Old poem I'm posting for Miz RealityBites

By scumbag · Feb 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Life after Death
    An Atheist's Jingle Jangle

    When you die, don't set foot in church:
    The priest will warble, blink and lurch;
    He won't know what to say or how to speak:
    It'll just be another day of his Holy Week.
    When you die there will be flowers from strange
    People who were your friends, speeches with no range
    Or variety or demonstrating a skill for writing:
    Can you tell if my wit is sufficiently biting?
    Your parents will justify a mass for you -
    An atheist! - and if they justified anew,
    They'd sit shiva as if you'd been born a Jew.
    These are the risks one takes by dying!
    One's friends and family are no less trying.
    So live as long as you can, and die alone
    As a must, because it's the only way to atone
    For a life well or ill-lived, in my opinion....
    In death let the church have no dominion!


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  1. realitybites
    Thank you. I love it. Perfect. :)
  2. scumbag
    you're welcome, lady :p