When You're Older

By realitybites · May 25, 2018 · ·
  1. When you're older you are no longer a victim of your sexual hormones--a slave to your libido.

    When you are older you aren't expected to look sexy but rewarded highly if you do.

    When you are older you impress with your strength--feel no shame for being vulnerable.

    When you are older you have meaningful relationships that have ripened over time.

    When you are older you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal--plentiful experiences and memories to comfort.

    When you are older you are comfortable in your own skin--even if it's not as taut as it use to be.


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  1. realitybites
    Hi! How are you?
  2. Light Housework
    Yes, my libido is very weak now. I'm relieved too! Hey it's redpathetic.
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