total fail

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    So I go on my walk, and stop by Circle K just for some coffee and my old co worker is working and I notice that “Lips like Sugar” is playing through the speakers, I say to him:

    “Is this you?"

    He smiles, and tells me yeah, they let him hook up his iPhone to the store sound finally, realizing it actually lets people get more work done and the time pass better, but I’m just happy to see he’s expanded his horizons musically, use to just be whiney, emo stuff when I first started working with him. Oh yeah, at the time he’s stocking cigs, he’s got a carton of Marlboro Southern Cuts in his hand and he’s like:

    “Remember me Robby, we had such good times?”

    i just chuckle and think to myself: no we didnt Mr Southern Cut, not really, we just did lotta drinking bourbon and fighting.

    Still, somehow, I walk out having bought a pack, its how it happens, not even realizing it, smoking my 3rd one straight right now and its grand, even without the bourbon and fighting…


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