I'm Bad!

By realitybites · Apr 29, 2014 ·
  1. I am having way too much fun with this online dating stuff. Just now a guy without a pic messaged me. He says: Nice selfie. How is Sedona today? I debate if I should even reply. I decide I am in 'that' kind of mood. So I do. I respond: Sedona is beautiful. Perfect weather. Where are your pics? He replies: I took them down. lol I was going to send you one but this thing wants me to web site upgrade. He must think I am a dumbass. How insulting. So, I respond: Put them back up, then send me another message. I hate excuses. Don't you? He replies: lol that's good stuff. My reply:


    I am not kidding. I really DID send him that video. :lbf:

    He writes back: wow that's funny! Close but I don't have a goatee. I reply: Prove it.

    Think he will post his pic? My guess is no. Probably married. Lonely. Wants some female attention from an attractive, intelligent woman. Guess what? That woman is NOT going to be me.

    Oops, I lied. Oh dear. He just wrote back again: I can text you a pic. I replied: Are you married?

    Where is this going, right?

    He replies: no. Now how convincing does that sound? Please. My final reply: This is a dating site. People post their pics. I can't be bothered any more. Take care. Of course he has to have the last word: ok se la vie.

    I'm sure he has already messaged another woman or two in the time it took me to type those last lines.

    It's like playing darts. Odds are if you throw a ton of darts, eventually you will hit the center. Maybe some lonely woman will appreciate being messaged by Mr. No Pic. Sad thing is, she better have a pic and one that is attractive, or my guess he won't even bother. He is the faceless hunter. But his prey? It is ALL about the face.


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