his popular music.
<Gil> uh...
<spacesuit> tell moz we apologize for asking so many dumb questions
<Skee> is there gonna be a net broadcast of the interview?
<KrayolaKd> translate? Is he speaking in a different language?
<theself> ooh grteat dancing song
<trouble> ask Moz if we're computer geeks or just some of us are?
<KCXX-Meta> he said no, he is not retiring, he's enjoying playing
<^^--^^> ask morrissey if he thinks about working with different musicians
<despair> Hurray!
<Scott> thanks!
<voodooska> Meta Ask Morrisey if he will be writing anymore books
<trouble> ask Moz about his next tour
<Oscar_W> voodoska: can't you spell his name?
<I> Ask Moz about the womanizing rumors regarding Spencer...
<KCXX-Meta> it is commercials right now
<spacesuit> tell moz he should try working with different musicians
*** Maladjusted has left channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> I'll brb, seeing what he's wearing
<despair> Ask Moz if the rumours about him replacing his band are true?
<Oscar_W> voodoska: can't you spell his name?
<voodooska> oops just recycling an old ?? didn't notice the typo sorry
<Gil> yes, do that, meta.
<voodooska> Meta Ask Morrissey if he will be writing anymore books
<view> now wait...
<voodooska> there happy now oscar
<KrayolaKd> how many of you here even think meta is in the same building?
<Oscar_W> yes
<Skee> hehe
<trouble> I want to ask Meta if she touched Moz!!!!
<X1039Bot_admin> KrayolaKd: she is.
<voodooska> trying too read and type for me is hard
<spacesuit> tell moz to hurry up and make a new album and then tour again
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gil> touched moz where?
<BoyRacer-> Meta is a girl?
<Skee> meta isn't even with the station, it's all a trick
<Skee> :)
<trouble> tell Moz I want to hear his new album NOW (not the MEBY)
<X1039Bot_admin> BoyRacer: Meta is female.
<BoyRacer-> Ah! :)
<Scott> and since none of us are in listening distance, there is no way to tell that there actually IS an interview!
<Scott> :)
<Gil> how old is meta?
<BoyRacer-> Tell Morrissey to hook me up with Meta
<trouble> yeah were did you touch Moz, Meta?
<X1039Bot_admin> Skee: she is in the same building.
<Skee> sure....
<Skee> :)
<solange> Meta: Give moz a shout-out from his DC fans!
<trouble> Meta, how dare you make a move on my man! hee hee
<Skee> moz isn't even in the USA
<Skee> it's all a lie
<Skee> :)
<voodooska> trouble is getting all hot and bothered
<fw> commercials folks, hang tight...
<BoyRacer-> Send a shout out to his homeboys?
<Scott> i'm shouting with you from philly.
<trouble> that's true.
<view> is the interview all done over the phone or something?
<BoyRacer-> Its probably Bill Morrissey?!
<Skee> hahaha
<Gil> haha
<Scott> you'll never get to heaven
<trouble> Meta, can I still call in?
<voodooska> who is Bill Morrissey??
<^^--^^> hey fw, care to tell us whats going on ?
<KrayolaKd> no ones going there
<trouble> I have a Bill Morrissey track, it's like folk or country or something
<Gil> i think it's paul morrissey.
<fw> playing music, nothing being said at the moment, will relay as soon as possible... promise
<voodooska> ok
<Scott> merci bien
<^^--^^> thanks fw
<voodooska> relay faster
<KCXX-Meta> well, the people here know that he's really here, so...
<fw> yes he is really here
<Gil> so, what's he wearing?
<voodooska> we want answers
<view> isn't paul morrissey a fashion designer?
<trouble> tell Moz not to believe the rumours
<Skee> are the fans at the station gonna get a chance to meet or see him?
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Any idea or guess as to how many people are outside of the station???
<I> paul morrissey made those And Warhol films
<Scott> paul morrissey is an actor
<view> what's he wearing?
<trouble> oh yeah!
<X1039Bot_admin> Mainly they are playing tracks from his new album "My Early Burglary Years", which is his new comp album of remixes and 'B' sides.
<KrayolaKd> so meta, thought you were off to check his clothing????
<Scott> remixes?
<fw> hang on you guys are pouring them on her rather fast and furious... be patient, please...:) thanks
<Skee> yeah!
<trouble> Ask Moz if he got sweaty today!
<Maladjusted> HANG THE DJ!!!!!!
<view> I and SCOTT--OH....
<voodooska> we have no paitence
<KrayolaKd> sorry fw
<^^--^^> I'm being patient
<BoyRacer-> There are remizes?
<BoyRacer-> i mean remixes?
<Scott> no.....there aren't
<fw> sorry... voodooska, doing our best... :) glad you are here
<KCXX-Meta> I wasn't even here, I was checking to see what he's wearing.
<^^--^^> i just want to know if he plans to tour the southern hemisphere.
<BoyRacer-> I bet there are record scratches and stuff..
<KCXX-Meta> the computer is not in the studio, no room
<Gil> well? what's he wearing, meta?
<trouble> that bloze
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: Any idea or guess as to how many people are outside of the station???
<KCXX-Meta> he's talking with our ten winners that came down to the station.
<KCXX-Meta> It is so f'n unbelievably cool
<X1039Bot_admin> my mistake---old tracks, no mixes
<Scott> what did they have to do to win?
<trouble> that's no fair! why couldn't I win? I'm the REAL fan!
<KCXX-Meta> just signing their stuff
<^^--^^> i just want to know if he plans to tour the southern hemisphere.
<KCXX-Meta> and talking
<trouble> I'm a truer fan than ANY of them. I challenge all of them!
<Skee> Meta: are the fans at the station gonna get a chance to meet or see him?
<voodooska> I chalenge you trouble
<KrayolaKd> skee--pay attention
<trouble> ok voo
<Skee> what?
<Gil> skee is on the crack.
<Skee> what r u talking about?
<KCXX-Meta> they submitted intelligent questions
<KrayolaKd> he's talking to them
<Skee> i don't mean the ten chosen ones
<KCXX-Meta> and were selected from them
<trouble> they did?
<Skee> i mean the ones outside
<KCXX-Meta> outside ones, what about them?
<Gil> oh, you mean the undesirables?
<view> META--did you ever tell us what he's wearing?
<trouble> when did I get a chance to submit MY intelligent questions?
<Oscar_W> ask Mozzer: What's he wearing?...
<Skee> are they gonna get a chance to see morrissey?
<Skee> or meet him
<Skee> ?
<BoyRacer-> I read in the press enterprise that KCXX gets more listeners than KROQ now? is that true?
<Maladjusted> What's Moz wearing???????
<Gil> meta...meta...meta...
<trouble> I wasn't informed of this contest. I demand resititution
<Scott> poor, poor META..
<solange> did my question get answered yet?
<Maladjusted> I DO TOO!!!!1
<voodooska> me too lets riot trouble
<X1039Bot_admin> BoyRacer: yes.
<solange> the one about him possibly working w/ other artists, other duets
<fw> trouble, the contest has been on the air for the last week.... sorry you missed it..
<trouble> Morrissey owes us $$$ (j/k Moz, don't get mad at me!)
<Gil> i suppose morrissey isn't wearing clothes...
<KrayolaKd> or meta is blind
<Maladjusted> Is morrissey answering any questions from us tonight?
<Skee> i guess that's what we have to assume
<BoyRacer-> Ah! :) I read that advertisement in the paper with the nifty graph! pretty neato.. I forgot if it beat power?!
<Bassole> Meta: Ask Morrissey if he'd help me get out of my bedroom. I'm a bed-sit songwriter with no money. Tell him to help me rekindle some of the smoldering embers hiding under the ashes of his popular music.
<trouble> the air waves don't pick up the station here.
<voodooska> no Morrissey owes us personal appearances
<Scott> then i guess his tattoo of trouble is showing?
<fw> so sorry trouble...
<trouble> I'm angry that none of my so called friends didn't inform me of this contest which I should have won.
<KCXX-Meta> he's wearing a grey suit jacket, a light blue um,...
<trouble> isn't he HOT?!
<Skee> what's a light blue um?
<KCXX-Meta> formal, slightly ruffled long sleeve shirt and tornish jeans
<KrayolaKd> thanks meta
<Skee> :)
<voodooska> yes he is
*** Lemonade ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KrayolaKd> fw- can you verify this?
<Maladjusted> KCXX: Is mozzer answering any questions from us?
<Gil> ah, meta, morrissey's wearing his vintage big-E levi's?
<KCXX-Meta> there is no need to VERIFY anything
<KCXX-Meta> geeez
<trouble> can you get Mozzer's shirt and mail it to me?
<KrayolaKd> sorry meta
<voodooska> I want his underwear
<Lemonade> this is so cool
<^^--^^> hey met, will you please ask about the southern hemisphere thing ?
<trouble> you can have it voo! hee!
<voodooska> woo hoo
<spacesuit> will moz ever tour brazil?
<Gil> no brazil...sorry.
<Bassole> I'm wearing tornish jeans! Man, I knew it! We are the coolest!
<X1039Bot_admin> Maladjusted: Yes he has...right now their still playing music
<voodooska> I would sleep with them every night
<trouble> I'm serious, Meta, get Mozzer's shirt for me. I demand resititution for missing the contest.
<BoyRacer-> I wonder if MOrrissey wears boxers or tighty whiteys?
<KCXX-Meta> as I said all, he's just talking with the winners
<voodooska> Boxers
<KrayolaKd> where's nothing underneath
<KCXX-Meta> I think he just went back to studio, BRB
<voodooska> kill the winners
<trouble> that's not fair, I'm pissed off now! >:(
<Suedehead> KCXX-Meta: I'm on the east coast and about to go to bed since it's 1am. Thanks for taking the time and relaying all of these questions. (I just *hope* that one of my questions was asked.)
<KrayolaKd> you think, meta?
<^^--^^> night adam
<Sunny> What is a "Ping?" ?
<BoyRacer-> Goodnight suedehead
<voodooska> Me too trouble cus I live in Dallas
<Gil> jill, why didn't you go to the studio?
<Maladjusted> don't leave suedehead...
<Bassole> Meta: Hurry up and ask him my question. I have to go Bedie-Buy.
<BoyRacer-> I have summer school tomorrow... :(
<trouble> I didn't know they had a contest. I'm always left out!
<Sunny> Suedehead, they were great questions
<Bassole> Bye.
*** Guest23524 ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Suedehead> Let's just hope he picked one. :)
<view> bye BASS
<Bassole> Meta: Hurry up and ask him my question. I have to go Bedie-Bye.
<Maladjusted> Sunny, my heart goes out to you!!!!!
<Gil> jill, you won the contest...you're "queen of the castle."
<Bassole> Meta: Hurry up and ask him my question. I have to go Bedie-Bye.
<KCXX-Meta> I have one of the winners who was just chatting with Moz
<Bassole> Meta: Hurry up and ask him my question. I have to go Bedie-Bye.
<Bassole> Meta: Hurry up and ask him my question. I have to go Bedie-Bye.
<KCXX-Meta> ... here he is
<trouble> resitution for not telling me about the contest: mozzer's shirt, a pile of CDs, and cash
<Bassole> Sorry.
<^^--^^> maladjusted, never to be trusted
<voodooska> fw: are you in the studio
<KCXX-Meta> he is nice
* Suedehead waits for a minute.
<fw> no
<BoyRacer-> Boo! boo!
<BoyRacer-> get that clown away from the computer
<trouble> no I'm not queen of the castle if we want to be technical, shh!
<view> what did he say?
