Phoenix: One Bite at a Time

By realitybites · Aug 13, 2016 · ·
  1. IMG_0214[1].jpg Outside of Cucina Cucina Modern Italian in downtown Phoenix on 8/10/16.

    Dinner with son; my entree Salmone Affumicato:



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  1. scumbag
    hmmm keep me informed. i will have my chopsticks ready to go.
  2. realitybites
    I will be in Phoenix on the 30th of this month--having surgery. Not sure if I could make it down there or not.
  3. scumbag
    awww okay. let me know when next you travel!
  4. realitybites
    They had the conference in Phoenix this year--on the 11th of this month--due to budget constraints. :( We will meet up again though. Promise.
  5. scumbag
    how very lovely. i need to get up to phx for this pappadeaux place you keep mentioning. are we meeting up later this month? do tell.
  6. realitybites
    A toasted bagel with cream cheese would be a nice accompaniment. :) They make a nice carpaccio as well with a lemon caper sauce. Could live off Italian food.

    Had some yummy mussels back in June at Pappadeaux. They were in a delicious mildly spicy broth with andouille sausage.
  7. scumbag
    welcome! i love salmon with capers :p
  8. realitybites
    Hi! Thanks! It was delicious. Love capers with salmon.
  9. scumbag
    looking good, gurl!

    that salmon didn't stand a chance ;)
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