Sleeping in Seattle

By realitybites · Jul 14, 2018 · ·
  1. Tomorrow morning I am flying to Seattle with my mom! This will be our first trip there. Both of of have traveled extensively throughout the US but never farther northwest of California.

    We are home.


    Here is the link to my Seattle Pics:

    The trip was wonderful. We ate the best oysters, mussels, cherries, crab, and omakase I have ever had. The weather was perfect--sunny for six of the seven days, no rain. We did all the touristy things: the Needle, Cihuly Gardens, Pop Museum, Pike's Place Market, Harbor Cruise, the Aquarium, Gum Wall. Ballard Locks, Gas Works Park, Fremont Troll, Bite of Seattle, Central Library, Alki Beach. We rented a car. Mom drove and I navigated. We made a great team. We visited every neighborhood and by the end of the trip were quite familiar with the city.

    Our cottage was roomy and located in a residential neighborhood in West Seattle. There was a wonderful organic garden with beans, chard, tomatoes, raspberries and blackberries. I ate more berries that week than I have had in my life.

    If Seattle were sunny and warm all year long, I would move there in a heartbeat. It is by far my favorite city in the world. Next trip is a long weekend in Scottsdale in early August. Next summer we are planning to return to the northwest: Vancouver and a cruise to Alaska.

    My mom is the perfect traveling companion. She's easy going, energetic, playful, curious, intelligent and loves all the same foods as me.
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  1. realitybites
    The folks is Seattle were super friendly and polite as well.
  2. scumbag
    Permanently, I hope! It is cooler, yes, and I'm loving it. And nearly everyone I've met here is open and has manners. It's taking some getting used to haha
  3. rifke
    seattles the perfect city. wish I could live there, or at least visit more often.
  4. realitybites
    Vacation or permanently? Are you enjoying the cooler weather?
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  5. scumbag
    A certain poet you know is now in Oregon! Glad to hear you enjoyed the northwest. Talk soon?
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  6. realitybites
  7. realitybites
    Just got back last night. Will post pics later today.
  8. No1uno
    Have a great time with your mom. I have never been to Seattle. Please add some photos so we can see.
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  9. realitybites
    We were going to go to Portland and Vancouver but decided to just spend the week in Seattle. I'm looking forward to all the fresh seafood. Listening to Nirvana while waiting for the airport limo to pick me up. I'll post pics when I can.
  10. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    Seattle is nice, I’m sure you’ll have fun, I’m more Portland guy myself these days, but you picked an excellent time to visit Seattle I think.
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