The Hospital

By Tibby · Feb 3, 2015 · ·
  1. I`m very,very down at the moment.Last week I became physically ill and had to go to the emergency room.In the end I was admitted to the hospital and spent a couple of days there.I`m physically ok now.I was so scared while I was there though.I just became so overwhelmed and upset that I just started crying a few times. They kept asking if I was okay.They even asked about the scars on my arms.The good thing is that my family was there for me especially my Mom and that the nurses were nice.I`m glad to be home.

    I`m just so sad right now and I`m having real difficulty trying to pull myself out of it.I suppose the meds help a little bit.It really feels like it`s too much to take sometimes and I start to lose hope.Sometimes I can`t help crying.I try to do that in private though because I don`t like crying in front of anyone.I try to hold everything in,I guess that`s part of my problem.I just want to feel some relief from this.


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  1. Tibby
    Hi and Thanks S.

    I guess I am trying.I have been diagnosed as bipolar type 2. I am trying to give one of the new meds it`s time to work but I must be honest it can be frustrating sometimes.Thanks again for your reply.

    I haven`t seen The Imitation Game but I`ve heard good things about it.

  2. Tibby

    Thanks 123xyz.

    I guess it is a better coping mechanism than some others I`ve used in the past.I don`t know why but I feel weak and embarrassed when I cry in front of others I just don`t know why.

    Thanks Again,

    Tibs :) :)
  3. scumbag
    Crying is healthy, I think. Sometimes even really good. For instance, I just bawled my eyes out watching The Imitation Game. Have you seen it? It's an amazing movie.... But back to you...

    I hope you give the meds their portion of time - whatever that may be - to work. You did not choose to be ill, whatever your illness might be. You have chosen, however, to make the best effort possible to improve your health, both physical and mental. Not that you can really have one without the other....

    Wishing you luck from Faerieland in your recovery from hospital food....

  4. 123xyz
    Having a bit of a weep in front of others may feel embarrassing , Tibs , but I think it's completely fine ( and understandably unavoidable at times). It's certainly not any sort of imposition or offence.

    As you say , it may even indeed be a far healthier reaction/coping mechanism than some others that have cropped up in your past from time to time ...

    Glad to hear you're out of hospital ... :)