Things I've learned this bitter endless winter & FU Camus

  1. sis.png
    1. Scarves are your friend
    2. When falling on ice, dont fall on your face, elbow, knees, back even, whatever it takes, especially when wearing your glasses, strike that, just don’t wear your glasses outside if at all possible, sure, they help with the whiteout, but man they hurt when they drive back up into your face
    3. Know where your cap is at all times, especially when Ray is around(he loves to take it), the cold is a bald man’s mortal enemy
    4. Clean clothes are nice, but 3 layers are better, just wear from cleanest inside to opposite outside, fuck appearance
    5. Let the beard grow, keeps the face warm
    6. Hot water taste good
    7. However, in the shower, when that hot water first hits the coldest part of your body it does sting a bit, get use to it
    8. Shower in the middle of the day, before the iceman returneth
    9. when salting the ground, the "Breaking Bad" part of the brain keeps saying, "move over Sky Blue, now here comes Gritty Green"
    10. a 3 legged cat is tougher than you
    11. I gotta move somewhere its never this cold for this long
    12. Damn, nothing warms you up like a wonderful clove ciggie
    13. lastly, as I head out to shovel a whole new round of snowfall I find myself no longer capable of imagining Sisyphus happy, just not possible, its one thing to engage in the mental exercise of it, but weeks of doing a task only to have what you've done completely erased and you must do it again?
    its simply taken my existential ennui to whole new depths, who'd've thought it, turns out rock bottom can be even further down with sobriety
    anyways, snow not gonna shovel itself, laters


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