<Skee> haha
<voodooska> don't forget the underwear for me trouble
<fw> unfortunately...:(
<X1039Bot_admin> voodooska: no one is in the studio...computer is in the other room.
<KCXX-Meta> scrue you you jealous bastard
<spacesuit> heh
<Lemonade> Morrissey needs to move to San Francisco
<voodooska> well I meant close to Morrissey
<Lemonade> LA is too dreadful
<trouble> who are you talking to?
*** jpr ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KrayolaKd> LA rocks
* solange eye's widen
<Oscar_W> are he going to answer our questions on the radio????
<BoyRacer-> Riverside rocks?! :)
<KCXX-Meta> im talking about music
<KrayolaKd> well.......?
<KCXX-Meta> we just met him in the room
<Gil> el lay rocks what? blah.
*** Signoff: Suedehead (Trying to convey to Morrissey how he changed my life never seem)
<trouble> who did you call a jealous bastard?
<view> umm...contest winner? what did morrissey say to you, and you to him?
<trouble> I'm not a bastard
<Oscar_W> are he going to answer our questions on the radio????
<Gil> jill is a vegan...she can't be all that bad.
<Bassole> Meta: There are many people here. Direct yourself and write the words.
<fw> what is sthe wierdest thing you ever signed?
<trouble> I can't be bad at all.
<Guest23524> Buon Giorno
<Scott> stop picking on META - she is doing us a favour by being here....
<fw> the wierdest place he signed was on the back of somebody's neck, and the next day they had it tattooed on their neck...
<^^--^^> yeah, leave meta alone
<Guest23524> Bicker bicker bicker
<KrayolaKd> no, she's getting paid to be here
<BoyRacer-> YEah what does Morrissey think about OJ simpson?
<KCXX-Meta> hi this ROSE I was just in the room with MOZ
<fw> (phone caller) message for the youthe of america? what would it be?
<BoyRacer-> Hi Rose
<BoyRacer-> where u from?
<Lotte> 1,11 tell us all rose!
<spacesuit> hi rose
<Maladjusted> TELL US!!!!!11
<Gil> ???
<fw> he askes what the callers message would be for the youthe of
america.... that is a hard one to answer.....
<despair> Hello Rose. How was your visit with moz?
<Sunny> Well, go on...
<KrayolaKd> Rose- What was the most insightful thing he said in the
<KCXX-Meta> who want's to know why he wore a band-aid on his nipple in
November spawned a monster
<Maladjusted> How does he look?
<voodooska> thank you fw
<fw> her answer is live life to the fullest.... (argh)
<Scott> i DO!!!
<Guest23524> what has been going on?
<BoyRacer-> I sorta do!?
<fw> he said she took the words out of his mouth...
<jpr> KMeta: when will you provide the show on the web (realaudio etc.)?
<KCXX-Meta> he thought it would be sexy
<view> TEll, Tell tell...whay??
<Scott> he's too sly.
<trouble> because people thew meat at him?
<fw> back to music.. this next song is about being a disappoointed
<KCXX-Meta> he look great his hair is so short
<BoyRacer-> Beavis and butthead said Morrissey was shaving his chest and cut his nipple
<trouble> tell us everything!
<despair> Darn... I was hoping he'd grow some of it back again...
<voodooska> is he muscular rose
<Gil> hmmmmmm...how do his sideburns look, meta?
<KCXX-Meta> he was very friendly
*** Guest23524 has left channel #x1039
<view> sexy?
<KrayolaKd> I thought it was 'cause that mesh shirt was rubbing it
<KCXX-Meta> don't believe what you read
<X1039Bot_admin> Song they just went to on the radio is: Reader Meet Author
<fw> I am, every word.... they are playing music again... sorry, missed the name of the song.... but as I said, it is about frustrated authors...
<KCXX-Meta> he signed everything we asked him to sign
<fw> meta, what was the name of this song...
<Skee> reader meet author
<despair> Surely not "The Severed Alliance" though...
<Lotte> 1,11how did you get to meet him rose? & is he still there?
<KCXX-Meta> he signed wallets, books shirts videos cd's
<voodooska> reader meet author
<KCXX-Meta> yes he's like 20 ft from me
<fw> thank you voodooska..... :)
*** Guest23524 ([email protected]) has joined channel
<BoyRacer-> Wow!
<Scott> make sure that you tell him that we all love him...
<Maladjusted> oh my god?????!!!!!!!!1
<trouble> oh no, suzzane
<voodooska> Did you touch him
<Maladjusted> MOZZZZZEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<view> rose-did he write anything when he signed?
<Maladjusted> MOZ!!!!
*** Signoff: solange (Timeout)
*** Skee has left channel #x1039
<Maladjusted> ROSE, TELL US!!!!!!!!!
<trouble> well I'm still pissed about being excluded from the contest!
<KCXX-Meta> we faxed in questions we would ask him & kcxx picked us
<KCXX-Meta> no just his name
<fw> he said the absolute wierdest place he signed his name he couldn't
mention on the air....
<KCXX-Meta> i hugged him
*** I has left channel #x1039
*** solange ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> he hugged all of us
<Bassole> The wounded nipple. Yes. That does it so very often doesn't it.
It had Mickey Mouse on it right?
<KCXX-Meta> he was so SOCIAL
<view> rose--what was your question?
<voodooska> IS he muscular
<trouble> Lotte quit messaging me!
<Maladjusted> rose, are you there?
<Lemonade> how does he feel about the 'my early burglary years'? did he
have much power over that?
<trouble> I like how no one informed me of this fax contest.
<KCXX-Meta> he's the size he looks on tv
<BoyRacer-> on TV?
<voodooska> did he feel firm
<trouble> tell us everything he said
<KrayolaKd> depends what size screen you have on the tv
<KCXX-Meta> most importantly he does NOT have any part of the conventions
SAVE your money to see him in concert
*** geekycruel ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<trouble> did everyone here no about this fax contest?
<BoyRacer-> I have a 13" tv.. looked like a midget to me
<Guest23524> I have a 13" TV. he would be the right size for my barbie
<trouble> I boycott conventions
<BoyRacer-> I didnt
<Guest23524> ...or Ken :^)
<voodooska> does he have a good size package????
<fw> morrisey asks if dj has heard of dying cheerleader....
<KCXX-Meta> no money goes to him at all per MOZ
<Guest23524> Do you mean Die Cheerleader?
<trouble> did you ask Moz for some money?
<geekycruel> Attn: What is "dying cheerleader"?
<KCXX-Meta> no but he signed my wallet
<Bassole> I always thought he'd be a very evil person. Not sociable. I am very diappointed. But I guess you can't sell records that way. Capitalismo Captive!
<trouble> how cool
<Scott> fw: can you mention briefly to morrissey that the conventions are not ALL BAD - i met my wife at the smiths convention in LA in 1997!
<view> rose--did he sign anythig else?
<^^--^^> ask morrissey if he thinks that he would be a better singer if he knew how to play a musical instrument.
<solange> wo..
<trouble> Moz had to be nice to his fanz 'cos w/o his fanz he'd be very sad.
<voodooska> Rose get your signed stuff scanned and sen it to Morrisset Solo
<fw> do you get involved in the process of what is here and what is at home...
<Guest23524> Die Cheerleader is a punk band. I remember them only from seeing a poster, so I can't tell you the sound!
<trouble> oh tell Alexandria I said hi
*** Suedehead ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<geekycruel> ASK Moz if he has ever considered really learning an instrument, beyond his minimal piano skills...?
<fw> he tries, but it is hard... i always believe the b sides can be as powerful as the other side...
<Scott> will do.
<solange> hmm
*** Maladjusted has left channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> rose does not have a computer at this time but i can get to one fax some info here on how to get a hold rose
<fw> xtc had dear god as a b side....
<Gil> meta, ask morrissey if he's into straight-edge punk.
<fw> track 11 passionate love
<BoyRacer-> pashernate?
<Gil> yep.
<KrayolaKd> Pashernate Love
<solange> Meta: did he answer the question about doing a duet w/ someone soon?
<^^--^^> pashernate love
<KCXX-Meta> meta's gone for a bit
<Suedehead> where are you?
<KCXX-Meta> rose here
<fw> jokingly said he never heard of xtc.... :)
<view> meta--huh?
*** G_T_P ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gil> hey, rose.
<KCXX-Meta> i'm waiting to see if he
<trouble> tell us something interesting that he said
<KCXX-Meta> will come to see us again
*** Suedehead is now known as Maladjusted
<solange> what kind of gifts did ppl give him today
*** Paul_2000 ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<fw> I have been relaying his on-air interview...
<trouble> ask Moz if he's going to his house tonight?
<voodooska> Meta Ask Morrissey if he will be writing anymore books
<solange> fw: are you taping this?
<Maladjusted> Rose, isn't it great to see him?
<voodooska> Thank You very much fw
<view> rose--if he does, can you hug him once for me??
<G_T_P> Is this live on the radio I'm hearing Aretha Franklin
<KCXX-Meta> he called him self an idiot for not choosing more singles to release here in usa
<Bassole> View. Can't hold out much longer. Sleepy, so sleepy. And we haven't had one response to our questions from that dude.
<Paul_2000> Travis, you there?
<geekycruel> Ask him about his conversation with, damn! Who was it that he talked with on the interview Cd? I know the panickers would remember..
<KCXX-Meta> i hugged him for every one like 3 times
<fw> no, didn't get audio set up, they will be at the station.
<BoyRacer-> I still wonder who Morrissey's favorite wrestler is
<Maladjusted> Rose, does he look happy or nervous?
<^^--^^> jonni mitchel ?
<spacesuit> joni mitchell
<Gil> gravel isn't here.
<BoyRacer-> Ask him
<KCXX-Meta> he's staying in la
<BoyRacer-> Where at???
<KCXX-Meta> he was nervous at first
<geekycruel> Right, ask him how that was..
<Paul_2000> ok thanx
<view> bass, forget it, sleep tomorrow...
*** Paul_2000 has left channel #x1039
<trouble> ask Moz if he will box me. ask Moz if he uses leather boxing gloves.
<KrayolaKd> Has he ever been to Hearst Castle?
<Gil> haha
<BoyRacer-> As Morrissey who his favorite wrestler is?!
<Maladjusted> did he arrive with someone?
<KCXX-Meta> he had on like 3 bracelets
<Guest23524> Ask him what security devices he uses around his home
<KCXX-Meta> no watch
<Gil> what kind of shoes, rose?
<fw> is there a particular person relating to the next song... yes there
is, the person listened to the song and knew it was about them and he
said a aterrible fight ensued... oh well...
<KCXX-Meta> 3 finger on each hand had rings
<trouble> hey rose, ask for his shirt
<KCXX-Meta> he had on wingtips
<fw> has anyone heard one of your songs and thought it was about them and
they were wrong? his answer was yes, that happens quite often.
<Gil> i see...
<trouble> the wedding finger?
<Scott> To Someone at KCXX - PLEASE tell moz that the conventions are not ALL bad - my wife and i met at the smiths convention in 1997 (i know i'm repeating myself - sorry)
<voodooska> give up trouble
<KCXX-Meta> the 3 middle ones
<fw> the track is called, girl most likely to.
<KrayolaKd> All this jewelrey? Is he a gypsy
<Gil> who cares, scott?
<KCXX-Meta> nope
<^^--^^> girl least likely to fw
<trouble> hey that was my question. I wasn't wrote. He write TLM about me!
<KCXX-Meta> he had on dirty jeans
<Maladjusted> are you the scott that appear on the newspapers?
<G_T_P> is this on real audio?
<view> least!
<trouble> er wrong i mean
<Scott> that's me.
