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By No1uno · Aug 2, 2015 · ·
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    The average person sees Morrissey for who he really is, as a performer who's career included being the lead singer of the smiths. They don't know anything beyond the surface about him other than how they have heard the music and lyrics. I would argue that the lyrics are morrissey's only legacy that will be remembered by the average person. This point is brought home by the above text, by a person I know, but don't socialize with and followed by my response below.


    Sometimes you are interwoven with things by association. I clearly like the history I have with the music I like and why. I guess I'm just glad Morrissey doesn't have any significant worldwide influence to really damage the musical legacy. I don't mind being linked to the music, I love it. Im just glad the moronic ramblings are confined to blips that enter and fade just as quickly.

    Also people who care about you, even though they couldn't hum one note or sing one lyric, think of you because of those musical links. My wife was in Japan for a few weeks and offered to grab these for me.


    She is such a sweetheart and I am just an average person.


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  1. HangtheDJ16
    YES! Fans and certain posters on this site I think often forget about that, but at the end of the day you're right. When he's gone, people will remember the music; the tirades against the monarchy, politicians, meat-eaters etc will all just be footnote. I'm not saying people won't remember that stuff, but that it's not what's going to sustain his legacy.