Rest In Peace Red Woman (spoilers)

  1. the-red-woman-and-pinkman_o_2966631.jpg
    I knew ppl were gonna die, but did they have to kill the hottest woman on the show?
    whatever, guess with the Night King killed she had no part in the much less consequential battle for the Iron Throne, which to tbh?
    I care far less about, obviously I wanna see Cersei defeated, but the last 3 episodes are a bit anti-climatic for me...
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  1. Try Anything Twice
    I’ve this next episode is supposed to be even better. Here’s hoping!
  2. celibate
    Sorry Robby it's a bit not knowing about, as a Dutch man, I ain't see US tv channels, but I definately hope for you, another few exiting episodes :thumb: