Pretty Certain It's Happening

By realitybites · Jul 25, 2015 · ·
  1. Tucson/Puerto Pensaco, Mexico trip August 13-17.

    Tampa FL trip October 14-20.


    Woo-hoo. Can't wait.


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  1. My Only Weakness
    That sounds fab!
    Tiger prawns the size of small dogs!
    Tampa is lovely, Mom and Dad had a beach house there before I was born. We got a place in Destin after I turned up.
    I bet they wished they'd held on to that property a little longer, like when it multiplied exponentially in value!
    Oh well!
    I love Arizona too, my time there was amazing.
    The desert is like being in an open air museum.
    Where things come alive at night!
    And you know how I feel about Mexico!
    So, you'll pardon me being "verde" with envy!
    Well, have a fantastic time, times 3!
  2. realitybites
    Hahaha. Sadly it is nothing mysterious or titillating. Tucson is for business. Mexico is a chance for me and my son to spend some quality time together. And Florida is to visit my parents who live in Palm Harbor... and of course to relish the ocean and feast on some glorious seafood. I lived in Tampa for 15 years so it is like going home. Though, I prefer the Verde Valley of Arizona and can see myself living here the rest of my life. So much natural beauty, perfect weather, peaceful, low noise and no traffic.
  3. My Only Weakness
    Oft cited for her journalistic eye, (she knows when there's a story to be told!)
    Charles Weakness senses this is not about growing tomatoes!
    Pray tell the peasants what is at large?