Katie and Other Things I am Thankful For

By realitybites · Nov 27, 2014 ·
  1. Happy Thanksgiving 2014. To celebrate this year, I am acknowledging FOURTEEN things I am thankful for.

    1. My family. I love them very much. And feel closer to my mom and son every day. They give my life meaning, hope, connection, grounding, joy, security, love, humor, and much more.

    2. Katie, my best feline friend and companion. Never have I loved a pet so dearly and for such a long time. We have a history together. She brings happiness to my life daily.


    3. My coworkers. I work with the best group of people. I love all of them. Makes going to work a joy. Couldn't ask for a better boss.

    4. My warm, safe, and cozy apartment. I love living alone. I am grateful I am able to do so.

    5. My city. I love the beauty, quiet, cleanliness, and minimal pollution, traffic, and population. It is peaceful and slow-paced. If there was an ocean nearby, it would be perfect.

    6. My resourcefulness. I always seem to get what I need somehow.

    7. My new computer. Works like a dream.

    8. My friend Doug. Love him. My life is enriched because he is a part of it.

    9. Life. Grateful to still be alive despite all of the obstacles thrown into my path.

    10. My small frame. Glad that losing weight is NOT something to have to worry about.

    11. My green thumb. Can't believe how successful my tomato plants were this summer. Had no idea I had it in me.

    12. My solitude. Happy I am able to be content with my own company.

    13. Health insurance. With all the tests I have had done this year, I am thankful that my insurance paid for all of them.

    14. My blog. It has been ten years this month since I started writing it. Here's to the next ten years.

    What are you thankful for?


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