<G_T_P> Dammit I cant hear this in LA
<Bassole> Rose: Ask Morrissey if he'd help me get out of my bedroom. I'm a bed-sit songwriter with no money. Tell him to help me rekindle some of the smoldering embers hiding under the ashes of his popular music.
<KCXX-Meta> and a old tuxedo shirt (lt blue)
<Maladjusted> how are you doing now?
<fw> i stand corrected... :)
<spacesuit> Ask Morrissey if he'd help me get out of my bedroom. I'm a bed-sit songwriter with no money. Tell him to help me rekindle some of the smoldering embers hiding under the ashes of his popular music.
<Gil> ???
<theself> cora is enchanting me
<theself> i should have kissed her when she ask me too
<view> bass--enough with that!
<Scott> gil: morrissey just mentioned that the conventions are evil, and i thought i'd like HIM to know that he is not entirely correct....i could care less if YOU are interested
<trouble> huh, girl most likely to? is that about me?
<BoyRacer-> ASk MOrrissey if he has ever been to Riverside?
<solange> hmmm
<Gil> scott, don't make me pull that nose ring of yours.
<KCXX-Meta> rose has to go now so I hope you all get a chance like i did see ya
<BoyRacer-> He should consider playing at the Barn at UC Riverside.
<^^--^^> bye rose
<BoyRacer-> Seeya rose! :)
<view> bye rose, thanks!!
<Gil> later, rose.
<fw> girl least likely to trouble.... i was corrected by ^^-^^
<Sunny> Take care, Rose
<solange> lucky rose!
<trouble> oh fw
<Maladjusted> so lucky!!
<Maladjusted> !
<^^--^^> can call me batty, fw
<trouble> did any of the fanz molest him? j/k
<solange> yah
<G_T_P> IS there a way to hear this on internet, 103.9 does not come in in LA
<fw> k batty..... dictation isn't one of my strongest points
<voodooska> I would hae
<KCXX-Meta> they just surrounded him and took lots of pictures
<solange> the closest i've gotten to him outside a venue was seeing him get into a limo in atlanta.. wearing a black beret (pre-monica)
* ^^--^^ smiles to fw
<despair> And hopefully SOME of them have internet access and a scanner,
so we can see the pictures too!
<Maladjusted> I have pictures of him in DC last concert!!
<BoyRacer-> Iwas front at the 2nd sf show!?
<trouble> oh solange, you're not that evil chick from m-solo are you?
<solange> evil chick?
<Lemonade> I was front in the first SF show
<^^--^^> no solange is not thrill
<Maladjusted> Is anyone taping the show?
<Bassole> I'm trapped in this room. Moz just doesn't wanna give it up for his fellow songwriters. I am crushed tonight. Is Sifl and Olly on?
<BoyRacer-> ah :)
<fw> I am sure the pictures will be up on the website...
<solange> i'm from DC
<solange> i went to the glen burnie and atlanta shows
<trouble> nevermind, not you
<fw> at least some of them anyway..
<BoyRacer-> I was far back the first night at SF :(
<Guest23524> I'm a lonely songwriter....because its just me
<trouble> he was wearing a golfer's cap.
<Lemonade> boy, heh .. I didn't go to the second
<Lemonade> I should have
*** geekycruel has left channel #x1039
<voodooska> I was at Live in Dallas taping
<solange> trouble: syou were there too?? hehe
<solange> itw as sooooo cold that night
<Maladjusted> solange, how did you like the Capitol Ballroom show?
<solange> mal: i didn't get to go to the cap show
<trouble> yeah! I got pix too.
<Guest23524> Actually, I'm the evil person from......
<solange> i was in dublin (*curses!)
<BoyRacer-> Lemonade: it got nuts the 2nd night.. rowdy fans on the floor.
<trouble> is the interview over? is the next hour just BS?
*** caliban ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<spacesuit> ask moz to type to us before he leaves
<view> is this just casual chat now?
<KCXX-Meta> a caller is calling from outside the station
<fw> (caller) first of all, how much of an ispiration you are... sorry
we are crowding you outside the studio...
<solange> was thrill racer the person with blue hair?
<caliban> WOW lots o people
<trouble> guest, I know! You ARE evil!
<KCXX-Meta> and asking oh ok you got it
<Lemonade> boy, yeah .. but the fight in the pit the first night was
great. they put gum in this one guy's hair
<fw> what the song ambitious outsiders is about....
<trouble> NO, Blue Hair = APRIL
<Guest23524> Ask Morrissey: why a 15 year old girl for the album?
<voodooska> I got pink hair
<Gil> jill vs. suzanne
<BoyRacer-> Lemon: Ah fight eh? SOmeone the 2nd night pulled a speaker from the stage and he fell hard to the floor.
<fw> it is about how easy it is to be seen as an outsider in society.... and how they don't fit in.... he feels that he is one of the outsiders..
<trouble> how does gil know these things?
<Lemonade> boyr, bahaha
<caliban> woah people got FANS
<solange> i dunno who was who.. i was standing by the tourbus and got some pix of boz
<BoyRacer-> Lemon: hehe thats funny yes?
<despair> Yeah, right - it's about child killers, he just won't say that...
<Lemonade> quite
<^^--^^> thanks fw
<trouble> April was bratty blue hair.
<Maladjusted> Some hope and some despair....
<Gil> gil is evil.
<Lemonade> I don't think I've ever sweated more at a show than at the moz show
<fw> yer more than welcome...
<Maladjusted> the moors murders again?
<Sunny> It's not easy to be an outsider if you have to go and murder people first.
<fw> he is asking if we know about jack the ripper....
<KCXX-Meta> people came from Arizona to Cali tonight
<Gil> blah blah blah.
<caliban> So who'sa this famous person here?
<G_T_P> Hello?
<KCXX-Meta> because they heard of it here on the internet
<trouble> are they crazy?
<KCXX-Meta> 7 hour drive
<Gil> cool, what part of arizona?
<KCXX-Meta> are you from az gil?
<G_T_P> Anyone know if this is on the net somewhere the radio station does not reach as far as LA
<Gil> nope.
<BoyRacer-> Im not impressed! :)
<Guest23524> But being 15 doesn't mean being an outsider!
<trouble> I wouldn't even drive from San Diego. would you have let me in the studio if I did?
<KCXX-Meta> no,
<fw> dj asks if there is anyway he would lilke to perform... chicago is his answer... he doesn't care for la or new york, because something bad always seems to happen there...
<Gil> meta, what is he doing NOW?
<Bassole> Meta: you must be specific. Direct yourself and write the
mighty word.
<KCXX-Meta> fw is translating for you, song
<voodooska> I'm moving to chicago
<fw> they ae now playing the song Jack the Ripper
<Scott> didn't something BAD happen at the 2nd chicago show?
<Maladjusted> the studio version?
<BoyRacer-> They should play my jack the ripper remix!? ?!!? put some beat to that!?
<G_T_P> fw can you hear it on internet or on radio?
<KrayolaKd> the live version that everyone has?
<trouble> ask Moz why he hated the San Diego show ('97)
<fw> he didn't go into specifics....
<^^--^^> the live version probably
<fw> radio
<^^--^^> its the one thats on MEBY
<KrayolaKd> blasted live version, then
<Maladjusted> the studio version is so cool too!
<trouble> is moz still there?
<trouble> Are you gonna follow Moz home tonight?
<Gil> jill, what's your url, again?
<G_T_P> Did he say anything about a tour?
<KrayolaKd> ask him why we got another live version and not the studio
<trouble> www.inetworld.net/thrill/
<Maladjusted> LEt's plan a mass murder!!!!1
<Gil> thanx.
<BoyRacer-> hrm
<fw> so sorry I was late and you missed out on the first part.... I liked it when he was introducing Michaels Bones... he said he didn
<fw> tdidn't want ot go into the details...
<^^--^^> anything about touring the southern hemisphere ?
<trouble> tell Moz I'm sorry but I don't think I'll buy MEBY
<fw> I wished he would have, now I am curious...
<caliban> What is the facination?
<KCXX-Meta> hi cali, thank goodness.
<spacesuit> with what caliban?
<fw> I heard that part in the car...
<Guest23524> Arre they actually taking q's off this thing?
<Gil> meta, ask about "bed took fire"
<fw> Hello cali...
<caliban> YO!
<caliban> What's the facination with morrissey?
<Gil> no, suzanne, we're just wasting our time.
<caliban> I don't get it
<solange> i wonder if he still lives in howth, ireland
<KCXX-Meta> Guest23524, where are you from
<trouble> did any of my q's get on the air? I should hope so! i really
put some effort in there
<Maladjusted> you wouldn't understand, good son like you...
<view> META--doesn't morrissey ever get tired of himself? or others?
<spacesuit> we like his music
*** Jason ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<^^--^^> we like his music and his lyrics.
<Bassole> Excellent question view!
<Guest23524> Well, didn't know if it was people listening to the radio filling us in or what.
<caliban> What about the lyricsdo you like?
<view> bass...thanks... . ..
<Guest23524> Hey, how did you know who I was anyway?
<Maladjusted> me, everything..so honest!
<Jason> Finally got through to this thing...anybody from Morrissey-Solo here?
<trouble> me?
<G_T_P> How disappointing the radio station setup chat but no audio, now that's lame
<Guest23524> Not that I chose this alias....bleeping computer did it for me.
<trouble> it showed your login name or whatever
<Sunny> Gil knows who everybody is...
<solange> :I
<Maladjusted> I always read Moz-solo!
<solange> i used to read moz-solo
<solange> but mostly when he wason on the US tour
<trouble> m-solo is boring!
<Jason> What's playing on the station right now (since there's no feed?)
<Maladjusted> no it is not!
<despair> Moz Solo is essential.
<Maladjusted> it is!
<fw> another caller: how would you classify your music? ans: in the 80's it was laternative... I think it was simply always pop music... (caller) I think you created a new style and your music is different...
<KCXX-Meta> chat is very cool for our listeners.
<Maladjusted> Jack the ripper...
<Scott> Question: Has Morrissey EVER read Morrissey-Solo?
<Gil> good one, scott.
<Jason> Jack the ripper is one of his best...
<fw> dj... there were fewer stations to touch people/listeners...
<caliban> How deos Morrissey deal with all these people fawning over him ?
<Maladjusted> that's for sure..
<Guest23524> thats a loaded question......I'll bet he'll go Ollie North on that one
<trouble> yeah I'd like to know! does Moz read m-solo? i should hope not.
<Maladjusted> calibanm why do you come here?
<Gil> only boz does.
<spacesuit> ask morrissey if he is aware of web sites, irc channels, mailing lists devoted to him. does he ever read them?
<solange> when you nknow it makes things hard for us
<caliban> cause I like to talk about music
<G_T_P> How does Morrissey take to people taking his lyrics and incorporting them into their every day vernacular
<Scott> i am sure that he doesn't read it regularly, but i wanted to know if he ever has
<trouble> I Moz still lonely? Especially right now?
<fw> next track.. i changed my plea to guilty...
<solange> i thot he didn't even have a computer
<X1039Bot_admin> spacesuit: that question was asked and he said he has no grasp of the internet.
<Maladjusted> I think that he'd say that he doesn't check them, but maybe he does!
<BoyRacer-> He lied! and he was believed!?
<view> does he have a computer?
<trouble> then why did he write an internet song?
<Scott> Ask Morrissey if he is still in touch with his old friend Jake....
<G_T_P> for money trouble
<Maladjusted> Boy Racer: lol
<BoyRacer-> :)
<trouble> is Moz still in studio?
<Gil> meta, ask morrissey if he still thinks ppl on the internet are ugly.
<view> a song about the internet?
