POF Update

By realitybites · Apr 11, 2014 ·
  1. So far POF has been a bit of a headache. I have chatted with about seventeen men in the last week or so. All initiated contact. Nine out of ten cannot spell to save their lives. Two have been blocked for sending pervy messages without pics. Perversion is OK coming from the hotties. Not OK coming from basement dwellers. I have been asked out by three different men. Not a bad batting record so far. I have read people complaining of never meeting anyone after three years of being on the site. Oh dear, if that becomes the case for me it will be because it was my choice. Maybe it is much easier for women. Though one of the whiners was female. Hmm.

    Poetry man... it was over before it even began. This exchange went sour yesterday. Turns out the man is a bit of a bigot. People don't advertise these things. And I have yet to even see a profile that lists political leanings. So it really is something you have to find out by asking questions or through chatting a bit.

    Am I really ready to DATE? Not so sure. But I am ready and willing to chat. And open to possibilities. I just don't need to get laid, or settle. Racism, sexism, ignorance, pushiness, are deal breakers. You aren't getting through the fleshy, soft gates if you can't pass through the hypothetical iron gates. There IS a price of admission. That price is brilliance. Show me your shimmer, boys. Show me your shimmer.


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