Something Impulsive

By realitybites · Mar 30, 2014 ·
  1. I just heard this song for the fist time less than an hour ago. Actually I just learned of this band, Future Islands, as well. Check out this video that was posted on Solo...

    Seasons (Waiting on You)

    Then I bought their new album, Singles, online. It's fantastic! Then...

    I bought tickets to see them in Phoenix on April 20th. Whoo-hoo!


    ^^^ Look how cheap those tickets were!

    My son has no idea he is going with me. He is still sleeping. Too early to call. He lives right around the corner from the venue. So I'll drive down Sunday afternoon after work, go to the gig, crash at David's, then drive back Monday night.

    I am so excited!

    The Crescent Ballroom


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