<solange> hmm... jake.
<spacesuit> thanks
<X1039Bot_admin> Trouble: yes
<voodooska> Will Morrissey ever pose for playgirl
<solange> special thanks to jake
<fw> I just relayed the last batch of questions.....
<Guest23524> Um, yeah, someone told me that he probably doesn't admit to having a computer because he's afraid of weirdos...especially after Wide to Receive.
<view> no more questions?
<solange> hahah
<BoyRacer-> Who is Moz's favorite wrestler?
<solange> that's my favorite song >:)
<trouble> is Moz still taking questions? I'd repeat the ones he didn't hear if I know which those were.
<Jason> Pls. ask Moz if boz and alain are still sending him demos.
<fw> yes, there will be more questions.... i just meant the previous set
<view> What are morrissey's lyric insirations??? ?
<view> fw_ oh...
<Scott> When he first arrived, were there any subjects that the station was advised that Moz would NOT talk about? just curious...
<solange> man these pretzels sare salty
<fw> sorry for the confusion view.... trying to keep up here... they
don't talk slow.. :)
*** KrayolaKd has left channel #x1039
<G_T_P> What did he say about touring?
<view> fw--it's ok...ii can understand...
<Gil> fw, who here got his/her/their questions answered?
<trouble> did you ask Moz if I can be his protoge?
<caliban> I wonder if morrissy asks his audience to SHOW him your tits?
<KCXX-Meta> before he arrived, they were afraid that he might not show, so we didn't run any questions by..
<caliban> does that happen?
<fw> (caller) what poet has had an influence on morrissey in
particular... answer: ab housen (sp)\
*** Signoff: Lemonade (Leaving)
<trouble> lotte is a kiss ass
<solange> a e houseman?
<KCXX-Meta> him, but we did compile them to choose our winners
<BoyRacer-> hrm
<KCXX-Meta> then as he became more comfortable, he's been taking them live from callers
<trouble> I'm still mad about that contest
<BoyRacer-> Ask him who his fav wrestler is? I bet its Scott Hall.
*** Signoff: Maladjusted (Timeout)
<caliban> ann sexton joke kewl!
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
<KCXX-Meta> as you know, he cancels alot (shows, etc)
<Jason> What moz songs have/will be played tonight on the show?
<Scott> is he picking and choosing the internet questions, or is he being
his dodgeful self when an undesirable topic is brought up?
<G_T_P> can I call the radio station and be put on hold to listen to the
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
<KCXX-Meta> and he was very nervous when he got here and he got mobbed by people upon arrival
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<view> ask morrissey what he thinks about this new found interest in his work (smiths and solo)
<trouble> ask Moz when he'll tour next. and when he'll release his next LP
<Gil> nervous morrissey...hmmmmmmmm...
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
<Maladjusted> i got disconnected, would someone tell me what has happened?
*** Lotte has left channel #x1039
<BoyRacer-> Im outa here
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
<despair> I would think there would have to be a forthcoming album prior to a forthcoming tour...
<solange> hmmm
<BoyRacer-> Be sure to ask who his favorite wrestler is ok?
<solange> surely
<fw> track 15.. boyracer....
<Guest23524> Ask him what was the hardest aspect of fame to adjust to
<caliban> distortion!
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
<trouble> I didn't scream or rip his brand new jacket at the sleeves. And what good does that get me?
<caliban> oh well
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
<Scott> Ask morrissey about the 'lost tracks' that he has recorded but never released (striptease with a difference, bed took fire, etc...)
<Maladjusted> We want a new record!
<BoyRacer-> See ya all later
<Gil> yeah yeah yeah.
*** Signoff: BoyRacer- (Leaving)
<X1039Bot_admin> he also said he likes Mexico...just not Tijuana,
<G_T_P> Did anything get asked about a forthcoming tour?
*** Signoff: G_T_P (tt 3.01sf 1998 by Antisane Ltd.)
<Jason> Are Moz and his band still together despite Alain's new band etc.??
<Oscar_W> Ask Morrissey: Wich are the best songs you haved sing?
<Gil> ...
<Guest23524> Does he like the Tijuana Taxi song?
<caliban> this is a nice csong
<view> ask moz if he has any odd hobies
<trouble> I love the Tijuana Taxi song
*** solange has left channel #x1039
<Maladjusted> ask Moz about his little nephew
<view> bye boyracer
<trouble> ask Moz if he's going to TJ. Ask why he didn't play Mexico when he told fanz that he wanted to.
<caliban> sounds like one of those nataliemerchant songs only by a guy
*** mozzelina ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<AnneGwish> ann!
<Jason> Ask Moz what his favourite brand of Shirts are these days?
<mozzelina> why do i keep getting bumped off this
<Oscar_W> ask Mozzer: do you like Prefab Sprout?.. Do you like Motown?...
*** Gidget_ ([email protected]) has
joined channel #x1039
<Maladjusted> ask moz if he still like James?
<caliban> hey gidget
<fw> hey gidget
<view> what does morrisset think of Mtv?
<trouble> ask Moz if he still likes the Smoking Popes and if so, why?
<caliban> popes?
<Guest23524> Ask him: Where have all the cowboys gone? Doo doo doo doo doo doo
<Gidget_> hi all the SNMM regulars
<view> morrissey...
<mozzelina> hey i'm friends with the caterer brothers (smoking popes)
<^^--^^> ask morrissey if he likes the song sandie shaw wrote for him (Steven you dont eat meat)
<Scott> Ask Morrissey if he enjoys covers of his songs performed by bands of different musical genres - for example "everyday is like sunday - armageddon dildos or 'heaven knows - act'
<Gidget_> dude there are like so many people in here
<^^--^^> personally I think its a terrible song.
<Maladjusted> So safely with our software......
<Jason> Ask Moz what happened to all the documentary footage shot in his early solo tour days.
<spacesuit> ok, morrissey is really there
<spacesuit> heh
<caliban> osse gonna chat here?
<AnneGwish> trouble: do you live in Chula Vista?
<trouble> is it past Mozzer's bedtime? j/k
<Gidget_> cali...
<trouble> nope
<AnneGwish> ahh
<caliban> gidg....
<trouble> north
<trouble> west
<AnneGwish> i'm from c.v
<mozzelina> anne: you are ??
<Maladjusted> TIME's TIDE WILL Smother US!!!!!
<Guest23524> OK, then ask if he sleeps in pjs
<mozzelina> my dad lived there when he waws a kid
<Gil> meta, fw, what's going on NOW?
<AnneGwish> yep
<trouble> does it suck there? I would think so.
<AnneGwish> not really.
<Maladjusted> TIME IS AGAINST US NOW!!!!!
<fw> commercial... then they will return with more questions from callers
<view> does morrissey have any favourite new bands?
<Gidget_> so have you talked to morrissey yet?
<fw> and the final track from the cd
<trouble> screw the callers
<Oscar_W> ask Mozzer: do you like Prefab Sprout?.. Do you like Motown?...
<Gil> ...
<trouble> tell Moz I won't sign a prenup if we get married
<Maladjusted> THE IMPOTENCE OF ERNEST:::::::::::::::::::::.
<Jason> Ask Moz what type of style his next album will have.
<caliban> Does morrissey have ANY upbeat tunes?
<Maladjusted> trouble: will never marry...
<KCXX-Meta> MOrrissey is getting ready to leave and people are banging the windows and doors. I will be away for a minute
<trouble> me neither, hee he
*** KCXX-Meta is now known as away
*** dithers ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gidget_> meta
<Gil> ...
<Guest23524> I heard that he likes to drink several pots of tea a day. Doesn't he get nervous shakes from that? Since he lies up in the bed a lot, what would his energy level be if he quit tea all together?
<Scott> ask morrissey what is his favourite cover version of a song he has written (next to the pretenders)
<trouble> shit! how dare Morrissey leave?
*** Signoff: mozzelina (changing servers)
<view> META and FW--are you guys just sitting and reading our stupid coments in a dark room?
*** Mode change "+o dithers" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
<X1039Bot> trouble> You Have Sworn For The 2nd Time, You Will Be Kicked!
*** fw has left channel #x1039
*** Oscar_W has left channel #x1039
<X1039Bot> trouble> If You Swear Again In This Channel You Will Be Banned For 15mins!
*** trouble has been kicked off channel #x1039 by X1039Bot (Out Bad Mouth)
<Maladjusted> Is moz living?
<Scott> goodbye morrissey...
<AnneGwish> lol
<Maladjusted> i mean, leaving?
*** Signoff: theself (Timeout)
<Gidget_> i used too love morrissey when i was like 13- 15
<Maladjusted> Mozzer, I will be here....believe me.
<Gidget_> yrs old, then i grew out of it but he still is way dope
<Jason> come back to toronto moz
<caliban> never understood the attraction boys and girls had with him
*** Oscar_W ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
*** trouble ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Bassole> This was a bit of a waste VIEW. I'm glad I met you though.:)
*** dithers has left channel #x1039
<Gidget_> he was just like you know ....MORRISSEY
<trouble> that sucked so bad
<caliban> beofre SMITHS
*** theself ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
*** dithers ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gidget_> ture
<voodooska> ha ha trouble
<Gidget_> true
<view> bass..hmmm...i guess so...
*** Mode change "+o dithers" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
<away> Hello
<trouble> hee hee, I didn't know I swore.
<Sunny> Hello
<Gidget_> but then i matured to punk and ska (yeah i bet ..real mature!)
<away> hi
*** away is now known as Jeff
<caliban> punk ska is life blood man
<Scott> so that's it, huh?
<trouble> so did moz leave the building?
<caliban> hmmmm shit
<AnneGwish> eww
<Oscar_W> hi, jeff!
<^^--^^> oh well.
<view> if any of you studio people come with in hearing distance of morrissey, tell him his [internet] fans love hi and say thank you for me...if possible, ok??
<trouble> tell Moz I hate this
<Gil> punx 'n' skinz.
<AnneGwish> good hehe
<Scott> jason - where in toronto do you live?
<view> it's over?
<caliban> unmmkmmm royalties?
<trouble> who taped it for me?
<caliban> ghay
<caliban> GAY
<theself> hello
<Gidget_> hearing distance.. im in driving distance like 5 minutes away
*** Signoff: Maladjusted (Timeout)
<trouble> are you going to Mozzer's house tonight?
<view> 5 mins? why not go?
<caliban> patches?
<Bassole> Sorry for being so cynical with all of my questions and comments all. I knew none of our stuff would get through. Must get shut-eye, its 1:40AM. So goodnight.
<caliban> sinatra was a theif
<trouble> how could you just miss out like that?
<Gidget_> hello you took a leak on me and it just changed my life i love you!
<^^--^^> night bassole
<Jason> scott - downtown
<Guest23524> Yeah, toilet paper Moz's house!
<view> night bassole!
<caliban> MY LIFE FOR YOU
<caliban> yeah whatever
<trouble> I think some of my q's got through. I need the tape to know for sure.
*** KCXX-Meta ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<dithers> boxes.. a beautiful, very very important song,very close to me
he says.
<KCXX-Meta> trying for tour, hoping it's really soon
<Gil> meta, what's the word?
<Gidget_> meta!!!!!!!
<trouble> meta tell us everything!
<Scott> hi meta - thanks for everything
<KCXX-Meta> final track from new cd
*** Mode change "+o KCXX-Meta" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
*** Jeff has left channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> my early burglary years
<caliban> hey meta
*** Signoff: Bassole (Leaving)
*** Signoff: dithers (ircN for mIRC)
<KCXX-Meta> got unplugged!! sorry
<trouble> you say Moz is trying to tour? wow.
