In Loving Memory of Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

By realitybites · Dec 16, 2011 · ·
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    Last night the world lost one of its greatest thinkers and wits. I am deeply saddened by the death of my intellectual hero Christopher Hitchens. After battling esophageal cancer for the last eighteen months, Hitchens' body finally succumbed to pneumonia. He died at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas surrounded by family and friends. We will miss him dearly.

    In memory of Hitch, I will be posting interesting articles, interviews, videos, tributes, obituaries etc. here as they surface on the Net.

    First off is an interview of Hitchens by Richard Dawkins from the December 2011 New Statesman Christmas edition. I have attached the interview to this entry as a PDF document. File is located at the end of blog post. Click to open and read.


    Also, Christopher Hitchens Remembered. Tributes
    to the journalist and intellectual from Julian Barnes, Anne Applebaum, James Fenton and others.


    Photos: In Memoriam of Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

    The Guide to Christopher Hitchens
    A great journalist’s greatest magazine stories.

    Christopher Hitchens Obituaries.

    Author Christopher Hitchens on Charlie Rose.
    Stream Entire Interview.

    Hitchens Remembered Through 15 of His Most Memorable Quotes.


    Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins at the Texas Freethought Convention 2011

    Christopher Hitchens "Fighting Faith" 2011 Interview

    The Thinking Atheist's Tribute to Christopher Hitchens


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  1. dani9357
    He was a nice guy and a fantastic writer. I may not have agreed with his beliefs on religion, but it would be daft to judge someone solely on that. He will be sorely missed. On a side note, I've cancelled my subscription to Vanity Fair. ;)