oh yeah, almost forgot

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    what I actually came here today for, not to waste time with racist incels who now, basically, drive content here
    anyways, its been a long road, but goal weight #1, 200, is within sight, everything else after that I'll consider a bonus, though I've no reason to think I'll stop losing weight once I reach it, unless I start eating at night again or loading up on sugar, these things and standing even when I could sit are the constants in this current drive to lose weight...
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  1. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    yeah, imma no soda guy these days, and rarely juice, kind of boring really, water mostly, coffee, tea...
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  2. celibate
    dunno what you drink, but in lots of drinks there way too much sugar, try to use fruitjuice, sorry Robby, only trying to help
  3. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    I hear you Celi, and while bread itself is not "bad" too many carbohydrates is not good for me, and I overdo "carbs" in two main ways, sugar and bread :o
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  4. celibate
    why do you think bread is unhealthy,we Dutch eat a daily breadmeal, not sandwiches with sauces, just slices, some butter, and only 1 meat or cheese, or jam/conferance[dunno the right word],...people take a lunchbag with bread to work, anyway you lost weight Robby, well done, waving from the Netherlands, have a good weekend Robby.
  5. Oh my god. it's Robby!
    yeah, bread for sure is a no no, I have no more than 2 pieces a week, not been easy, I love it so much...
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  6. Light Housework
    When my tub of peanut butter is finished I plan on going off it and bread to lose weight.