James Dean's new movie, Finding Jack

  1. A friend text me the other day and told me that James Dean would appear in a new movie in 2020. I assumed he would be appearing as himself in a passing scene. Kind of like what you'd see in Forrest Gump where Forrest is standing with JFK. I was happy to hear about it and let it go - didn't think much more about it. Then my mom, who is always watching the news or reading about the news, or eating the news, or talking about the news in her sleep...asked me, "Did you know James Dean's been cast in a new movie?"

    ME: "Yeah, I heard he's appearing in something. Which is good! It'll be really cool to see..."
    MOM: "Appearing? No, he's starring in it!"
    ME" "Say again?"
    MOM: "He's going to be the main character in a movie called Finding Jack. His family approved and gave the filmmakers the rights."
    ME: "WHAT!?"

    So, it's true. Using CGI they are going to resurrect James Dean. I don't know how I feel about it, really. In a way, I'm happy because he's out there and people will see him and a whole new generation will fall in love with him. Then again, it's not really him, so that means we won't see how James Dean would have prepared for this film or how he would have really developed this character named Rogan. This leads to the most important question of all... how would HE feel about it?? I trust Marcus Winslow with all of my heart and I know he would only allow Jimmy's image to be used in a respectful way. So I guess we'll see. A lot of fans are up in arms about it. I'm not upset because...well, what's the point? There's nothing anyone can do about it, anyway. It's a new world now and anything is possible. It would be really interesting if someone cast Jimmy as himself in a biopic about his life. But, who could write an accurate script now? Everyone who was close to him is gone now, mostly. We do have old biographies with those who knew him well and we've got the Bill Bast books, too. If someone who really cared would take the time to write a decent, thorough, accurate, and riveting script (something along the lines of the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line) and use CGI...wow, now that would be amazing. Really sad and painful, too. Maybe not such a good idea, then...


    Here's an article about this new film:

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