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  1. Oh my gawd. Last night, right before I was about to crawl into bed, I got a message from 'Ben' on OKCupid. He and I had had a week-long series of exchanges. Nice enough guy. Too much baggage. Still married, yet separated—only since December, though. Sorry bud, you are clearly on the rebound. Give it time. You need to heal. Learn. Regroup. Moving to the next thing too soon, will surely have you repeating the same mistakes. Anyhow, so I last had contact with him about a week ago, until last night, when he sent the message.

    Out of the blue he asked, "So, was that 'I want you to train to be my sub' guy's name Kent by any chance? "

    What the? Had to find out what was up with that. Noway was I sleeping until I learned how he knew the Dom's name. Remember the Dom I mentioned in this post?

    So I asked Ben, "Yes. How did you cross paths with him?"

    A half hour goes by. No reply. Dang I have to work in the morning. I can't wait all night to see if he writes back with an answer. Tic toc. Tic toc. The suspense is killing me. Btw, Ben has removed his photo from his profile. Of course, heightening the suspense.

    Finally, forty minutes later, he sends this response, " LOL! Oh what a wicked web we weave! OOhh, let's just say he's a liar and a cheater, something that so many internet hopefuls fall so easily for."

    WTF? I hate cryptic shit. What is that supposed to mean? Oh Jesus. Round two. This is a game I don't have time to play. Just tell me how you know Kent for fuck's sake.

    So I write back with this, "I am not surprised. Did you meet someone else that mentioned him? Hilarious."

    Fortunately he writes back right away...

    "Obviously. I was so ignorant. Here I thought it would be impossible for a dom to actually cheat. I mean, seriously. That's the 'dom', whose very word is law. If the dom can't do what the dom wants, then how could he/she be a dom in the first place?

    As a side note: I had to either pull my pics, or vanillafy my profile. Have to appear respectable for the time being."

    How old is this guy? Jiminy Christmas!

    OK. I needed to get to the bottom of this even if it turned into an all-niter. So I ask, "What the? No comprende. Cheat? Cheat on who? How do you know this guy? Why do you have to vanillafy your profile? Were you guys chatting? I thought you were both straight. Are you attracting his ex subs? Ahahahaha."

    I am laughing my ass off at this point. I can see it now. Ben chatting with Kent... negotiating a D/s contract. Haha.

    Turns out, it wasn't quite as twisted. He replies, "Yeah. I would appear to be a sub magnet. Never considered to consider being a dom. I don't want to direct traffic. I just want to sit back and watch. Lol!"

    Now I am just rolling my eyes. What a tosser. He keeps me up to tell me he is a sub-magnet. Congratulations buddy. What a freaking honor.

    So I tell him what anyone in my position would say, "Be careful. Have fun." In other words, "Fuck Off!"

    I think I am done with that site. OKNofun!

    Still... I am curious why the subs are drawn to Ben. Must be because he says he likes sex. Are subs nymphos? I think they are. They just like it rough. Wonder if Ben will write back. :rolleyes:


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  1. realitybites
    I think you are right Davie. Too creepy for my tastes.