*** fw ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX-Meta> he really wants to soon
*** Mode change "+o fw" on channel #x1039 by X1039Bot
<Gidget_> META ..crazy fans at X tonight?
<view> what's going on now?
<despair> That's cool! But I haven't had time to save up enough money
for a new tour!
<trouble> damn that would KICK, well I can't swear, but you know what it
could kick!!!
<caliban> ass
<Scott> doesn't he always say that, though? i hope it's true.
<X1039Bot_admin> view: scroll up...KCXX-Meta just answered that
<Guest23524> Touring with what? New album? Compilation?
<KCXX-Meta> a guest Jeff was going to talk with you but comp got unpluged
<trouble> hee hee, you get away w/ everything
<Oscar_W> meta: what's going on right now????
<trouble> aww
<view> oh, sorry...... .
<Scott> yes, is there new material in the near future?
<fw> playing music.... last track of the cd
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<trouble> holy S! moz is gonna tour! Oh my lanta! America?! Or Europe?
<despair> fw or Meta: Did Morrissey mention any new recordings?
<trouble> I'd prefer America
<Guest23524> Sorry. Im having caffeine shakes
<Gidget_> cali.. are you gonna stay up with me tonight?
<Maladjusted> please tell me, what has happened..i got disconnected..
<caliban> yeppers
<Jason> i've never used this mirc thing...why does it keep beeping at me?
<caliban> skip in CD
<caliban> because you're BAD
<trouble> I have to know when Moz will tour!
<Gidget_> real high digit cd player
<Maladjusted> is moz touring?
<trouble> that's what meta said
<view> where is he touring?
<trouble> she didn't say
<AnneGwish> whoa. a moz tour. uh news?
<caliban> oooooooh
<caliban> ahhhhhhh
<view> probably not the whole us again huh?
<spacesuit> whoa!!
<trouble> is Moz in bed right now? hee hee.
<Gidget_> tazy
<spacesuit> he's touring???
<trouble> i hope he plays in the US and not Europe
<caliban> phillips
<spacesuit> yeah
<spacesuit> not europe or the southern hemisphere
<Maladjusted> I hope he comes to Costa Rica...
<Scott> but more importantly, What is touring with? new material? or for this compilation?
<spacesuit> just san francisco
<X1039Bot_admin> spacesuit: he said maybe...hes gonna try to.
<Guest23524> Ask him what he thinks about George Michael's publicity stunt
<AnneGwish> a tour. how suprising.
<trouble> meta wasn't specific.
<Maladjusted> What aboout a new CD?
<trouble> suz, moz is in bed.
<Maladjusted> new material?
<Oscar_W> I hope he plays in Europe Sweden, not in the states...
<Guest23524> Quoi? What have I missed?
<trouble> I want to hear a new album NOW
<trouble> not a comp
<Maladjusted> What else did he say?
<caliban> ehhhhh yah
<view> What does morrissey think of all his crazy fans?
<despair> Did he say if he's going to continue to work with his current band?
<X1039Bot_admin> Malajusted: "My Early Burglary Years" ... its out in stores Sept. 15th
<caliban> and morrissey cares what you think?
<Guest23524> I didn't know if that meant he might leave, or he was about to leave, or he was thinking about it and changed his mind....
<trouble> well who knows? meta isn't talking much
<Gidget_> its oh of cousre caliban
<X1039Bot_admin> despair: didnt say
<despair> Thanks
<Gidget_> yeah for sure he cares!
<AnneGwish> !tryme
<X1039Bot> X1039Bot raises his weapon at AnneGwish... CLICK!
<AnneGwish> heh
<^^--^^> did he mentioned anything about touring southern hemisphere ?
<Scott> admin: did he mention anything about new tracks?
<Gidget_> dont mess w/ the bot
<trouble> Moz should do a southern california/mexico tour. wouldn't that be cool?
<Maladjusted> WE WANT NEW TRACKS!
<Oscar_W> I hope he plays in Europe Sweden, not in the states...
<trouble> NEW TRAX NOW!!!
<AnneGwish> moz in mexico. hahaha
<Maladjusted> Moz should come to COSTA RICA!!!!!11
<AnneGwish> THAT'S funny.
<voodooska> no it wouldn't be cool trouble cus he needs to come to Dallas
<X1039Bot_admin> Scott: No. Only the comp album.
<theself> i just ended my phone conversation
<Scott> okay thanks....
<trouble> Moz said he wanted to play Mexico. TJ. Maybe he lied.
<theself> maggy cora is so wonderful
<despair> I hope he plays in the states, and in Europe, and in Asia, and in the southern hemisphere, then we can ALL be happy!
<Scott> amen
<Guest23524> i had a weird dream once back in Sept. that in it he said "well I'm coming out that way, but I have to go through Mexico first...."
*** Signoff: Scott (Leaving)
<trouble> will Moz play Texas?
<view> happy, but moz would be kind of tired....
<Gidget_> THANK YOU despair
* ^^--^^ bows to despair
<theself> i read her the poem i gave you
<caliban> peace on earth
<voodooska> he better play Texas or I will kill
<Jason> sorry to be a newbie..what why in God's name does this mirc program keep beeping ("PING PONG" in the status window)??
<trouble> if Moz plays Houston I'll go. Austin, no.
<AnneGwish> did anyone here go to the morrissey party thrown by 91x in san diego like 6 years ago or something?
<Gidget_> will MOZ play my niece's 8 birthday party?
<Guest23524> Houston is a smog infested swamp!
<caliban> my band will
<despair> I think he should make an effort to play Texas and Minneapolis, since he had to cancel that show during the last tour.
<voodooska> hey trouble I got your sit marked so I'll drop ypu e mail
some time I'm outta here
<trouble> no, I was in Hawaii! :(
<Gidget_> she really digs him
<trouble> besides it was 21 and up, how rood eh?
<Gidget_> your band cali?
<AnneGwish> i went. he was so cute.
<AnneGwish> someone jumped on him
<trouble> k voo!
<AnneGwish> and he left
<AnneGwish> it blew
<caliban> yeah freakdaddy heard of us?
<trouble> I'm still pissed about missing it! :(
<trouble> did you have to WIN tickets?
<Gidget_> haha cali i doesn't work
<view> what going on?
<view> what is...
<caliban> c'mon it could happen
<Gidget_> thanks but dont try and immitate
<Guest23524> Ask him why he is the grand master of funk.
<voodooska> GOOD NIGHT ALL
<trouble> bye voo!
<AnneGwish> yeah we did
<caliban> all says : good night
<AnneGwish> my friend michelle won tickets
<view> i's over right?
<trouble> see, I'm always left out of these contests.
<AnneGwish> and i was only 15
<voodooska> may I email you Trouble
<AnneGwish> haha
<view> he's gone?
<Gidget_> you, cali, will be my honorary Freakdaddy for tonight!
<trouble> sure voo!
<trouble> did Moz go beddy-bye already?
<caliban> YAH!!!
*** voodooska has left channel #x1039
<view> then why are we all here?
<Gidget_> so tonight i love you cali!
<caliban> <------honored
<trouble> anne, i'm jealous, but you say it blew so I guess I can get over it.
<Maladjusted> MOZZER: SEND US YOUR PILLOW.........
<caliban> eeeeeeeYAH!!!
<AnneGwish> well it blew that he left
<view> MORRISSEY!!! Take Me With You!!!!
<AnneGwish> but it was fantastic otherwise
<trouble> I want to find out if Meta got his shirt for me.
<Guest23524> So he DID leave? Heck
*** Signoff: despair (Timeout)
<spacesuit> he's gone
<Oscar_W> where is meta and fw??...
<trouble> damn, I always miss out. it never fails. oh well.
*** DJRockadoo ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gil> jill, why didn't you go to the studio?
<Guest23524> Moz has left the building....on his broomstick.
<Gidget_> if Meta got his shirt it wasnt for you it would probably be for
<DJRockadoo> so what the heck happened tonight with the interview?
<DJRockadoo> i just got here
<theself> oh god i am so happy!
<trouble> because would they have let me in?
<caliban> you know all of morrissey's songs are kinda depressing I'm curious why it seems like he's got himself a pretty FUCKING sweet niche all carved out for himslef
<AnneGwish> he got really pounced by some guy right when he was coming
down from the balcony to talk to people
<Gil> morrissey loves hardcore.
<Oscar_W> where is meta and fw??...
<KCXX-Meta> hey there
<trouble> meta better not have stolen my shirt.
<theself> oh feeling good about myself
<Oscar_W> hi
<Gidget_> cali jealous?
<trouble> meta did you get his shirt for me?
<caliban> yeha
<theself> maggy all my friends wrote me back
<theself> and cora called me
<AnneGwish> good tracy! =)
<theself> and celeste and meghan are my friends
<Gidget_> well dont be atleast not tonight you know why...???/
<view> META--what's the word?
<theself> and i have reason to look beautiful tonight
<caliban> I want dowzen upon dizens of chicks following me around
<trouble> anne, I heard about that in the local fanzines. remember The Harsh Truth and Oscillate Wildly?
<theself> and i feel good
*** Paul_2000 ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
*** Signoff: cut_here (Timeout)
*** Maladjusted has left channel #x1039
<Guest23524> So, I ask everyone here the following: Was there anything groundbreaking revealed or was it just "who does your hair?" questions?
<Gil> gravel still isn't here.
<DJRockadoo> so was teh interview good or not as usual???
<Paul_2000> ok
<AnneGwish> oh oscilliate wildly. was that oscars fanzine?
<trouble> yeah! whatever happened to Oscar?!!!
<AnneGwish> harsh truth haha
<AnneGwish> i have no idea.
<AnneGwish> he disappeared
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<trouble> Paul Cross from the Harsh Truth was an a-hole
<AnneGwish> totally!
<AnneGwish> haha
<view> two hours, what did we learn?
*** Signoff: theself (i want you to know the woman i am)
<spacesuit> he's touring
<spacesuit> we learned that
<trouble> where are Mozzer's old fanz? the fanzine editors? they're not around anymore.
<DJRockadoo> really, where
<view> hmm...
<AnneGwish> did you go to the show at the starlight bowl?
*** cut_here ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<DJRockadoo> is he touring
<trouble> no, i didn't go to that either! :(
<view> not again with the touring?
<AnneGwish> i'm still around. hehe
<Gil> what is nicole garrison up to, these days?
<Gidget_> we learned that morrssey has a new cd coming out with old songs that his real loyal fans have probably already heard
<trouble> I became a fan AFTER,
<DJRockadoo> please i wasn't here
<DJRockadoo> any U.S dates
<AnneGwish> oh that sucks. it was a fab show.
<Oscar_W> may I ask a question to all of you: Was The Smiths better than Morrissey solo?... I think so...
<AnneGwish> so was the one at the sports arena
<trouble> I heard. I miss everything.
<DJRockadoo> I only made it to 7 dates on that one
<AnneGwish> awww
<DJRockadoo> please tell me whats up with the tour
<view> no dates, just maybe he will try to tour...sometime in the future...with old songs...or somethig...
<Guest23524> Sucks to be you DJ!
<Gidget_> the ska parade!!!!!!!
<DJRockadoo> yeh
<caliban> The SKA Parade!!!!!!!
<view> sorry, i am real tired right now...
<trouble> I went to the O Brien Pavillion in Del Mar. I was just rookie
<X1039Bot_admin> DJRockadoo: said nothing other than he was going to try and tour.
<caliban> TILT TILT TILT
<Oscar_W> may I ask a question to all of you: Was The Smiths better than Morrissey solo?... I think so...
<Gidget_> tazy will drive me crazy!
