Morrissey at KCXX
San Bernardino, CA
August 9, 1998

Interview by Dwight Arnold,
"Sunday Night Music Meeting"
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At a small radio station in the Inland Empire (about an hour outside Los Angeles), Morrissey talked about the forthcoming My Early Burglary Years compilation and took questions from callers. The two-hour radio show was broadcast live and approximately 150-200 people showed up to greet Morrissey at the station. Upon arrival, some fans got various body parts autographed "MOZ".

Throughout the interview items were sent in and autographed. During station breaks, Morrissey could be seen from outside walking the hallways and posing for pictures. Five contest winners and their guests got to meet with Morrissey in a separate room during the interview for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Things got a little violent as Morrissey left the station, police escorts had to use pepper spray or mace on someone and there was some property damage in the area. Fans jumped barriers to get close to the getaway car, some people jumped on the car itself. According to Debi, there were a couple injuries -- one of the police escorts had his foot run over upon Morrissey's departure.

Thanks to those who contributed in documenting this event.

Mention in the Riverside, CA Press-Enterprise, Aug. 9. Submitted by Jason G.
Follow-up in the Riverside, CA Press-Enterprise, Aug. 23. Submitted by Debi.

KCXX IRC Chatroom log, from Roger Shannon. Text log of the KCXX IRC chat that took place during the interview. Includes a visit from Rose, one of the contest winners that got to meet Morrissey at the station during the station break.

Outside the studio, pictures from Melita:
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More photos outside the studio, taken by Maria Martinez courtesy Melinda Hsu.

Meeting with contest winners,
pictures from Debi:
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Morrissey makes his exit,
picture from Morizey:
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Full text transcript on "The Arcane Old Wardrobe", courtesy The Comtesse DeSpair

Audio tape of the interview for digitization and summary provided by Melinda Hsu

AUDIO TRANSCRIPT (4 parts, RealPlayer required)

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Part 1 (8:32)
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"...people are very nice here"
What does "At Amber" mean? Driving, etc.
["At Amber"]
Question about 1959-1986 tombstone photograph
["Cosmic Dancer"]
Question about early retirement and touring
["Nobody Loves Us"]

Part 2 (9:47)
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["A Swallow On My Neck"]
Places to visit, question about playing Smiths songs
["Sister I'm A Poet"]
["Black-Eyed Susan"]
Question about Hispanic audience, his spare time
["Michaels Bones"]
Question about Raymonde's song "Nobody Holds A Candle To You"
["I'd Love To"]

Part 3 (11:48)
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Weirdest thing someone's asked Morrissey to sign
["Reader Meets Author"]
Die, Cheerleader!
["Pashernate Love"]
People recognizing themselves in songs
["Girl Least Likely To"]
"Ambitious Outsiders"
["Jack The Ripper"]
Classifying music
["I've Changed My Plea To Guilty"]

Part 4 (6:57)
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Influential poets
['The Boy Racer"]
Question about his music done in other languages, Frank Sinatra, Mexico