The King of White Boy Cool

By My Only Weakness · Mar 30, 2015 · ·

  1. I just gotta throw Beck some love.
    I was sitting here, bored senseless, watching youtube, and a Beck playlist was on cause Tom digs Hell Yes and the dancing robots, so I started listening to the songs.
    For a moment, it was 1995, I was driving around in the summer sun in my massive Dodge conversion van, listening to Beercan on a freakin cassette deck!
    I love this man and his music so much!
    It was like living in the cool 70's. I had cute bellbottoms and chunky black shoes and I wore those little tiny t-shirts that had Lucky Charms or Scooby Doo or Union flags inside heart shapes. Huge sunglasses, floppy hats, rainbow bikinis. I remember I also wore these Lands End khaki mini mini skirts and lightweight knit sleeveless tops from the Gap. With massive London Underground wooden clogs that I'd have to get re-soled every few months.
    Since I missed the 70's due to being born three years in to the actual decade, I was pleased to get another opportunity thanks to my generation's fascination with them. I liked them much better the 2nd time around!
    I was dancing a lot during this time. I featured with three different groups across the South East, so I had to drive between cities. I had a full time nanny for the boys, the first group were all little at this time. I was making in the neighbourhood of 400-800 dollars a gig. I only bothered with about three a week. I had such fun those years. The very best of everything. I did this for two summers and then went back to the theatre the following January and was made Production Manager and asked to sit on the Board of Directors. I was in a movie the next Spring. I didn't do anything but stand there between the two main characters. I have a minute and 31 seconds of screen time, but it was a Hollywood movie! A Coppola directing. I also met the director's brother, who was, shockingly, Nick CAGE!
    Yes, THAT one. Strange, the sort of things that have happened just hanging out at home. He came to learn an accent for ConAir.
    He seems to have picked it up alright.
    Yeah, those were fun years. The last few of the last century. I managed to drag the world to my door for the most part, but I finally got out and went far, far away.
    I don't think anything could have better prepared me for all the things I would encounter in later life!
    Little towns have made the Capote's and Faulkner's the South is so famous for, there must be something to them!
    We were all too young to have so much money, but times were good back then. Lots of parties in that big old mansion I was buying at the time. As we finished each section of the house, restoring it to it's full Victorian glory, we'd have another party. We'd close down our local watering hole, also a restored Victorian place, and bring the leftover people, (all friends), the bartender, (who looked JUST like Sam Elliot, mustache and all), and the band, if it hadn't been one of us playing or singing that night, back to our's to see in the morning and have breakfast in the sun room. I had boundless energy. We had so much fun back then. I'd let people go through the house and enjoy being scared shitless by the way the stairs felt when you went up to the ballroom on the third floor. It was just because it was sooo cool downstairs, the top floor had no A/C, so the heat felt like a force pushing you back. I don't really subscribe to ghosts. I used to tell everyone who claimed to "feel something" that it was a guilty conscience.
    I had to live there, it was bad enough to have to deal with bats and possums and stray cats. I didn't need to be thinking about ghosts being there too. I've lived in a thousand old homes and I don't EVER acknowledge "weird" things. That time I saw those orbs without a camera lens, I would say "fuck off" every time I walked in that room for a very long time. I don't even see them on pictures or videos anymore. I honestly think it was all the transcendental meditation I was cheating at by using binaural beats and isochronic tones to get there faster.
    That stuff seriously tweaked out my wiring. I quit it as soon as I started having stuff like that happen. I don't want any open doors right now. Not while I have a little one in the house. I'll go back and open those doors up later. I know I can do it now, so I'll go back and embrace it and ask all those questions I'd like to ask so I can decide whether it's multi-dimensional or if there's some science I can latch on to to get it to make some sense to me. If it turns out to be spiritual, I will be incredibly surprised, but maybe I'll be more receptive to that later in life. Unless I continue along the lines I've been on for years, getting younger and less serious as I get older. My Mom was putting my Potter books on reserve for me well into my 30's. And buying Barbies she thought looked like me, like Irish barbie with the long red hair. I used to eat chocolate fudge for breakfast and would sit around at my job at a cave and read those Harry Potter books with all my co-workers while we waited for our turn to give the tour. A pack of grown up kids. It's always more fun, the second time around, whether it's a decade, or a childhood, you know more about how to enjoy it on a second try.


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  1. My Only Weakness
    Aww, yeh,
    as the Aussies say.
    That would be lovely!
    You know, when I was younger, I thought me doing set design and decor was SOO different from what Mom did.
    I just couldn't see how artsy my parents were!
    I got over it, though.
    It felt too good the first time I made 1500 in 15 minutes!
    Mom said, "I told you you'd end up doing this!"
    I just do it in a bunch of manifestations, across multiple vocations!
    Sounds very good!
    I love destination design projects!
    Poor Stan, bless his heart.
    I know she misses him.
  2. hand in glove
    That settles it! Whenever and wherever I buy a house, I'm hiring you as interior designer! :)

    Yeah, that house is amazing. Anne used to host these incredible Halloween parties there. Her husband would greet guests as they entered the house while sitting up in a coffin!
  3. My Only Weakness

    Thank you so much!
    Anne's house is gorgeous!
    I used a lot of those same hues in mine, I had the silvery sage green with cream high gloss trim. And I didn't use mauve, we had the Victorian "red" which was essentially terra cotta. We also had those sliding pocket doors on either side of the foyer. I don't know why I expected her house to look like Syrius Black's family home in London on Harry Potter, which ever one it was, I forget. It was much more normal looking than spooky, though! We had a mod-cons kitchen as well. There's not much getting around that these days.
    Our house now is utterly boring as what's his face won't let me decorate. He doesn't want to stay here because Salford is the arse of the world. So, I have to wait until we buy. Or until I get fed up and bugger off somewhere else!!
    Meantime, it's magnolia walls and brown carpet. yawn.
    He won't let me hang prints of art.
    If it isn't original, on canvas, it's tat.
    It's driving me round the bloody bend!
    Mom is an interior designer, so at home, we always had paint and wallpaper and roll after roll of beautiful fabrics and fringes and, well, you get the idea. I was always allowed to do whatever I felt like doing, so this is truly like creative death with the Hitler of design breathing down my neck!
    I spend most of my time looking at real estate porn and day dreaming about what I could be doing whilst wasting my life here, rotting. All in due course, though.
  4. hand in glove