<AnneGwish> i was there too!
<DJRockadoo> ok thanks
<AnneGwish> hehe
<Gil> i was there, jill.
*** Maladjusted has left channel #x1039
<DJRockadoo> Morrissey solo is much more mature than the smiths
<view> smiths rocked, but i am a morrissey fan...what's up with that?
<AnneGwish> we took pictures up front. with fake photopasses.
<Gidget_> yeah i wanna hear Tilt and Freakdaddy!!!
<AnneGwish> it was a blast
<caliban> All you FREKY LITTLE morrissey fans can leave NOW!
<trouble> gil who are you?
<Gil> um...
*** Maladjusted ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gidget_> Thank you CAIL
<caliban> yeah
<trouble> Meta didn't get his shirt for me? I'm pissed!
<caliban> TILT!!!!
<AnneGwish> haha
<caliban> Descendants!
<trouble> how about Hostility Point?
<Guest23524> Why ask for a shirt? Go for undergarments! With that, I'm outta here
<trouble> no I prefer shirts
*** Signoff: cut_here (Leaving)
<Gil> morrissey wears depends...
<Maladjusted> trouble loves ME!
<trouble> oh gross
<view> where is meta and fw or whoever else can say it's over, good-bye?
<caliban> yerah
<caliban> yeha
<trouble> oh yeah, I do!
<caliban> yeah
<trouble> where is the tape? I need to hear if my q's went on!
<view> i am not leaving until i get confirmation fro one of those @ guys...
<AnneGwish> i want a tape too
<Maladjusted> did anyone tape the show?
<Guest23524> Ick? So June Allyson is his new flame?
*** Signoff: Guest23524 (Leaving)
<Gidget_> yeahhhhhh
<Gil> yep.
<spacesuit> i wanna a tape!!
<caliban> gruvin!
<spacesuit> i must hear this interview!
<trouble> welp someone was supposed to tape if for me, I'll find out later if she did.
<caliban> how do you make purple wtitting again?
<AnneGwish> byebye peoples.
<Gidget_> like this: /me skanks
<caliban> dancin' with GidGET!
<Oscar_W> bye.. anne
* Gidget_ skanks
*** AnneGwish has left channel #x1039
* caliban dancin' with GidGET!
* caliban skankin'!
<view> i'm real tired and bitter and tired and tired...
<view> and this is really not very interesting...no offense...
<Maladjusted> view, did you tape the show?
<Gidget_> so cali was there any other SNMM regulars here tonight besides me and you?
<caliban> ummmm meta
<caliban> and ummm FW
<caliban> Bot and thats it
<view> MAL- i'm not in listening range...sorry...
<Gidget_> yeah i want to hear ALL
<Oscar_W> have Mozzer leaved...???
<caliban> DESCENDANTs
<caliban> allroy saves
<trouble> damn, my friend couldn't get it in. am I ever gonna hear thing
thing? damn!
<spacesuit> the descendants are good, yes
<view> Morrissey has left the building...probably...
<Paul_2000> !waitress
<Gidget_> just perfect
<trouble> ok who taped it? fess up! I want a dub!
<Gidget_> i love that song
<caliban> kinda inna punky mood tonight
<spacesuit> red aunts!
<view> MORRISSEY! come to NY! please...
<Gidget_> pickit up x3
<caliban> I like the van song gidget you hear?
<fw> hey, i am here... just got straifed by a thirsty dog....
<caliban> a thursty dog?
*** theself ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gidget_> fw we missed you
<Oscar_W> have Mozzer leaved...???
<Gil> ???
<view> fw--Morrissey has left the building??
<caliban> it's been a bad night for the regulers
<Gidget_> the bot is hot 2night
<fw> had to raid the ice chest... beers....
<caliban> cervesa!
<Oscar_W> have Mozzer leaved...???
*** Signoff: Paul_2000 (Leaving)
<Gidget_> yes view didnt you hear tazy?
<^^--^^> cheers
<view> i want a beer.......
*** X1039Bot_admin is now known as X-Sysadmin
<Gidget_> corona
<^^--^^> thanks fw and meta for being so patient.
*** Signoff: ^^--^^ (And everything I need to know about you, you still
<KCXX-Meta> ok, I'm back again
<caliban> tecate!
<Gidget_> Meta
<KCXX-Meta> wow
<spacesuit> is moz gone?
<Oscar_W> have Mozzer leaved...???
<view> gig--i didn't hear anything...sorry...
<Maladjusted> Meta, did he leave?
<caliban> spoanish
<caliban> spanish
<trouble> Meta, can you send me a tape of the broadcast?
<fw> don't know if he has left the building or not......
<KCXX-Meta> yeah, I think I said that awhile ago
<trouble> You owe me remember
<KCXX-Meta> they totally attacked him though
<DJRockadoo> damn, he better come back to the u.s. soon, but probably not
<caliban> uhhhh spanish
<theself> where did despair go?
<Gidget_> will you do me and caliban a favor tell tazy we want to hear the descendants, tilt ,freakdaddy
<KCXX-Meta> ok, how ya doin Gidget_?
<caliban> yeha I'll let him know
<spacesuit> are the contest winners gone?
<Maladjusted> META: wich CHAT questions did he answer?
<KCXX-Meta> yeah yeah
* Gidget_ says lets dance cali
<trouble> yeah meta, what chat q's did he answer?
<Gil> i hate tilt.
<KCXX-Meta> he answered all kinds of questions, I had to run around during alot of it
<Gidget_> im dong fine meta
* caliban dancin' with giget to the kwazy tunes
<spacesuit> is cathy gone?
<trouble> I feel so cheap.
<KCXX-Meta> you are
<caliban> Hah
<view> who atacked him?
* Gidget_ stops dancing to give meta a hug
<KCXX-Meta> a bunch of fans
<Maladjusted> WHY?
<view> oh...
<KCXX-Meta> thanks, Mark needs one too, he got really hit around
<Maladjusted> attacked?
<Jason> did moz come to the station with anybody?
<view> they want a "piece" of him i guess...
<Gidget_> i figure you need it cause of all the crazyness going on at the
station tonight
<KCXX-Meta> they wanted to touch him, but they were totally out of control and basically lost
<KCXX-Meta> control of themselves I guess
<Maladjusted> oops!
<Maladjusted> as usual
<caliban> must be strange to have that kind of thing happen
<view> hmm...control...
<KCXX-Meta> like touching someone's shoulder but totally grabbing it and hanging on as people pushed around
<trouble> Meta says I'm cheap? Because I used this stoopid IRC thing?
<Gidget_> can you imagine that happens to him where ever he goes
<Oscar_W> meta: did he answered the chat questions on the radio?
<view> control...
<Maladjusted> Meta, are you transcribing the interview and adding it to
your web site?
<KCXX-Meta> we had 4-5 cops and security guards and bouncers
<caliban> dude he must be scared to use the bathroom!
<KCXX-Meta> but there were alot of people
<caliban> a lot
<view> i feel for morrissey
<caliban> a lot two words
<caliban> you felt morrissey?
<Gidget_> 2 words?
<Oscar_W> meta: did he answered the chat questions on the radio?
<caliban> a lot
<KCXX-Meta> yes Oscar_W he answered many questions and the ones asked here were many of the ones asked by callers, previously submitted questions
<view> i feel FOR morrissey...not felt up morrissey...
<Jason> meta: how did moz look - clothes, mood, etc?
<Maladjusted> and how about the CHAT questions?=
<caliban> buncha heroin addicts
<Gil> he wore vintage levi's...big "E"...
<Gidget_> hah cali
<view> and a blue shirt with grey jacket...
<view> and wingtips...
<KCXX-Meta> Maladjusted scroll up and figure out the answer as I just answered it
<Gil> a tuxedo looking shirt.
<KCXX-Meta> thank you view for answering that
<trouble> so you're saying he didn't answer our specific questions?
* theself daydreams
<caliban> meta gonna have more BIG STARS on SNMM?
<Gidget_> i love the ska parade
<view> your welcome META, figured you needed a break...
<caliban> it's kwl
<Maladjusted> trouble, that's my point..
<Jason> sorry...big "E"? what's that?
<KCXX-Meta> I need to help clean up the mess left around here. Hopefully you will chat a bit and I'll return
<Gil> big "E"...
*** KCXX-Meta is now known as away
<caliban> meta clean freak
<Gidget_> obessive compulsive
<caliban> disOORDER
<Gil> meta has OCD? hmmmmmmm...
<Gidget_> meta love ya!
<trouble> mala, I think we're being jipped.
<Gidget_> big sandy
<view> oh well, morrissey has left the building, i has left the chat room...i am tired...
*** Signoff: theself (Leaving)
<Maladjusted> yes, I know...
<Gil> big sandy and his fly rite boys?
<caliban> meta smile it;s a stressful day but now you have another kewl stoery for the grandkids!!
<trouble> I feel so ripped off. And Meta had the nerve to say I'm cheap.
<caliban> ain't that what lifes about?
<Gil> why did she say you're cheap?
<view> bye all!
<Maladjusted> Meta is not being very nice...
<caliban> trouble shut the fuck up dude
<Sunny> Be view
<Sunny> Bye
<Gidget_> trouble can u hear x1039 where u r at?
<trouble> yeah right dood
<Maladjusted> caliban, who asked you anyway?
<Gil> duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude...
<trouble> no, I couldn't hear it and no one taped it for me
<view> bye!
<Oscar_W> calibian: what are you here for alltought?
<Gidget_> trouble let me explian it to u
<caliban> dude meta worsktoo hard to be asked dumb ass questions by assholes
<trouble> so Meta just assumed all our questions were duplicates?
<Gil> "caliban" is a regular...
<view> thank you all at 103.9 for letting me spend my sunday night in front of a computer...
<Maladjusted> since you are so smart...
<trouble> go ahead gidget
<caliban> yeah mal
<view> good-night
<Gidget_> see x listeners subbmited ?'s to the radio staion all week so they had asked moz those ?'s mostly
*** DJRockadoo has left channel #x1039
*** Signoff: view (Leaving)
<trouble> yeah, all night in front a computer. how fun.
<Gidget_> so the chat room ?'s came secondary
<Jason> will someone post a real-audio file of this show?
<trouble> so how come we weren't informed of this fax contest? I would've played damnit.
<caliban> SWING!!!!!!!
<Maladjusted> Jason, they might be adding one to their web site..
* caliban grabs gidget SWING w/mE!!!!!
<trouble> what is the point of this chat room?
<Jason> what was the story behind moz picking this particular show to attend?
<Gidget_> trouble its here every sunday night x1039 plays new music and bands and gets input from the listeners and the chat room
<X-Sysadmin> TO EVERYONE: You can only ask a person so many questions in 2 hours (especially when he was playing his fav. tracks off the new album). He's only human, BUT YES, some of the questions he asked were answered and most were relayed by KCXX-Meta and fw to everyone here.
<caliban> thakn you bot!
<X-Sysadmin> Nobody got jipped or should feel like they got jipped. Everyone had a good time, right?
<Gil> i've got a question: why is "caliban" allowed to swear and yet
"trouble" isn't?
<Gidget_> now i am all pissy
<caliban> cause I'm kewl!
<Gil> i doubt that, cal.
<caliban> trouble's a little bitch
<caliban> gidget 's pissy?
<trouble> good question gil!
<Gidget_> cause gil me and cali are regulars here the bot likes us
<X-Sysadmin> Gil: cuz either the the bot or I didnt catch him...he knows better...he knows the rules.
<Gil> oh, sycophants...
<trouble> I'm not a satisfied customer, that makes me a "little bitch"?
Are you a misogynist?
