The Boy Can Dance

By realitybites · Sep 28, 2014 ·
  1. A lot of men can't dance—either because they are uncoordinated or self-conscious. Or both. Some do dance but not very well. They are stiff and/or unoriginal. But hey, more power to them—at least they are out there trying. Then there are professional dancers who are highly skilled athletes. But that gets old after a while as it looks so choreographed.

    Then there are the naturals. These guys got the moves. They shake and groove effortlessly—like butterflies fluttering across the sky. Billy Elliot—from the film Billy Elliot—is one of these dancers. As are Robert Smith, Michael Stipe, and Moz. They all have passion—inspiration running through their veins. They feel the music organically—become one with it. And each has his own style.

    My son is one of these dancers—a Billy Elliot.

    This last Friday I drove down to Phoenix to visit him. We went out to a club downtown and danced to live music until 2 am. I was blown away by just how amazing my son dances. But I was not the only one. Patrons literally cleared the floor to let him do his thing. It was adorable, charming, entertaining, skilled, free, flawless. Who would of thought a skateboarding whiz kid would also be able to dance so masterfully? I didn't. But coordination is key to both sports/activities—so it makes perfect sense.

    I wish I had some video footage to share. I know you would also be impressed. Next time I promise to film him.


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