Tired and Useless

By Tibby · May 7, 2019 · ·
  1. I`m listening to Morrissey`s song "Lost" right now. Which is exactly how I feel right now. I`m in an awful depression right now. I`m tired all the time and can`t find the motivation to get a whole lot done right now . I mean I try but I think some people might just think I`m being lazy. I hate to think people are thinking of me that way.

    I've written about what a wonderful Mom and sisters and nieces and nephews that I have but I feel so lonely right now. I feel like no one understands that I`m trying my best just to be here. I feel as though I`m disappointing everyone and that I am useless. I am very tired.


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  1. NigelJules
    It seems easy for me to say, but life doesn't always stay the same. I went through a bad depressive when I was 19-20 and literally couldn't face each day. All you can do is take a day at a time and try to find that small inner reserve of strength to get through that day, and time will pass and you will heal. It's a bit like going up a mountain when your in the foothills sometimes you go down a bit then up a bit, but generally your always climbing up. Depression is debilatating and saps your strength as its mentally tiring, be yourself, sleep if you need to. At the end of each day try to think of one good thing that happened or you saw no matter how small it is, even just a happy thought, a smile on someones face, summer rain falling on your upturned face, concentrate on that. This isn't forever, humans are incredibly strong when they need to be. Take care
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    1. Tibby
      Thank you for your advice NigelJules. I think having gratitude for something each day is something positive to try to achieve. Thank you for your suggestion.

  2. Try Anything Twice
    That’s the thing about depression. It saps you of all energy and make the smallest task seem unachievable. I know that judgement as I was branded lazy by my father while at an early age. Hang in there, Tibby. Be kind to yourself. What you feel is real and you have a right to rest when you’re in this space. When you’re ready, try breaking tasks into smaller steps and take them one at a time. Recognize your successes at each one. You’re the one who decides the pace you do things at. You really can’t expect anything else from yourself.
    1. Tibby
      Thank you TAT . I will try to keep your advice in mind. Thank you so much for your input.

      Thanks again,
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