<Gidget_> this song is like you know
<caliban> trouble you pat money for this? then stop bitchen
<Gidget_> .....
<caliban> what gidget?
<trouble> time is money, steal some today
<Gidget_> old skool do it music
<caliban> troubles YOUR time ain't money
<caliban> gidget its time to take you partner and dance **close****
<Gil> ...
<Gil> ooooooooooh, cyber dancing...
*** Guest2453 ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
*** Signoff: Maladjusted (Timeout)
<away> geez, what are you all doin?
<caliban> I hope he does die though
<Gidget_> cali(freakdaddy) your the boss tonight!
*** away is now known as KCXX
<Oscar_W> To everyone: I think calibian is a little bit stupid... what do
you think?
<Gidget_> oh cali you are the king!
<KCXX> no, he's not
<Gil> here here *clink*
<KCXX> a BIT stupid... well, ok, I can agree with that
<Guest2453> i wish i could here the station
<trouble> so did moz say anything exciting?
<KCXX> :) lotsa love cali... and that's ONE WORD!!
<Gidget_> and tomorrow night ill be the boss
* caliban THe KING!!!!
<Gidget_> Tazy really is the boss
<Gidget_> ocean 11
<trouble> I was a DJ once too, it's really not that great.
<Sunny> Goodbye
<Gidget_> i shall sing
<Gidget_> lalalalala la l a
<KCXX> no, YOU just weren't great
<Gidget_> be it right
<KCXX> bye sunny
<Gidget_> be it wrong
*** Signoff: Sunny (Leaving)
<Gidget_> sing w/ me people
* caliban laalallalaalallaaaaa
* caliban laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<trouble> well if I wasn't great then why did I get an award.
<Gidget_> la la la lalala la
<KCXX> "worst DJ" award??
<Gidget_> ohhhhhhhh
<Gidget_> fightin' words!
<KCXX> they have awards for everything
<Oscar_W> Sing your life Gidget!
<caliban> that british chick
<trouble> KKSM the rock of college radio. you're really mature.
<KCXX> what do you do now trouble?
<fw> gnite everybody.... have a dead dog on the couch... going to sleep
<Gidget_> fw you leaving
<Gidget_> why
<KCXX> No, I am mature. I just think that being a DJ is great.
<KCXX> I think it's the best job ever.
<fw> yeah, gotta get some sleep...
<KCXX> fw, goodnight
<fw> gnite meta..
<X-Sysadmin> cya fw
<Gidget_> bye fw
<KCXX> thanX!
<caliban> fw next week
*** Skee ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX> rosarito baby
<Oscar_W> Sing your life Gidget!
<trouble> Did you like how Moz implied that we should hang the DJ?
<X-Sysadmin> maybe
<Gidget_> hey how come i havent heard about this trip to rosarito!
<fw> later... hey admin.... give the doggo shit tomorrow...... he was at an extended happy hour at marie's... then raided the ice chest in the back room...
<X1039Bot> fw> I Hear You, You Know You Shouldn't Do That!
<fw> now he is snoozing on the couch...
<Skee> how did moz imply that?
<fw> rosarito or bust!!!
<trouble> I don't work, that's for sure. If you gave Moz my questions you'd know I'm a rock star now. Thanks.
<caliban> trouble's a rock star?
<fw> X-sysadmin did ya get that?
<trouble> yip!
<Gidget_> yeah rock *
<fw> k.. one more smoke...
<X-Sysadmin> yep...he better save some of that beer...thats my ice chest
<caliban> fw's smokin' out
<X-Sysadmin> hehehe
<trouble> Moz said Panic was the song that meant the most to him. right?
<Gidget_> punk rawk star
<fw> :)
<Skee> of all the smiths songs?
<trouble> i'm a rock *
<caliban> hah!
<trouble> yeah he was giving a cryptic message to the djs
<Gil> meta, play some op ivy.
<Skee> hehe
<Gidget_> ohh good one gil
<caliban> any chance of descandents?
*** Signoff: trouble (Leaving)
<Gidget_> we forgot to request that one cali
*** spacesuit has left channel #x1039
<caliban> dammit
<KCXX> what cali
<Gil> play some dag nasty.
<caliban> no descandants
<KCXX> oh, the request
<caliban> yeha
<Gidget_> Gil they play Op Ivy every week on the ska pardae
<caliban> sniff snifff
<KCXX> too bad trouble left
<Gidget_> parade
<KCXX> ha ha
<Gil> oh, i don't live in el lay.
<Skee> do they play trad on ska parade?
<KCXX> whew, I'm so worn out
<Gidget_> trouble was nothing but
<caliban> you should get like trent reznor in there
<KCXX> gil, where are you?
<Guest2453> is there any way i could here this station via the net?
<fw> i bet, my fingers are bloody stumps from typing....
<Skee> or is it all 3rd wave punk?
<Gil> berkeley.
<Oscar_W> Where do you all boys and girls living??
<caliban> 3rd wave punk
<KCXX> we are trying to get it going but I'm waiting on the engineer.
<caliban> ?
<KCXX> I took care of everything else
<Gidget_> No skee
*** Signoff: Jason (Leaving)
<KCXX> but I don't know crap about setting it up at the server
<Gidget_> they play all kinds 3rd wave ska punk trad, 2tone
<KCXX> receiver and all the way we have to do it
<Skee> cool
<X-Sysadmin> I do.
<X-Sysadmin> ;-)
<KCXX> hopefully soooon, meaning about a month
<caliban> that is your job dude
<Gil> what do you think of the new rancid?
<KCXX> hope you'll check back on it,
*** Signoff: fw (ircN for mIRC)
<X-Sysadmin> so-to-speak...yeah!
<Gidget_> its all about so cal oscar
<Oscar_W> ok
<KCXX> no, it's not his job, that's why it's taking so long
<Oscar_W> im from SWEDEN!
*** Skee has left channel #x1039
<caliban> really? workin' too hard I guess
<Guest2453> whats moz doing?
<caliban> yeah!!!
<KCXX> gils in berkeley huh
<Gil> moz is sleeping...or shagging someone.
<Gidget_> moz has left the building
<X-Sysadmin> thank you meta!!
<KCXX> oscar is still here from sweden yippee
<Gidget_> my guess is he's probably slepping
<KCXX> but what time is it in sweden?
<Oscar_W> yea!
<caliban> 7:00 am
<KCXX> 8 hours differensce
<KCXX> is that right
<Oscar_W> 8:29 in the morning
<Gidget_> yeikes
<Gidget_> its like 1135 at night here
<Gil> ok, no opinions on the new rancid...
<KCXX> oh, ok, 9 hours. I talked with someone in Netherlands during soccer
<Gil> later.
<Gidget_> new rancid........well lets not talk about it
*** geekycruel ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<Gil> b/c...?
<KCXX> oh yeah, new rancid
*** Signoff: jpr (Leaving)
<Gidget_> b/c?
<KCXX> with specials hooligans
<KCXX> is what I know
<caliban> it's like the ...out come the wolves reiterated
<Gidget_> whats that mean?
<Gil> because...
<Guest2453> whats the most played band on your station?
<KCXX> and i like it but I don't know the rest
<geekycruel> So, an interested NYC kid wants to know if Moz said anything
<Guest2453> what sonts top of of the play list?
<Gidget_> god its eve6 by far!!!!!
<Gil> caliban, i don't think so.
<KCXX> you should check our playlist www.x1039
<KCXX> main page then click playlist
<KCXX> it's a good one
<geekycruel> thanks
<KCXX> well, i think the most interesting thing was what he said to a guest listener
<KCXX> who got to talk with him
<Gil> you should play the swingin' utters.
<KCXX> she asked about the band aid over his nipple
<caliban> yeha that bit about the opoetry thang
<Guest2453> and?
<KCXX> were you here when she was chatting?
<Gidget_> they play swingin utters on the ska parade
<KCXX> Rose
<Gil> you should play AFI.
<KCXX> the poetry was interesting to you cali?
<caliban> yeah
<KCXX> what's AFI
<Gidget_> ill request it just for you gill
<caliban> you read anne sexton?
<Gil> you should play more East bay Hard core.
<Gidget_> i like afi
<Gil> AFI is an EBHC band.
<caliban> it's like morrissey without the tunage
<geekycruel> the playlist hasn't been updated yet, so someone speak up
and tell what Moz had to say!
<caliban> concrete jungle
<Gidget_> gil where u from?
<Gil> i already said.
<KCXX> playlist is current
<Guest2453> i haven't heard of any of these bands
<KCXX> as to what we are playing
<Gidget_> cali.uh i mean freakdaddy
<Guest2453> any of them good?
<Gil> you should play some MTX.
<caliban> gidget huh?
<Gidget_> so i missed it where are you from gil
<KCXX> geekycruel.. you joined late?
<Gil> berkeley.
<geekycruel> the playlist only reads August 2nd...or am I just having trouble finding the updated one?
<Gidget_> oh thanks gil
<KCXX> are you looking at the R & R one?
<Gidget_> Cail you need to visit your website
<caliban> wheres' that at?
<geekycruel> I was here earlier, but as I am in NYC and can't hear the broadcast, I left the chat for a while
<Gidget_> www.Freakdaddy.com
<Gil> how old are you people?
<Gidget_> 19
<caliban> 2
<caliban> 2
<Gil> that makes sense.
<Oscar_W> 17
<KCXX> Morrissey said he put the band aid over his nipple just as a whim and thought it looked sexy
<KCXX> 2
<KCXX> 7
<Gil> ???
<Gil> 27?
<caliban> yeah
<X-Sysadmin> 17+10
<Guest2453> creed sucks
<Gidget_> i think it looks sexy.. and i dont even like the guy!
<caliban> all-o-gistics!!!!!!
*** Rammstein ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<KCXX> yeah, that's why there album went platinum... you must be right
<caliban> it's the bandaid?
<Rammstein> hello
<KCXX> hi du
<KCXX> de
<Gidget_> your here
<Guest2453> eve 6 sucks
<caliban> du du hast
<Gidget_> you missed morrissey .....i know dont cry
<Rammstein> me?
<KCXX> actually eve 6 is good live and their's is selling well also
<Gidget_> eve6 is ok but when you here it every 2HOURS !!!!! come on
<Gil> morrissey like the clash, iggy and the stooges, the buzzcocks, the ramones...
<caliban> are album sales indicative of a musically great ablum?
<geekycruel> I'm sorry, but the R&R only lists a bunch of pop bands, with no mention of Moz1 :(
<Guest2453> moz never gets any radio play and hes still huge
<KCXX> do you really want to get into my explanation cali
<caliban> just an overview?
<Gidget_> geek let me be honset w/ you x1039 doesnt play much morrissey some ,and some smiths
<caliban> I don't want to invoke the wrath or nuthin
<Gidget_> 877
<KCXX> bad songs by bad bands may move up the chart for a short time, but if alot of people like them, then I must believe that they are a decent to good band
<geekycruel> I'm just looking to find out what kind of things Moz said during the show, but no one is talking!
<Gidget_> put well KCXX
<caliban> despite you personal feeling?
<KCXX> because I do believe that at least a good number of people are not idiots
<Rammstein> i have to say something. I think chaarts arent worth
anything really
<Gidget_> i know geek
<Guest2453> i would have to disagree
<Guest2453> kcxx
<KCXX> but good songs stay on the charts, ie, Creed, Eve 6 Semisonic...
<Gil> i've never heard of those bands.
<Rammstein> charts are just another sign of people following what other people think
<caliban> allright
<Rammstein> not many people actually have unique opinions
<Gidget_> KCXX start playing that new semisonic song that you played last week on the SNMM
<Guest2453> i'm with rammstein
<caliban> yeah!!!!!!
