Moz at the Marquee

By realitybites · Oct 5, 2017 · ·
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    Wasn't sure I was up for a concert after the Manchester and Las Vegas tragedies. But I have been listening to Moz's new tracks all day at work-laughing my tail off. And I am in a good mood so I decided, what the hey, I am gonna take David to see Moz at the Marquee in Phoenix on November 16. Heck he lives there and I am only an hour and half away. I can leave after work, spend the night in Phoenix, then go into work later the next afternoon.

    I am meeting him in Sedona this Sunday for his birthday brunch. I am going to wrap the tickets in a giant, empty, air fryer box. And give the adventure to him for his birthday--includes dinner, drinks, parking, souveniers. (The joke being I was thinking about getting him an air fryer as I just bought one (thus the box) and love it. But he wasn't too impressed with the idea. He's gonna think the gift is an air fryer. I am so mean.)


    Update I: David is thrilled about the tickets. We saw him in Vegas ten years ago. Had a blast then. Should be a great time.

    Update II 10/17: Oh no! David may have to work in Tucson that week. My mom says she ill go if I twist her arm. Reserved a hotel near the venue. May be taking mom instead. We shall see. Either way it will be great fun.

    Update III: Mom is going to see Moz. David may be going as well. Three generations! Awesome. Am a bit worried about the MIM video. I don't think my mom will be too impressed. Restroom break? At the bar with our heads on the bar?
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  1. realitybites
    Haha. Oh really?

    Both son and mom may go. :thumb:I'll take pics.
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  2. scumbag
    Have experience! Will travel!
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  3. realitybites
    I completely understand why you don't want to potentially dilute that experience. Still un-certain if David is going to have to work that night. Thanks for offering to work for him. Appreciate that but you don't want to be a male stripper for eight hours do you, ha ha.
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  4. scumbag
    You're such a cool mom! I'm debating the Phoenix concert. I have such wonderful memories that I want them keep as they are, if that makes sense? I'll go into work for David, depending on what he does lol;)
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