Immortality Online: Pipe Dream or Reality?

By realitybites · Aug 22, 2013 ·
  1. Sixty year old sports writer, Martin Manley, committed suicide by gunshot on August 15, 2013. His suicide was meticulously planned a year in advance and documented on a blog which went public the day of his death. His blog is actually interesting. It covers a range of topics from suicide to family to his interests. Was this man just a narcissist looking for attention in the most hideous way possible? Or, was he a lonely, tired soul... jaded and resigned from life and simply wanting to leave a legacy behind in his own words?

    He prepaid Yahoo to host his blog for the next five years—the maximum Yahoo allows. But, they took it down immediately claiming it violated their terms of service. Fortunately a bunch of mirror sites were created. Manley's sister reached out and pleaded for Yahoo to republish the blog. They have thus far, refused to do so.

    Here is Manley's Blog, now being hosted by Anonymous. If you have time, check it out. He has some interesting insights. And after reading it—especially his position on suicide and his notion of legacy—you may just become convinced that we all should have online blogs... ones which will continue to live on after our deaths.

    Well, who would have thought? I wonder how long David Tseng will continue to host my blog? If Solo becomes just an archived site will all its contents still be available online for years to come? Forever? Don't think I haven't thought about this. Yeah, I have saved all my journal entries into PDF files. But... isn't this a public blog? What would be the point if it became invisible at some point? Should I create a mirror site and prepay some web host twenty years in advance? I have a feeling some service is going to spring up that is willing to supply the tools for what I predict will be a burgeoning demand in the very near future. The Legacy site. Leave one behind for all to read. It's better than an obituary. You get to write it yourself. And it's forever... not just one day in a Sunday newspaper.

    I'm all for it, obviously. Not everyone enjoys writing, of course. Maybe they could share pics and write captions, instead of prose. Maybe drawings. I think everyone should have a legacy blog. Maybe I will rename mine... Legacy Blog. Sound arrogant? Well, are you really shocked? Be honest now.


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