<geekycruel> As Oscar himself put it, "Whatever is popular is wrong..."
<KCXX> if people buy their albums and request them, then a large number of people like them. Are you doubting the opinion of almost everyone except for yours?
<Guest2453> is kroq any good?
<Rammstein> yes
<Gidget_> ahh yeah
<Rammstein> yep
<Gidget_> kroq is great
<Rammstein> because how do people find out about bands?
<Gidget_> duh its world famous!
<Rammstein> the radio or friends
<Gil> later.
*** Gil has left channel #x1039
<X-Sysadmin> so why didnt kroq do a morrissey interview?? hehehe
<caliban> meta but isn't your opinion worth somethin'?
<Rammstein> and not many people want to tell their friends i dont like them
<Guest2453> they have!
<Gidget_> yeah meta
<Guest2453> a great cd too
<X-Sysadmin> a long time ago maybe....
<KCXX> well, now that you have all just been assholes by not supporting the chatroom that you are taking part in, I bid you farewell
<Gidget_> your opinon matters cuz your a way dope dj
<geekycruel> Meta! Please tell me what Moz had to say?! Just a curious follower..
<Gidget_> cail
<caliban> gidget
<Rammstein> huh?
<Gidget_> you like this song?
<Gidget_> i do
<caliban> yeah I like... is meta angry?
<Rammstein> man billy idol will ALWAYS be better
<Gidget_> i dunno?
<Guest2453> is it possible for dj's to play what they want or do they have to stick the playlist?
<KCXX> cali, think about it.
<caliban> billy idol ewwww the mortyshow KREL!!!!!!!
<Rammstein> man not all billy idol but this song and rebel yell will always be better
<Rammstein> as billy idol
<caliban> KCXX what is there to think about I was discussing her views of charts and theit relationship with music
<caliban> wher did I miss a step?
<Gidget_> meta i like x and all but kroq plays more variety
<caliban> I l;ike x cause it's good stuff!
<Gidget_> AB is so sexy!
<caliban> ab?
<Gidget_> albino brown!
<caliban> ahhhhhhhh
<Rammstein> albino
* caliban slaps forehead
<Rammstein> :) he he
<Guest2453> whats kroq's website
<KCXX> well, I don't appreciate it. And I don't think that any of you are very supportive of the chatroom nor the radio station that you join in every sunday night. and frankly, I don't understand it
<caliban> who cares
<caliban> oops
<X-Sysadmin> kroq doesnt have a website. point made.
<caliban> not you meta
<Rammstein> im not here EVERY sunday
<Gidget_> ewwwwww good one x
<caliban> well I think that we are but it's not like we get a lot of supprt from the station.
<Gidget_> meta we know its not your fault
<caliban> aside from being here a
<caliban> and providing the room
<caliban> we don't see a lot of communication to and from it's one way
<X-Sysadmin> caliban: yeah...but you can only lead a horse to water...you cant make him drink.
<Oscar_W> bye for tonight everyone... and GOODNIGHT MORRISSEY... (My real name is Oscar W) bye... and I will sing my life!!!
<caliban> we like you nad I think we all don't think you are purposly schoosing any music that is distastful to any
<Gidget_> can i say one last thing about this matter?
<caliban> you have to heed the voices above
<caliban> shoot
<Rammstein> the voices!
<Rammstein> you hear them too?
<Rammstein> im glad i am no longer alone
<Oscar_W> bye..
<caliban> sysadmin I agree but meta when we complain ...as we are want to do... it's not like we hate you or nothin'
<Gidget_> i mean x will like support like local shows like homegrown and freakdaddy all the local groups but wont play them like all the time like they to like semisonic and eve 6 and harvey danger
<Rammstein> anyone heard of unwritten law?
<Gidget_> WE LOVE META
<Gidget_> yes UL is way dope
<caliban> META is the bestest DJ here
<Rammstein> man i have onlym heard them on 1 station
<caliban> and is waaaaay kewl
<Gidget_> Mr. brown
<Rammstein> has x ever played tehm?
<Gidget_> they play them here on the ska parade
<KCXX> BTW, if they did have a website or you got to see their playlist that we see, you would find out that they spin songs up to 70 times a week while we keep ours at a maximum of 40
*** Oscar_W has left channel #x1039
<Rammstein> they do!
<KCXX> how can that be more variety??
<caliban> spin songs?
*** Oscar_W ([email protected]) has joined channel #x1039
<caliban> whats that mean?
<Rammstein> play them i think
<X-Sysadmin> Gidget_ : You gotta understand...radio is a business..not a popularity contest. not everything is gonna please everyone all the time.
*** Oscar_W has left channel #x1039
<Gidget_> i hear eve6 and harvey danger like 5 times a day far from kidding you
<X-Sysadmin> You can only shoot for the majority
<Rammstein> yeah
<Gidget_> true
<Rammstein> but a radio station would be popular if it didnt "conform"
<Rammstein> nowadays people like differentness
<Rammstein> (is that a word)
<caliban> yeah but isn't radio a popularity contest? you get lots of listeners and you get lots of advertising?
<X-Sysadmin> yeah, and they wouldnt have sponserships, money coming
in...and they'd ultimately be off the air.
<Gidget_> but honestly dont you get sick of playing some stuff
<caliban> sponsorships from records company's?
<KCXX> actually no need to go off on that scott, because we do play more local bands than kroq
<Gidget_> i hate u i hate u i hate u hate you hate you
<Rammstein> that fastball song i liked it till i saw the video
<X-Sysadmin> you gotta pay the bills...and sometimes its not going to make everyone happy.
<Rammstein> the video is so wrong for the song
<KCXX> skeletones, freakdaddy, skiptooth, jfc
<Guest2453> www.ontheair.com
<Gidget_> skiptooth?
<KCXX> have gotten more airplay than any single local band ever has on kroq
<Guest2453> look at those names
<Gidget_> you guys play them?
<Guest2453> whats music come to?
<Gidget_> ozomatli?
<Gidget_> ozomatli
<Gidget_> ...is on right now
<caliban> I understand but I think variety, the way we mean it, is more
songs not the same songs
<Guest2453> i haven't heard a good song on the radio since 1988
<caliban> OZOMATLI!!!!!!!1
<Gidget_> can we sop fighting and throw our fists in the air
<Rammstein> it is 1998
* caliban grabs gidg gruves to bump and grind
<Guest2453> 88
* caliban throwin' fist inna air!!!!!!
<Rammstein> oh oops
<X-Sysadmin> alright...I gotta go to sleep. Gotta work early. Meta, check private windows.
<Rammstein> sorry
<caliban> later sysadmin
<X-Sysadmin> cya
<Gidget_> bye!
<Rammstein> 8ball how are you?
<X1039Bot> Rammstein, In the back seat of the car.
<X-Sysadmin> l8tr.
<Rammstein> what?
*** X-Sysadmin has left channel #x1039
<Rammstein> im lostnow
<Rammstein> oh ok
<Rammstein> dang i need some sleep
<Rammstein> hes in the back seat of a car :)
<caliban> rammstein you seein' thangs
<caliban> ?
<Rammstein> the 8ball
<Rammstein> 8ball whats new?
<X1039Bot> Rammstein, It would take a disturbed person to even ask.
<Rammstein> lol
<Gidget_> and i'm blessed with the gif of rap its like that!
<Rammstein> :)
<Rammstein> man i gotta be going
<Rammstein> im seeing things time to sleep
<KCXX> you leaving Rammstein
<KCXX> ?
<Rammstein> yeah
<caliban> tah tah rammstein
<Rammstein> I get my stitches out today or monday is it moday yet?
<caliban> du hast?
<Gidget_> later days dude!
<Rammstein> no i dont hate anyone
<caliban> not erven morrissy?
<Gidget_> haha
<Rammstein> nope i try not to hate
<caliban> SKA PARADE!!!!!!!!!!
<Rammstein> i can skate again
<Rammstein> yes
<Rammstein> !
<KCXX> hope they pull easily
<Rammstein> bye guys
<Rammstein> lol
<Rammstein> thanks
<KCXX> bye
<Gidget_> 12345 678910 11 12
<caliban> yeah
*** Signoff: Rammstein (Leaving)
<caliban> that song
<caliban> 1112
<Gidget_> i called it!
<caliban> yeah
<caliban> gidget you bad as
<caliban> s
<Gidget_> pick it up x3
<caliban> soo meta tonite a record no. o people or what?
<Gidget_> 12345 678910 11 12
<KCXX> is boy racer still here or just his skeletal remains?
<KCXX> yep, I think so. There was one other night that was huge
<KCXX> I think it was with hmm....
<Gidget_> yeah meta i joined and i was like whoa lots of morrissey-a be's
<caliban> I don't uinderstand the facination
<Gidget_> (i.e trouble)
<KCXX> he's very elusive... that's more appealing
<caliban> like fugazi?
<caliban> or like pearl jam
<Gidget_> you wanted him!
<Gidget_> just kidding meta
<KCXX> so they become fanatic when he makes that one appearance in 3 years or whatever
<Guest2453> how many people were here earlier?
*** Signoff: geekycruel (Leaving)
<KCXX> wanted trouble?
<Gidget_> no morrissey
<KCXX> rock star my ass.
<caliban> heh heh heh
<KCXX> oh, yeah, I'd do him
<KCXX> :)
<caliban> HAH
<Gidget_> huh whoa a rock star
<Gidget_> its the band aid huh
<KCXX> trouble said he was a rock star
<KCXX> i'd bite that baby right off...
<KCXX> ok stop me now.
<caliban> no way it's the repeated theme of death and lonliness in his lyrics
<Gidget_> i know hes probably some little turd
<caliban> no way if I were gay I'd do hom
<Gidget_> META!!!!please im not 21 yet i cant be hearing these things!
<caliban> heh heh heh
<KCXX> he is really intelligent and introspective and that is pretty sexy and really sexy to his freak fans.
<caliban> meta can I quote you on that?
<Guest2453> he has freak fans?
<KCXX> the poetry discussion
<KCXX> oops, sorry guest, were you one of those?
<Gidget_> meta ...were there more guy or girl fans outside x tonight?
<caliban> freak like Marilyn MAnson or freak like courtny love?
* Gidget_ helps meta take her foot out of her mouth
<KCXX> I'd say it was pretty equal
<Guest2453> well i didn't get to hear any of it, because you don't let people listen on your website
<caliban> half girl half boy all FREAK!!!!
<KCXX> alright, I went over that already about 10 times.
<Gidget_> dont go over it again please!
<caliban> i caon't bare it
<Guest2453> pay your engineer more
<caliban> guest YOU foot the bill
<Guest2453> i'm poor
<Guest2453> and unemployed
<caliban> shut up then
<Gidget_> AHHHHHHH
<caliban> yeahhhahhha
<KCXX> he's setting up our new digital editing system...
<Gidget_> rum
<Gidget_> go jim go!
<KCXX> this is next on the list I think.
<caliban> seems like our local bands kick more asss
<Gidget_> some ignore the bums but ill break bread and ill drink rum
<KCXX> Letting people out of the area listen is less important to us than serving those who are local
<caliban> digital editing system?
<caliban> rum
<KCXX> yeah, we have one, but this one is the newest out. It really kicks.
<caliban> digital editing? like music sounds A/v stuff?
* Gidget_ is smiling
* Gidget_ =)
<caliban> yeah
<KCXX> for the imaging or elements between the songs (you know, the ones that get burnt out or really old), also for the commercials
<KCXX> and the promos, like song of week, giveaways, etc.
<caliban> ahhhhh Ic